Sunday, October 20th, 2013 - Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!

    It's 7:05 AM (EST) here.

    Recently woke up from a restful sleep. (CPAP is a good thing.) Haven't had First Coffee yet. Will drink First Coffee when done typing here.

    It will be the usual Sunday morning. Church choir rehearsal will begin at 9:15 AM. Church service startes at 10:00 AM then will be followed by another choir rehearsal (to learn the following weeks' anthems). This afternoon, will probably do more fall-hiking with Amy. Hope to have a relaxing evening watching favorite television shows.

    Yesterday was a good day. Finally finished editing and successfully uploading the wedding video. No more spelling errors could be found. Amy and I then took our two canine family members for a fall hike. We all loved the exercise. The dogs had a grand old time. Sadly, the leaves on the trees have mostly fallen. Still, it was a beautiful hike with the fall air smelling clean, crisp and refreshing.

    aknottedyarn - was thinking about you. I hope we can get together in the not too distant future. Whenever you're up this way, know that you have a dinner at our home (or at some fancy-schmancy restaurant) waiting for you.

    Well. . . got to go downstairs and drink First Coffee. . .

    Peace to all who travel here.


    PS - Just found out that the Boston Red Sox is going to the World Series. Now, I don't follow sports at all. But, I am a Red Sox fan! (I used to live only a few blocks away from Fenway Stadium, during my music college years!) Go Sox!!!
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  3. by   Sabby_NC
    Good Morning Ted and all who pop in,

    Ted sounds like you had a similar day to ours yesterday. Glad you got the wedding video all fixed and ready. I hope AKY can meet with you guys soon and I am sure she will appreciate the company and diversion. You are a very kind couple.

    Had an awesome day yesterday although we did do a hard slog with the boys, we were all exhausted when we got home and all fell asleep. Sweated like an oinker on that hike but it sure was fun. I had a lovely nap and sure did need it.

    It is very cold outside but we will be ready soon to take the boys for another hike, not sure what trail we will choose today but what ever one it is we will have fun. Sun is starting to shine on the frosty ground so that is good, no clouds in the sky so it looks like it will be one pretty but coolish day.

    All ready for next week with D and am looking forward in getting out to check on my patients. Some I am very concerned about and have increased my visits there to monitor what is going on.

    May you all have a blissful day no matter what you get up to.

    Much love, prayers and hugs to AKY hope she can feel our cyber hugs.

    Much love to you all this day.
  4. by   Ted
    Sabby_NC - I've had the pleasure of meeting aknottedyarn. She's a very nice person. Actually, I've met a number of friends/members from Allnurses throughout the years. It's always nice meeting people from this bulletin board. Hope we can meet someday, maybe at some nursing convention or during some vacation-outting.

    One more thing. . . Go Sox!
  5. by   TopazLover
    Good morning all. Let me grab those sheets and have my dog jump up and give you kisses.

    Ted, I am thinking of coming north this coming weekend. If I can leave Thurs pm I can spend a couple of days with my family and then pop over Sun. afternoon. I cannot make plans yet as my entire life is up in the air. I may have to move and that would crimp the purse badly. I do feel the need to visit my folks and soak up some mountain air.

    Yesterday the soccer game was good. Our team played well. The other team was not as good technically but had great coaching. many of the mistakes our team made: out of position, lack of team work, wrong turns, were not done by the other side. It was fun. I enjoy watching with my DS who is a certified coach who does not coach his own kid. he focuses of the keeper (goalie). This year he has not had much time to help. We watch differently so it makes for interesting conversation.

    Today I am going to DS's to watch football. I enjoy watching and cannot stand to watch by myself. Besides, I will get to hang out with the grands a bit more. DGD is not doing well. She slept 20 hours after that hit on Thurs. She still is having most problems when she gets up in the morning. I am learning more than I ever wanted to know about concussions. DS did meet with principal who agreed the entire school would get education on concussions. The boy who hit her will have a one day suspension. He could have gotten a long suspension and police involvement but DS knew it was not intended to hurt her, just teen lack of thinking. I am still campaigning to him to have all athletes, of every age get more info. High school athletes have to get pre-tested and then post tested with any head hit. The same is not true for middle school. DGD is in 8th grade so has not been pre-tested, nor posted by school. (The third hit to the head was in volleyball practice).

    Well, time to wake the dog, grab a shower and make cookies to take for the game.
    Have a good day.
  6. by   Joe NightingMale
    AKY I hope your dgd doesn't suffer any more concussions, sounds like she's had a awful lot of them.

    Morning Ted and Sabby, I plan to spend some time outside too.

    Had a nice day yesterday. Met my best friend and his wife for lunch downtown. Went to a local wine shop and did some informal wine tasting (she's a real expert on wines). Then stopped at a local bookstore. Found a good wine and some books that hopefully will prove good.

    Also bought the bike rack yesterday, gave it a brief test run, it seems to work OK. Will give it it's first real test today, going to drive to a forest preserve with a bike path and see if the rack holds up under longer distance driving.

    Going to see my dad later today, and then not much else except get ready for Monday.
  7. by   EMSnut45
    Good morning and happy Sunday!!

    I worked a busy night shift Friday, had my emergency drivers ed all day yesterday, and my fire department had their annual banquet last night. It is always nice to get all the members and their families together (plus a little alcohol to liven the party!)! The top 10 EMS and fire responders were announced, rookie of the year, EMS provider of the year, and years of service awards are also awarded. I managed to rank in the top 10 EMS responders. All of the awards went to very deserving members and it was great to see them all get acknowledged!

    Today we are having a family day that doesn't seem to happen enough. Mom, sister and I are heading to the outlets that are about an hour away. It'll be nice to spend the day together!

    Have a relaxing Sunday!!

  8. by   dianah
    Good morning all!

    Had a good practice yesterday for music for today's funeral service.
    Dh and I, another guitarist/singer (with whom we jam a lot, so we know him and vice versa) and our bass player.
    Service starts at 12, music a little before, and the venue is about an hour away.
    Shopping after we get home, then will be ready for the week.

    aky, love to see pics of your travels!
    good you will be with family.

    Ted, congrats on getting the vid done!
    I'm sure the couple are pleased with your timely and professional work!

    EMS, sounds like it was a good awards banquet!
    Good to get together in a non-working setting, to relax.

    Sabby, give the boys a scratch and pats for me!
    Enjoy your time out!

    Joe, hope the bike rack does everything it is supposed to!
    Where did you ride today?

    Y'all have a good one!
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Ted . . I make the coffee first and then I turn on the HotSpot and computer. So, I have coffee handy right now!

    Morning all - another beautiful Fall day. Cool in the mornings, hot in the afternoon.

    Main objective today after church is firewood. For us and for my inlaws. There is a small amount of wood out there already at the ranch but my father-in-law is very concerned about the wood and with his dementia, he drives my mother-in-law a bit crazy. I went out there yesterday to find them leaving the wood pile at the barn with a hand-truck full of bark (she uses for kindling) and wood. It was so cute to see them working together and I wish I'd had my camera. On the other hand, I felt awful for making them go get their own wood. But, it is very good for them to get exercise, especially him. Plus, there was firewood in their wood room.

    We are going to try to fill it up today so FIL won't get so worried.

    Spidey fell asleep - hard - after the Delsum cough syrup. He's feeling better but still has a nagging cough.

    Dh is on a tractor.

    I've met a few AN folks in person myself. West Coast folks. It is great.

    Enjoy your Sunday.
  10. by   Joe NightingMale
    Quote from dianah

    Joe, hope the bike rack does everything it is supposed to!
    Where did you ride today?
    I headed to a forest preserve that has a 7 mile bike trail. I've walked there before but never been able to cover the whole trail given the distance. Thanks to having my bike I was able to ride it from start to finish in about 45 minutes. And despite a fair amount of freeway driving the bike rack stayed in place.
  11. by   Ted
    Sent you a PM, AKY.

    Joe - We like biking, too. Unfortunately, we haven't taken our bikes out for any riding this year. (They're in the garage gathering dust.) But there are a few lovely old railways that have been converted to hiking/biking trails that are quite scenic. Glad to read that your bike rack worked out well. Your venture is inspiring.

    Steph - Amy pre-programs our coffeemaker to turn on in the morning. When we hear that "ding!", we run downstairs and get ourselves the fresh-brewed coffee. The "ding!" is also a signal for our dogs. They know it's "breakfast then outside to run" time! LOL!

    dianah - It's always a pleasure to read about your music endeavors. Funerals, weddings, church services, jamming sessions. They're all great times for music. Would love to jam with you and your group someday.

    EMSnut45 - Dang! You and your work sound busy! Hope you had a nice family get-together.

    Hi to the rest! Cheers!


    Oh yea. . . one more thing. . . Go Sox!!! (I really don't follow sports at all. But, I do want the Red Sox to win the World Series. I root for them and/or for the Mets. We all know how well the Mets did this year! LOL!)
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