Sunday May 1, 2005

  1. Good morning! Off to work soon. I'm having a small bowl of cereal, then an egg & cheese sandwich. I bring some fruit to work for morning snacks.

    The rest of you are on your own for breakfast.

    I hope all Premium Members take a moment to join us and let us know what going on. All are welcome to post here.

    The rain you guys were talking about has made it here. Usually this time of year is very dry for us. But we could always use a good soaking.
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  3. by   RainDreamer
    Hi everyone!

    Mornin' Tweety, I hope your day at work goes well!

    Leslie, I read your post about what's going on with Tiff, I'm so so sorry that this is all happening ... but maybe it's the beginning of something better, ya know? Maybe this has to happen in order for things to get better. You've been in my prayers and thoughts and will continue to be :icon_hug:

    I'm hoping I can go to bed soon, I'm really not too sleepy though ... took some Tylenol PM and I'm just waiting for that to kick in. I'm all done with my 144 hour preceptorship!!!!! I can't believe it's already over! There were times I thought it would never end, it was really overwhelming but it was a wonderful experience! But now I"m still on this night-shift schedule and I can't seem to sleep when I'm supposed to now!

    Last Thurs. and Fri., then this coming Mon. and Tues. we spend all day at the school (8 am - 4 pm) doing the ERI PreRN Review Course in prep for the NCLEX. I'm glad we're getting the opportunity to take it ... there's just SO MUCH information, but I think it's helping just to put it all together. As we go through the material I'm just making a list of everything I need to look up if I'm not familiar with it, then I'll make flash cards for basics like meds, lab values, etc. Then I'll bust my butt doing practice questions every day until I take the test. Scary stuff!

    My family is driving here from AZ, they'll be here on Thurs. Then Fri. is our pinning ceremony and Sat. is graduation!!

    I hope yall are enjoying your weekend, have a great Sunday!
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    Congratulations Raindreamer! It is an amazing feeling to be finished. I remember it well . ... at the end of our pinning and the lighting of our candles the DJ put on "I Feel Good, I Knew That I Would" really loud and we jumped up and danced. :Melody:

    Just drizzling this morning (well, technically it is the middle of the night). I went home yesterday at 3:30 and went to bed and amazingly my family let me sleep . . .well, except for the toddler who came in at 7 p.m. "mommy I have a headache, can I go to bed?". So we snuggled up and I fell back to sleep, which is another amazing thing . . .I usually can't go back to sleep once someone wakes me up.

    Tweety - a fried egg sandwich sounds pretty good . . . I slept through dinner. Just ate some cottage cheese.

    5 patients, one LVN and one RN and one CNA. In the ER I have two EMT II's and me . . .the doc is sleeping.

  5. by   dianah
    Hi all, congrats RAIN!!! What a great feeling, to be finally done!! Hope you have some good time with your family and savor this milestone time!

    I have errands to do today, getting youngest and myself ready for our DC trip, AND oldest ready for a four-day science trip to Catalina Island! I'd completely forgotten about that! He'll be going with three other boys and four parents. Actually (true confessions here) this is in lieu of a trip to Baja that the rest of the class is taking. Dh and I weren't comfortable with the trip (driving 400 miles past the Mexican border), so scheduled this one ourselves, with the other parents who felt the same. It wasn't just the long travel (all in one day, each way, too), but we didn't feel the proper safety issues had been addressed, too many things were assumed and not confirmed, and they were limiting how many parents could go (one of the teachers actually said, "sometimes the parents are more trouble than the kids" --which is probably true but some things ya just don't say ). One of the parents got VERY hot, and said, "you're taking my child 400 miles over the Mexican border and I'm not 'allowed' to come???? NO."
    At first the Baja trip was mandatory but we put up such a stink they de-mandatoried it (well, it's not a true word but you know what I mean), and we still planned this trip to the Island, through the Wrigley Marine Institute. Bottom line is, even though the kids will not be exposed to the variety of marine life they may see in Baja, we parents feel they are safer, and they WILL get a marine biology experience, and in a nice, small group.

    Ah, I better get going, lots to do. Steph, what a nice sleep, esp. cuddled up with your toddler.

    Tweety, I love egg-and-cheese sandwiches! Hey, I just finished reading Me Talk Pretty One Day" by David Sedaris. Very funny writer! Some parts are sad (to me), but he is VERY witty (as the book cover puts it! ) and has such a way with words.

    Later all! Hi to all who will be popping in!

  6. by   Tweety
    Dianah, I've read several of David Sedaris's books and have enjoyed them.

    I've got one of those microwave egg cookers. Just a bit of pam and you get poached egg style eggs, that aren't as greasy.

    Work is going o.k. But a lot of high anxiety patients, I swear I'm taking matters in my own hand and starting Ativan drips on these ladies. I'm blaming the dreay weather. We all seem a little sluggish today.
  7. by   dianah
    Schmooz'em, dear, I know you can!

    BTW, I had an egg-and-cheese sandwich for breakfast I "fry" the egg with spray on the skillet, not in oil or butter or anything good ------ er, I mean BAD, like that.

    Hope the day evens out and you get all those duckies in line.
  8. by   RainDreamer
    Thanks, steph and dianah!! It's so exciting, a little scary, but I'm really excited about it being done!

    For our pinning ceremony we're supposed to turn in a sheet of paper saying who'd we'd like to thank. They'll read that while we're being pinned. It can't be too long. I guess I'd just like to do a simple thank you to my family for their love, support and encouragement .... just not sure if that's all I should say or how I should say it ...? Any ideas? I just want everything to go well

    steph, I hope your day at work is going well!

    dianah, a 4-day science trip to Catalina Island sounds great!! I'm sure they'll have a wonderful time! When are you and your other son going to DC? That sounds fun, I've never been there.

    It's just a lazy Sunday here for me! It's great not having to study for anything, I just don't know what to do with myself, I love it! Rented Troy a while ago, think maybe I'll finally get a chance to watch that today.

    Hope yall are enjoying your Sunday!
  9. by   dianah
    We leave on a redeye flight from LAX on May 10, hit the ground running (= a full day of sightseeing planned for May 11, sheesh! I'm not so young anymore!!! ), lots planned every day -- even a ball game (Nationals VS Brewers) on Tues nite the 17th. We pull into the school parking lot around midnight the 18th. Youngest son is to make a scrapbook about what he saw, as a "report" for history.

    I've never been to DC either; it'll be interesting, to say the least. Total head count, including teachers and parents, is 96!! What a group to keep track of! I'm sure glad I'm not in charge!! I'll be a good little sheep and follow docilely . . .

    I just spent $380 at Costco, on new pants and shorts (men's dockers cargo pants for 19.99!) for all the "boys" here at home, plus some pants for me (for the trip. I dress so sloppily here at home -- er,, uh, I mean comfortably!! -- but I didn't think I'd feel comfortable visiting dressed as I do at home. Does that make sense???).

    Now I need to go out again and look for a red blouse or some kind of red top, to wear for our Jazz concert this Thurs. The vocalists are wearing black skirt or pants, with a red top. Other band members are wearing all black.

    Oh, and I need new socks. And youngest ds needs new shoes, as two pair are recommended for DC, just to give one's feet a rest.

    Oh yeah, babble-babble-babble . . . !!! See ya later! Enjoy your relaxing day, Rain!!
  10. by   leslie :-D
    hey guys.

    dianah- you are such a crack-up, always make me smile and/or laugh.

    rainy- kudos to you- this is only the beginning of something potentially so rewarding.

    just got back from visiting tiff. bad, bad day.
    tiffany was put on room restriction-45 min in/15 min out for acting out.
    so when i was in her room, she told me that 4-5 kids pocket their meds in their mouth, then later pool them altogether and divide them.
    one girl wanted tiff's lithium so she hasn't even taken one dose yet. :angryfire
    and then she told me she took seroquel, trazadone, adderall, librium and 1 more med i can't think of now.
    also she has 3 huge scabs on her wrist from eraser burns.
    i reported this all to the nurse, totally infuriated. i threatened to get the state involved.

    no wonder she seems worse rather than better.
    they gave her a prn vistaril- she pocketed it, crushed it and snorted it. she told me she never even knew what snorting was until she got there.
    when i got home, i left 2 furious messages w/the case mgr, on her vm.

    and then i called the evening nurse back,demanding that tiff get taken off the 45/15 since it's not her fault that some nurses weren't doing their jobs correctly. he agreed and took her off the restriction.
    she's doing so badly, and just for the fact she told me all this, is a cry for help in itself...i vented about this in the psyche forum, hopefully for some insight.
    she promised me she would start taking her lithium, but who knows. there's an awful lot of negative influences around her. these kids are mentally sick; combine that w/the peer pressure of fitting in a new facility.....she even let me hold her today. she layed in my arms and we just talked. she also voluntarily surrendered her eraser to a nsg asst she trusts....God i feel so naive; i suppose this stuff goes on everywhere but somehow, once she's stabilized, i need to prevent her from going to another in-pt facility.
    i want her in a day program where there's intensive therapy but gets to come home at noc.
    i also told the nurse i want a tox screening w/an independent lab analyzing it.

    i think i'll have some people shaking in their boots as i made it clear that i hold them 100% responsible and this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    ok, i'm going to see if i can talk to tiff.
    as always, thanks for listening, and caring.

    leslie xo
  11. by   nurseygrrl
    dianah and Tweety...David Sedaris is great. I was lucky enough to see him do a spoken word performance last Fall. If you have the chance to see him, do not hesitate. It's a great evening.

    Leslie...So sorry to hear about your bad time. I am praying for you and Tiff..

    I spent the day helping my daughter Miranda build a model of the solar system and write a report about it. I thought I was DONE with 4th grade!! :chuckle
  12. by   live4today
    way to go raindreamer! :hatparty:

    ((((((leslie & tiff)))))) my prayers are with you and your family, too. :icon_hug:

    tweety...i like fried egg and cheese sandwiches too. hope you didn't have too much trouble out of patients today.

    dianah...i'm sure your son and his pals will have a good time on catalina island. i took my youngest daughter there for her 13th birthday! beautiful place! i'd like to go again someday. i'll say prayers for safe travel for them.

    hello everyone that i missed! hope you all are doing okay today.
  13. by   Tweety
    Ended up having a better afternoon, and I got my ladies all settled.

    Leslie, I'm so sorry things don't sound good. I hope you continue to be her advocate, while understanding she's making some of these decisions herself and she needs some direction and lots of time, and the nurses can only do so much. These kids must have pocketing meds down to a science and that needs to stop. I thought pysch nurses checked the mouths of these patients. Are nurses liable if a patient pockets their meds and has a bad outcome? Anyway, my best wishes always.
  14. by   dianah
    Oh man, Leslie, I'm so sorry about how the day has gone. It sounds like you have sorted things out and made the appropriate noises: taking responsibility for one's choices/consequences (for Tiff) and DO YOUR JOB (for the staff). I'm so, so sorry. I hope this was a wake-up call for the staff. I see what you mean re: kids mentally ill being mixed with Tiff, and others like her, just sorting things out. I do hope tomorrow is better for all.

    I admire your objectivity; in the midst of chaos and confusion, you're able to define the pertinent issues and point the direction to be taken. I sometimes get lost among the emotions. I'm sure this must be so hard on you. I agree w/one of your previous posts: one day at a time. I hope Tiff begins feeling better/having a more positive outlook once she's taking her meds appropriately.

    I just returned from taking my 14yo to THREE, count 'em, THREE different stores!! And the ONLY reason I could do this iis, the shopping was for him. I hadn't realized that his shoes were literally falling apart, so instead of getting him one pair, I ended up getting TWO pair of shoes. AND, we traveled to three stores because not too many stores had shoes he wanted in his size: 13 or 14, depending on the shoe!! By the time he decided on which he wanted, and found out they did fit, he booked out to the car, to slump and wait, while I paid for them. (he did very well, IMO, -- shopping with him when he was younger, for things he HAD to try on, was a LOT more of a trial!!)

    Ah, I still have to go to the grocery store, but only after a brief practice session here at our house (and the house is a mess; dh has, thankfully, kept up with the laundry but not much else), with the other two ppl in our little acoustic combo sub-group, from the Jazz band. We're doing "L-O-V-E" and "I Was A Little Too Lonely (And You Were A Little Too Late)", both done by Nat King Cole. We thought we could use a little extra polishing, so we'll be meeting here within the hour. When we're done, THEN I can go to the grocery store.

    BTW, David Sedaris wrote a short piece for The New Yorker, in their travel issue, published within the last two weeks. Deals w/travel with his boyfriend Hugh. As always, very entertaining. He makes himself sound totally dysfunctional, however!! Says Hugh is the organizer of schedules, the fixer of appliances, the balancer of the finances, -- the one to talk w/the real estate agent, function at the grocery store, etc. Can it be true??? It's good for a chuckle, anyway, the way he writes it.

    I think I should change my allnurses "screen name" to Babble.
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