Sunday - November 10th, 2013 - Good Morning!

  1. Good Morning!

    I'm up early today, but after a good night's sleep. I see that I'm starting another "Good Morning" thread. I hope that this means that everyone is sleeping with pleasant dreams.

    Been reading yesterday's "Good Morning" thread.

    Dianah, do you have a trusted sound engineer for your group when you use the sound system?? During our "Too Live Nurse" gigs, I am the sound engineer, especially when I use my system. Many times, though, we've had to use the sound equipment provided by the venue. I've had mixed results, depending on the sound engineering skill-base of the people who work with the venue's sound system. Most often the sound is good. But there've been some real BAAAAAD experiences which obviously does not show-case our troupe well. (The three singers on stage use lavaliere microphones - ALWAYS - which are prone to feedback if not handled just right within the sound system.) It helps to have a trusted sound engineer who knows how the group should sound despite the sound system used. It could make or break a gig, as you know. It's tough being dependent on someone you don't know.

    Joe - Bummer about having a cracked DVD from Netflix. We've had issues like that before, too. They're good at sending a replacement but it does put a delay on watching something you want to see NOW! LOL! By the way, I like the Pink Panther movies, too. (Also liked watching the old Pink Panther cartoons when I was a kid, too! LOL!)

    Sabby_NC - Hope you're gaining some sanity back with a relaxing weekend after a nerve-frying week. You did good.

    Steph - You said the "Q" word and your day was "Q"??? Wow! LOL! Hope you got the laundry finished.

    aknottedyarn - I haven't gone to a yard sale in a long time! It just ain't my thing. But it seems like a good idea if you're looking to find a nice picture to decorate a room. One person's "junk" is another person's art-work. I actually got a picture from a church sale which is GOLD to me. It's actually a charcoal sketch by a well-known local artist. She was my then step-mother's Aunt and she was very, very talented. I purchased that charcoal sketch for $1.00!!! Her paintings and other sketches used to go for thousands of dollars, easily!! I hope you find what you're looking for. At the very least, it sounds like it could be relaxing if you're into "hunting" for good stuff at yard sales. Keeping you in my thoughts and Prayers, AKY. (((Hugs))).

    Today will be the usual Sunday: church choir rehearsal(s) and church service during the morning and relaxing with Amy during the afternoon. We have an "extended" choir rehearsal after church so that we can take extra time to learn new anthems. Usually these "extended" choir rehearsals ended sooner than I wish they would end simply because people's voices tire after a while.

    I think that an enclosure to one of my external SSDs is fried. This is highly inconvenient but not horrific. It's still under warranty so I can get it replaced. Hopefully they can save the data on that SSD when they replace it. Ugh.

    Warmest regards to all. . .

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  3. by   Sabby_NC
    Good Morning Ted and all who pop in,

    Glad you had a nice day yesterday Ted, enjoy this day and the choir practice. Hope you and Amy are doing well.

    Thanks Ted I did have a good day yesterday on call (well I am still on call for another 55 mins) but only had one call out with D to a death. This was beneficial training for D in knowing what forms she is required to bring in on the visit and the procedure that we follow. Was lovely catching up with her and had some laughs when the family had their alone time we stepped out to catch up on all that has been going on. We sure did natter driving to the visit and home again. I miss her and pray she will end up in our office.

    Relaxed yesterday afternoon, watched some great movies with hubby last night before retiring and sleeping very well.

    Woke to a very white frost so we will be have to rug up well with our warm clothes and gloves to hike the boys this morning, I know we will have two very excited dogs because they did not get their usual run around yesterday. We did take them out and play with them. They ran etc but it is not the same as a long hike up and down mountains. I am looking forward to a nice long hike today.

    Have plenty of food in the freezer that is cooked but I am thinking I will make hubby something I can bake in the oven. Still thinking what but I have some ideas. LOL

    Glorious sunrise happening and it is so pretty outside although cold it looks very inviting.

    Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement yesterday, I do feel better and I know I did all that I could in assisting S just a shame it was not put to good use by him. I guess at the end of the day we are all professionals and have a responsibility to provide the best care we can no matter what area we choose to work so the buck literally stops with him.

    May you all have a most excellent and happy day.

    Much love to you all.
  4. by   Joe NightingMale
    Ted my dad is in the church choir too, although I think they only practice once a week

    Sabby it's getting colder here too.

    Saw my dad yesterday, also got outside for a ride. It turned out to be good weather, I had thought that the winds would make things more difficult. Did a little shopping yesterday too. Stayed up to watch "The Ghost of Frankenstein" on Svengoolie.

    Today I'm going back to the store to return one of my items, then do a little more shopping and a little bit of cooking for the week. Might get outside for a walk, haven't done that in a few weeks. The birds are probably largely gone but I'll take my camera anyway.
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Good morning all. Looks like another glorious sunny and warm day here and I'm grateful. Gotta soak it up to get me through the dreary part of winter.

    On my second cup of coffee. I didn't used to like yard sale/garage sales but in the last few years for some reason I've started going. Might have something to do with the thrift store that was started by folks who work at our hospital. The building used to be our hospice office - an older office building with some charm left. The folks who are running this place have made it more than your usual thrift store - you know where you walk in and every thing smells musty. We get a lot of really good stuff too. So Spidey and I started going there as sort of a treasure hunt. Then we went to the library yard sale. Then just started hitting other yard sales. I have to say that you can find good things there. When I was young and would visit my grandparents, they would take me and my little sister to what they called "The Country Store". It was the local dump. The owners would set aside good things that people threw away and sell. My grandfather was a carpenter and much of their furniture was stuff he restored from The Country Store.

    I'm a fan of the show American Pickers too. I'd love to tag along with them.

    Since I'm up early, I might go to Sunday School.

    Have a lovely day - wish we could go for walks together Sabby . . . Rex would love it too.
  6. by   TopazLover
    Good day all.
    I did sleep in a bit today. Expecting So's DD soon.

    Was cold when i took the dog out. Toasty inside.
    i have to go.
    have a good day.
  7. by   BCgradnurse
    Good morning!

    I slept in this AM..til 10:30 I'm embarrassed to say. But, I worked all day yesterday and it was fairly busy, so I guess I deserved it. I'm going to try and get out for a walk soon, although it's a bit cold and dreary. DS is home for the weekend and cleaned up most of the leaves for me. Today I need to organize my bedroom and get some laundry done. Of course, I could easily be talked out of that. I do want to try and get to Home Goods to look for some pillows for my new couch. It arrived yesterday, and it is the biggest, reddest couch on the planet. It's the furniture equivalent of Clifford the Big Red Dog. I love it.

    Sounds like everyone has been busy and productive. Try to get in some relaxing time today. Have a wonderful Sunday.
  8. by   dianah
    Good Fall morning to all.
    Temps continue in the 70's here.

    Steph, I cheated this morning for breakfast!
    We're out of cottage cheese, my breakfast staple, so I had my usual veggie-burger and then a PB&J sammich on the thin wheat bread, PLUS I indulged and had a piece of raisin toast!!
    Enjoying apricot black tea now.
    Will go to the store this morning and stock up on strawberries and cottage cheese, and tomorrow will resume "good" eating.

    Yesterday had lunch with youngest and his gf, then dh and I decided to go to Disneyland late in the afternoon.
    Wanted to see what Christmas decorations are up.
    Snow is on the castle and some buildings in Fantasyland.
    Wreaths are up near Small World, and all the thousands of lights are up on THAT ride.
    Garland is hung along the buildings on Main Street but the usual garlands that stretch across the street aren't up yet, nor is the large tree that is usually placed at the beginning of Main Street.

    Rode the Mark Twain in the dark.
    We walked around a lot, saw the Billy Hill Christmas show and caught a set of the Royal Street Bachelors (jazz).
    The guitarist, Terry, is an acquaintance, and we found out he is 70 years old!! Will be 71 in March; plans to retire soon. Good for him! (he is SUCH a good jazz guitarist!!) Gave him our Christmas CD.

    When it got time to eat, around 7pm, we discovered every place had AN HOUR wait to be seated!
    We even left the parks and cruised to a few restaurants in Downtown Disney, with the same result!
    Ended up going back to California Adventure and got some ready-made food in the back section: dh got a large chicken Caesar salad, I got a small salad and a flatbread pizza (mushroom and artichoke). Tasted good after our running-around!
    Got home around 10:30 (no, didn't stay for fireworks).

    Today is grocery day, laundry day and we meet dh's co-worker and her husband and another co-worker and her family for an early Thanksgiving dinner at the first co-worker's house.

    Tomorrow I have the day off!
    Not sure what to do with it (dh works) but I'll think of something between now and then!

    Y'all have a good one.
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Dianah - I resisted hot French Fries yesterday. On one of the trips back to our house with a load of firewood, my dh and Spidey stopped at The Frosty and got Pittville burgers and chicken sandwiches and fries and milk shakes for themselves and inlaws (my suggestion). Oh, that smelled so good.

    I'm grateful for the new Atkins frozen meals - they have a very good chili (all meat) that I add some extra cheese and some of my cherry tomatoes to and it is good.

    I've come to expect myself to cheat so I don't beat myself up. I do confess on here though. I saw photos of myself yesterday and while realizing that the camera adds 10 pounds ( ahem ) . . . . . I still look chubby. There was one shot of my big butt that I deleted of course!! It is so hard for me to see a "rounder" me . . . I was pencil thin with no "chi-chi's" for so long. 4 kids and over 7 years of breastfeeding and overeating of pasta changed that.

    Gotta get to church! Almost late.
  10. by   Sabby_NC
    Successful long hard hike with the boys and guess what? I stayed vertical for a change. LOL We walked up and down a mountain and saw lots of critters. Boys had fun and walked their tails off so much so they have been sleeping for the best part of the day. hahaha Stephanie would love to walk with you and Rex.

    Wind is kicking up out there and making it feel rather cool.

    Had a wee snooze, got the ironing done, going to bake something for hubby's supper and then get in to bed earlier for a nice read.

    Hope you are all doing well.
  11. by   EMSnut45
    Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mom!!

    My sister and I went way over budget and got her a Green Egg grill that she has wanted for several years. We had her go out to my car in her bathrobe first thing this morning to see what was in my car. The expression on her face was priceless!!! I love giving gifts!

    We've had a great day hanging around the house as a family-- something that rarely seems to happen. Got the grill assembled, found some yummy looking steaks, and about to have the inaugural grill lighting ceremony!

    Wishing everyone a great Sunday night!!

  12. by   TopazLover
    EMSnut, I never heard of the Green Egg and had to look it up. Looks great. Happy grilling. Happy Birthday, Mom.