Sunday November 17, 2013

  1. Good Morning Dear Friends,

    Woke up early again so I have made my yummy cup of tea and will get some emails done to some friends back home.

    Our hiking yesterday was glorious, long and so much fun. The dogs enjoyed sniffing everything, looking at everything. Hiked along the river then up the side of another mountain and back down to the river.

    The squirrels were teasing the dogs and it took all our strength at times to hold them back, those sneaky things would wait until we were close then run on the path in front of us. LOL

    Came home, dogs had their frosty paw ice creams and I put hubby's meal in the crock pot to cook. Shall freeze the chuck roast and veggies in meal sized portions but he will have this for supper tonight. Smells good although I would not eat the meat the veggies are tasty.

    Today we plan to hike some where different today although I can see it is very foggy out there, still that will not deter us in getting out and enjoying this day.

    Plan on doing a few little things that need my attention before relaxation and a nap again this afternoon.

    Hope you are all doing well this day, AKY such a lovely neighbor to ensure the lady got some medical attention but no you are not a private nurse and you have way too much going on in your life right now. Proud of you for making the correct decision.

    Ted I would not worry I am sure Amy will let you drive SOME time soon.

    Stephanie what conference did you attend if I may ask?

    Have a most awesome magical Sunday.
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  3. by   Ted
    Good Morning -

    It's 8:03 AM (EST) here.

    Sabby_NC - You seem to have glorious times hiking. Feel free to take pictures and then share them. I love to hike, too. Getting the motivation to put on foot in front of the other, especially when it's cold outside, is quite the chore sometimes, though. LOL!

    I actually started an orchestral composition yesterday. I have the piece planned out form-wise. Still working on the major melodic theme, though. Composing is something that I LOVE to do. I just don't do it often so it's like stretching atrophied muscles. (Ugh!) I was hoping to have this and another piece finished by this Christmas. It usually takes me two to three months to write just one piece. We'll see if I even get this one done by the end of this month.

    Currently sipping on "First Coffee". Will be leaving for church in about 1/2 hour. Not entirely sure what we're going to do after church and choir rehearsal. I'm feeling more in the mood to stay at home. But there's a party to which we're invited to attend. Will most likely attend the party.

    Sabby_NC - I see that you're cooking some delicious food for "hubby" using the crock pot. Amy makes some delicious meals using hers. Yummy!

    Peace to all who travel here!

  4. by   TopazLover
    Good morning Sabby and Ted and all who stop by this beautify Sunday morning.

    No worries of me taking on private duty nursing for my friend and neighbor. I did call when I got up and found out she might be discharged today. They had no beds in the hosp. and she spent the night in the ER so I suspect that might be one reason for discharge not that she should be home yet unless they set up good aftercare. Can't imagine that coming out of the ER. (sorry if I offend any ER nurses, it just is not the focus of your job.) She needs so much at home care,and I doubt it will be covered in discharge instructions. I pray I am wrong.

    I should get out and take a long walk today. Both dogs forced me to get dressed early to take them for a walk. Now I have had my oatmeal and have no excuse not to take them for a longer walk except waiting for the phone to ring about picking up neighbor. One of the best reasons for a cell phone.

    I have a burning desire to do some baking. I just got some great flour so may do that sometime today. No, all flour is not created equal. I need to practice making rolls like my mother used to make. That is one of my assignments for Thanksgiving. I assigned myself that one, in case you are interested.

    Best get going. Have a wonderful day.
  5. by   Joe NightingMale
    AKY I hope your neighbor can get some HH, that can really help upon discharge

    Morning Sabby and Ted

    Kind of a tiring day yesterday, up very early to renew my driver's license. Attempted to ride my bike but it was cold and windy and drizzling, so I didn't. Went out for brunch with family and some friends, later stopped at my dad's, kind of an early birthday celebration. Did some shopping as well.

    Spent the rest of the day relaxing. Svengoolie had "The House of Frankenstein" but I had seen it before and was too tired to stay up for all of it.

    Today it's cloudy and very very windy,and we'll have thunderstorms later today, so no bike riding. I'll try to get out for a walk before the rain comes, rained heavily last night so hopefully everything is not flooded. Will do a little more shopping today and some cooking for the week.
  6. by   EMSnut45
    Wow! This past week has flown by!!

    I managed to catch the GI bug that has been going around. I'm hoping to not experience that again for quite a few more years! Glad I got over it without an ER trip for fluids as some I know have had to.

    Keeping up with the leaves in the yard is almost a full time job! As soon as I get them mulched up and the yard looking decent, a big puff of wind blows and it looks like I hadn't done anything. There's only one tree left with any leaves on it, so I must be coming down the home stretch!!

    Today my family and I will be attending the Eagle Scout ceremony for my neighbor. He worked very hard over the past few years and is well deserving of this distinction!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!!!
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  7. by   Spidey's mom
    Good evening - just got home from a nice two day visit to Sacramento.

    Sabby - It was the Northern Section of the CSNO . . (California School Nurse Organization). The newest two nurses, the chaplain, the social worker and the pharmacist went to the hospice convention in Palm Springs a few weeks ago. I haven't gone for about 3 years.

    Had a great time staying with friends who treat me so well that it is like being on vacation at a luxury hotel.

    I did join the Apple family - bought a Mac Book Pro today.

    I drove to Petaluma to visit my mom . . . that's a long story and it's late.

    Be back in the morning for coffee.