Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013

  1. Not often i start the thread. Good morning. Did all of you remember to set your clocks back?

    My great news is that I do not have to move. i will stay in SO's condo and just pay the rent and condo fees. Rent is what mortgage is, so is manageable, if tight. It feels so good to have that one thing settled.

    His DD insisted I take the artwork we loved together and had picked out for the office. I did offer to buy it but she would have none of that. Much more than I expected. I took 5 pieces. One has no value but is so special copy of an ink drawing of a local covered bridge. The others are prints of varying value. Two hand signed by the artists, both I love dearly.

    So, while I have my moments of sadness and tears, I have some of the memories of our lives together. Things I did not expect to have and I value beyond money. They will enhance my digs here and make this my place.

    Now just to get a job so I can afford this place.

    It is getting cold here. It will be chilly and windy here so I will be bundled up.

    Sabby, I hope you are feeling better.

    To all, have a wonderful and safe day.
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  3. by   Sabby_NC
    Good Morning AKY and all who pop in,

    AKY I am so very happy for you in knowing you do not have to move, that sure did warm my heart. More so I am very happy you got the art work you truly love and that you did not have to pay for them to get them back, now that was very generous but the right decision from the DD. I pray a job you love comes across your path my friend. Much love and hugs I send your way.

    Glorious morning here albeit a little cold but the sun is shining and the sky is a pretty blue, so we will get ready when hubby comes up from his man cave so we can take the boys for a hike.

    Had a lovely hike up on the Blue Ridge Parkway until I decided to have a nasty fall, although it happened so fast and now that I think about it, it was rather funny but I just feel like I have done several rounds with Mike Tyson. I feel better now that the bruising is starting to show itself. None the less it will not slow me down much.

    Once home from our hike I will watch my church on TV, while getting the ironing out of the way. I have already got thick pork chops in the crockpot with some nice BBQ sauce, I will cook those over the day then cook up some fresh cabbage, carrots, sauté a little onion and mushrooms for hubby's supper. I plan to have some of my home made chicken soup.

    We had some people land on our doorstep late last night which was awkward to say the least. This guy hubby worked with, many years ago and had found out where we lived. I was already in my night gown and robe, had already taken something for pain and was not in the mood to entertain. His SO could see I was not feeling well so she managed to FINALLY drag him and his son out of our home but it was a little irritating I have to say. This guy had his fill I believe in some alcohol and was not feeling any pain. I pray he does not make this a habit because this l'il woman will be opening her mouth and saying something. LOL

    Ted I do not start to retrain that RN until tomorrow, I have been informed I will be training for two weeks, watching work practices, assessments, etc then this RN will have one more week back in the office to prove they can do the job. I have my work cut out let me tell you!!

    May you all have a most wonderfully blessed day.

    Love to you all.
  4. by   Ted
    Good Morning - It's 8:08 AM (EST) here.

    aknottedyarn - I'm glad to read that you can stay in the condo and that you're able to keep treasured art works. At the very least, that seems to bring some Peace of Mind which you deserve. I wish you well with regards to the job-search. You have a lot of experience to offer which should be to your benefit. (((Hugs)))

    Sabby_NC - I wish you well as you work to re-train this poor fellow. How does one teach safe, effective and efficient time-management? I guess one can give suggestions, but the person needs to be willing to use them. It's been a while since I did any serious preceptoring (sp??). I would have to take some kind of "Teach Good Time Management" class for me to be effective! LOL! Regarding having unexpected people landing on your doorstep late at night, that just sounds like a miserable experience, especially when not feeling well! My wife would have thrown them out, especially if the came to our home late at night drunk as a skunk. LOL!

    Well. . . it was VERY nice getting an extra hour of sleep. Yesterday was "Mow the Lawn, Part 1", day. It was a challenge mowing the side of the hill because of the moist, fallen leaves on the ground. I hope to do "Mow the Lawn, Part 2" either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Boy do my joints ache! Ibuprofin is a wonderful drug! As for today, I have to get ready for church and choir rehearsal(s). After church, we're meeting with other board members of our HOA (Amy is the President and I'm the Secretary) and go over stuff. I'm looking forward to this like one would look forward to having a hot fork poked in one's eye. LOL! We're trying to get the town to take over the care of our nearly 2 mile road. It's been a long, drawn-out process, and will most likely be an expensive one. But there does seem to be a dim light of hope at the end of the road in having the town FINALLY taking over the road.

    Got to get ready for church. Take care. . .

  5. by   Joe NightingMale
    AKY I'm glad you don't have to move.

    Sabby I hope there are no more unexpected falls or guests

    Morning Ted.

    Got outside for another ride yesterday, it was nice and fairly flat, which made things easier, and the rain held off as well. Saw my dad yesterday as well. Got fairly tired yesterday, perhaps due to all the riding. Had to pick up a new old one is cracked...and a fender for my bike so I don't get splashed with mud.

    Today going to do a little cooking for the week, will also try to get outside today as well. If my legs feel all right I might even try some more riding. Remembered to set the clocks back, had problems getting up this morning wonder if it's the time change.
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    Good morning.

    aky - so glad to read that you will be able to stay and keep the artwork you love. Good news.

    Sabby - did the S.O. drive him home?? Drunk drivers make me crazy.

    Ted and Joe -

    Got a full night's sleep for once. On my third cup of coffee since all my big mugs are in the dishwasher and I used a small cup to make up for what is my usual amount of caffeine.

    Not sure what I'll do today - dh is headed out to get more firewood. They got quite a bit yesterday and Spidey earned $15 for helping.

    Spidey wants me to take him to the big city to see a movie but I'd have to combine it with something else necessary to justify driving over 70 miles one way. Plus, his brother might be coming up today. We'll see.

    Yesterday was off and on cloudy . . sometimes the sun burst through . . . I ended up taking the plants on the front porch out to the lawn and washing them in the hose, pulling off dead leaves, and brought them into the house for the winter.

    I do know I'll go to church - after that, who knows? Enjoy your day!
  7. by   EMSnut45

    Ahhhhh, that extra hour of sleep was so nice!!

    Yesterday was a beautiful and unseasonably warm day. My mom and I spent the day tucking the flower beds in for the winter. All the plants got cut back, bulbs and tubers got dug up. I ran the mower around the house and mulched up the leaves (which 2 hours later the leaves were all back...). My back is crying a little today, but like Ted said, ibuprofen is my friend!

    Im working for a coworker today so they can attend their kids birthday party. I have a good crew and am looking forward to a great day!!

    AKY-- It is so nice to hear that you can stay in place and keep your treasured artwork! I can't imagine the relief that brings you!

    Happy Sunday!!

  8. by   Sabby_NC
    Quote from Spidey's mom

    Sabby - did the S.O. drive him home?? Drunk drivers make me crazy.

    Yes she did Stephanie I would have said something if he got behind the car wheel.