Supposed cloned baby born....?????

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    Group Claims Creation of First Human Clone

    HOLLYWOOD (Reuters) - A scientist associated with a group that believes extraterrestrials created mankind claimed Friday that her company had produced the first clone of a human being.

    The company, Clonaid, announced at a news conference Friday in Hollywood, north of Miami, that it had cloned a baby girl who appeared to have been born healthy.

    "I'm very, very pleased to announce that the first baby clone is born," chemist Brigitte Boisselier said. "She was born yesterday at 11:55 a.m."

    Boisselier, who heads Clonaid, which is linked to a sect called the Raelians, would not give more details about the location or identity of the baby."

    "She is fine," Boisselier said. "We call her Eve between us."

    The Raelians, who claim 55,000 followers around the world, believe life on Earth was sparked by extraterrestrials who arrived 25,000 years ago and created humans through cloning. Founded by Claude Vorihon, who describes himself as a prophet and calls himself Rael, the group believes cloning could extend human life for hundreds of years.

    Clonaid is viewed skeptically by most scientists, who doubt the group's technical ability to clone a human being. Boisselier said independent experts will confirm the baby is a clone through DNA testing.

    Cattle, mice, sheep and other animals have been cloned with mixed success. Some animals have displayed defects later in life. Scientists fear the same could happen with cloned humans.

    Clonaid has been racing the Italian fertility doctor Severino Antinori to produce the first cloned baby. Antinori said last month he expected one of his patients to give birth to a cloned baby in January.

    President Bush has asked Congress to ban the creation of cloned babies as well as the cloning of human embryos for medical research. The US House of Representatives passed a ban, but a similar bill in the Senate stalled after scientists argued such a law would hinder medical advances.

    A Clonaid spokeswoman, Nadine Gary, said the baby had been born outside the United States, but she declined to say exactly where.

    Non-profit and public interest groups have lined up on both sides of the controversy. Early Friday morning, anticipating the announcement from Clonaid, a Chicago-based organization called the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity said it condemned the Clonaid effort.

    "Regardless of the accuracy of the claim, the fact that renegade scientists are apparently continuing to work to clone human beings despite the proven dangers of mammalian cloning shows that the United States and the rest of the world need to pass a complete ban on this dangerous and unethical procedure as soon as possible," said C. Ben Mitchell, a senior fellow at the center.
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  3. by   jacolaur
    Whats next....
    I know of one child that is due to be born in sometime in Feb, that is from cloned genetic material. I read about it from a friend of mine that works for WHO, and what I read was the expectant mother was from Italy and the scientist was from Italy as well. Im not familar with this group of scientists at all but I will forward this to her and see what she says.
  5. by   PennyLane
    I wanna see a pic of the baby!

    I hope she doesn't end up having some major defect...poor girl, she didn't ask for this.
  6. by   BadBird
    It is scarey but then again when the first test tube baby was born people freaked too. I wish it never happened but I don't see the clock turning back. What a freakish society we will have in a few years. Can you imagine future cloned nurses. EEK!!!!
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Imagine if wacko jacko or some other wealthy crazy nutcase gets hold of such telling the limits they will go to , to ensure they "continue on" genetically. (anyone remember jackson wishing to be cryogenically frozen?) SHEEEEESH....scary, really scary!
  8. by   Robin61970
    I just don't agree with cloning humans....using such technology for organs and such to help people is one thing, but a whole person I just don't agree with....that poor child will now be a guinea pig her entire life.......
  9. by   sbic56
    Badbird brings up a good point...people did get all up in arms about the test tube baby; I see the same happening here. I don't know about this Raelian group; they are ecsentric, but cloning will be reality someday. I don't see it as the catastrophic abomination that many do. Like many new discoveries, it can bring both good as well as bad. I think the newness of it scares people but once it is perfected and understood most will be more accepting of it.
  10. by   sanakruz
    I think the key word to keep in mind here is "cult"
  11. by   emily_mom
    Freaky people...."We call her Eve between us." I call you farged in the head!
  12. by   jacolaur
    I have been hearing on the news stations that this scientist (who is heading up this cloning group project in Hollywood Fl.)claims several years ago to have had contact with aliens(space aliens). Apparently she met them in a cave inside of a volcano.... She also claims that she was told during this "meeting" with the aliens that all life form here on earth was started by them (the aliens)....I'm going to be skeptical of her cloning achievements at this point.....this whole thing sounds crazy...

    New day......I got some of this info wrong in this post...apparently the scientist, Boisseleir, was not the one who visited space was the leader of the cult she belongs to, Vorilhon. He visited the aliens in 1973 in a the crater of a volcano in France. He said the extraterrestrials claimed to have geneticaly engineered life form on earth.....jeeze that makes so much more sense.....Yeeaaahhh right
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  13. by   donmurray
    IF it's true, I feel sorry for the kid.....all the cloned animals so far have shown congenital abnormalities.....Dolly the sheep developed rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Then if he/she lives so long, coming to terms with your mother being your "sister" and your genetic parents are your grandparents?
  14. by   night owl
    Raelians, aliens, cult, a scientist that believes extraterretrials created mankind...certainly sounds like a new Star Trek movie..."Cloning, the Next Generation" Robin, I'm with you...helping people with technology for organs is one thing, cloning humans is another. Why would you even want to clone somebody? I think things are starting to get waaaaay out of hand here. CrAzY Bin Laden would want his azz cloned...God knows he's got the money to do it. Scientists argued that to ban cloning would hinder medical advances? This proceedure should be banned very soon before all the wrong people start getting involved.