Sunday - March 2nd, 2014 - Good Morning!

  1. Good Morning!

    It's 4:11 AM (EST) here. I'm up, working on some music. Actually, I'm arranging & sequencing (recording) an accompaniment of an anthem for choir to use for church. It's a lovely tune with lots of 16th notes played at a somewhat faster tempo. It's a bit too complicated for me to play live which is why I'm arranging/sequencing the accompaniment part(s) in my studio. (It's easier for me to do it this way! LOL!)

    Been having problems with the home's furnace. One of the working parts is slowly breaking down rendering the furnace useless. This isn't good when the temperature outside is near zero. (Ugh!) The furnace fix-it guy was VERY KIND and came to our home twice, yesterday. He worked his magic to fix the thingy-doo-dad until the replacement part comes in Monday (tomorrow). Hopefully the temporarily fixed thingy-doo-dad will last until then. Our home and its furnace is about 9 years old, now. Things are bound to wear down and break. Fixing and repairing these things is all part of being a house owner. Oh well.

    In between letting the furnace fix-it guy into our home yesterday, Amy and I spent part of the day celebrating her passing the CNOR test. Amy picked the place to eat and the entertainment. (She does it most of the time, anyhow! LOL!) I was hoping to going to some fancy restaurant with good-tasting meat or seafood. Nope. Ended up going to Five Guys which is a burger-joint franchise. LOL! I guess Amy had a hankering for a burger (with no bun because she has a gluten-free diet). I had a bacon cheeseburger. Felt the arteries harden as I ate it! LOL! Afterward, we went to an entertainment of Amy's choosing. It was a movie: "Non Stop". The movie was an action-adventure staring the guy who plays a semi-burnt out Air Marshal who is suspected of hijacking a jet but is really the good-guy and saves the day. Lots of suspense, karate-type fighting, a few gun shots, a few people dying, and scenes of mayhem with one of a frightened child placated by a doll and a piece of string. The plot was deep. Not. LOL! It was fun. We both had a nice afternoon out together.

    Today, well, it's Sunday so that means church, choir and choir rehearsals. I probably mentioned this before, but this is going on my 30th years of being my church's keyboardist/choir director. I'll probably mention this a billion other times as i contemplate retiring. Again. For the billionth time. LOL! I really don't mind holding this responsibility. It would be nice not to have to travel nearly 20 miles to the church (one way), and not be responsible for picking out, rehearsing and playing anthems. Actually, I would be happy being "just" a choir member at a more near-by church. To be clear, I hold a lot of respect to our church's volunteer choir members. Some have been members of the church's choir longer than I've been their choir leader. We have a small choir, but it's a good one. I do sometimes (well, quite often) think that they could use fresh blood with fresh ideas. Oh well. No big decisions are going to be made today.

    I'm off tonight and tomorrow night. I have two weeks before my two week vacation. Looking forward to the time off.

    Hope all is well with everyone. It's interesting reading everyone's daily "Good Morning" posts. This is a nice way to keep in touch with nice people. Peace to all who travel here.

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  3. by   Sabby_NC
    Good Morning Ted and those that pop in for a natter,

    Thanks Ted for starting us off today.

    Good for you working away on your music, hope you get that all sorted out. Good luck on dropping the hint about retiring from the role of choir director, me 'finks' that will fall on deaf ears. LOL
    Your time out with Amy sounded so nice but I did laugh when you said Amy chose 5 Guys (who ever they are) instead of a fancy schmancy restaurant. Maybe next time eh? hehehe

    Wonderful long hike yesterday wore the dogs out and today after hubby waxes the hard wood flooring downstairs we will head off and take the dogs to a new trail at Saddle Mountain. Looking forward to this hike and some new scenery.

    Cooked hubby a new Chinese shrimp dish yesterday with different noodles that had peanut sauce swirled in the noodles before placing those in the shrimp mix, smelt divine and hubby really enjoyed eating that meal. LOL Actually there is plenty left over to freeze a few meals. Tonight will be something nice cooked on the grill outside for hubby. I may just have another juice.

    The juice I made yesterday was full of goodness I used carrots, kale, red cabbage, red beet, small turnip, cucumber and ginger. mm mmm mmmm good. This morning will be a fruit juice of pineapple, mango, orange, apple, kiwi, strawberries and red grapes.

    Looking forward to some relaxation this afternoon after our hike, do some hair and nail maintenance then some nice restful zzzzzzzzzz's may follow. LOL

    Hope you all have a most excellent and happy day.

    Much love to you all.
  4. by   bushambo
    Evening, Sabby and Ted. I have just downed 2 Panadeine Forte and am hoping they will let me sleep. Last night was BOOOORING TV as I could not sleep with this rib part problem. Also, the doctor asked me if I snored. I said How would I know when I'm asleep, although I think some of my rib problems are a result of herself belting me in the ribs and telling me in a rather unladylike manned to stop snoring.
    I'm off to bed to try and snooze. hit my snooze button please.
    Night night M
  5. by   Joe NightingMale
    Michael I hope you're able to get some sleep.

    Morning Sabby

    Ted 30 years is a long time! Do you serve as an organist as well?

    Speaking of church stuff I was going to try a new church today, but we just had another snowstorm and unfortunately this place has only street parking, so I may have to wait for another Sunday. It's in my previous neighborhood where parking is frequently a challenge.

    Yesterday was fairly productive. Decided to wait on vacuuming until all of the work at home stuff was in place. But I mopped the kitchen, did litterbox maintenance, took out the garbage at did a bunch of cooking. Stopped by dad's house to water plants and check on things. Got out for a walk before the snow and even did some shopping.

    Not sure what I'll do today. Have some CME to do, but other than that nothing. Might try a new restaurant. Might try and get outside again if they snow has stopped.
  6. by   TopazLover
    Good morning all. Ted, I suspect Amy was so glad to be done studying she could let herself feel the tired. Five Guys is around here, although Jake's Wayout is more popular. Actually, I have never been to either. Not much of a beef eater, or a burger fan so happier to hit some place like the saloon where we had lunch. They do make great burgers so I do indulge there. I do understand about the desire to change some things in your church life. I suspect you might put the decision off for a bit more, if only because finding a replacement is going to be difficult.
    Sabby, I am a bit jealous of you getting to grill this time of year. We are due for a huge storm starting today and running all day Mon. Your cooking sound yummy. You do inspire me. Today I am making soup and an apple cake. We will start the storm off with goodies an make the house smell great.
    Michael, Didn't you break a few of those ribs along the way. I know you have shared a bit about your time as what is known here as a cowboy, I think you called it cattleman. I do hope the meds help to get you some rest. Everything hurts more when you don't get enough sleep. Are all your lady machines doing well? Seems they can be temperamental. Could you have strained some muscles in there - keeping all your harem happy?

    All the news here is about the new storm coming. We are looking at around a foot of snow hitting just before rush hour tomorrow. Of course it will start as rain and ice. I do worry that we will lose more trees, since many have already started to have the sap rise, making any extra weight from ice or snow a huge burden for the trees to hold up. If that happens many people will be out of electric as so many of our wires are still above ground.

    Thinking about sap, my DN has placed over 1100 taps for maple sap to be turned into syrup. Good thing, I am almost out of my supply of liquid gold. My "share" price is $50/gal., good thing I use it for special bkfts. and other events.

    Well, finishing up load of towels and then will do one more load of laundry. Need to get the rear in gear.

    Have a wonderful day. Are all our CA people OK? No floods or mudslides? Fingers crossed for you.
  7. by   TopazLover
    Good morning, Joe. You snuck in while I was thinking. I guess we are going to get your storm as well as the CA storm. In the future, please keep all your snow storms where you live. I am officially tired of them!
  8. by   BCgradnurse
    Good morning! I slept in today, which was delicious. I worked all day yesterday, and was really tired, despite it not being a crazy day. Guess I'm just getting older. I'm going to visit my mother today, and will cross my fingers that the snow holds off until tonight. I don't think we're supposed to get too much, but I'd rather be home than out driving in it.

    Ted-She picked 5 Guys??? Really??? I like their burgers but my arteries scream when I walk into the place. That's why I only allow myself to do so once a year. They do have good spicy fries. I'm glad you had a nice afternoon together. Michael-sorry to hear about the ribs. I hope the costochondritis heals quickly and you were able to get some sleep. Sabby-please come cook for me. You'd keep me healthy. I just subscribed to a magazine called Clean Eating. I try to eat healthy, but I hate boring food and love cheese way more than I should. Tonight I'm going to try a warm chicken salad with roasted root veggies and feta cheese and pomegranate seeds. Joe-how is your new eating plan going? What have you been able to add this week? AKY- Apple cake and soup sound perfect for a cold, snowy Sunday. I hope your forecast is wrong. I love real maple syrup. It is liquid gold and worth the price. The farm near my house taps its trees and has a limited supply to sell a bit later in the season. There's nothing like it.

    Off to get cleaned up and then head north to see Mom. I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday and the bad weather poops out.
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Good morning!

    Not much rain happening up here in the far northern part of CA. No flooding either.

    Had a great time at the annual Fireman's Carnival. My son's 4-H group worked the dunk tank . . . meaning THEY were the ones in the "hot seat" so to speak. The longest line was at that game - when Spidey was up his cousin Chris, who pitched baseball in college, made sure he was in line to throw the baseballs and he got Spidey dumped in the water! I love these small town events. Everybody knows everybody, you talk and catch up.

    Spidey's team won both basketball games yesterday - hard fought exciting games; first one was tied at the end and they had 2 minutes to see who would score first. We did.

    He spent the night at a teammates house . . . and had left the basketball game to go over there. When the parents brought the kids back to the carnival, the father was telling us this funny story about how his daughter was arguing with Spidey about his having siblings. She kept saying "You're on only child!". Funny - so many of Spidey's classmates have no idea he has two adult brothers and a sister. Some folks (newbies to the community) are surprised when I tell them I have 4 kids.

    Headed to Sunday School shortly. After that, baseball practice for Spidey and dad. I'm not sure what I'll do. It is cloudy here but not cold. Maybe a walk?

    Sabby - you can come cook for me too! I mentioned to jnette that my best friend's dad was admitted to hospice in Richmond recently. There are some issues (not with hospice) that I vented with her. Hard to be so far away from your dad and have his wife dictate the terms of how or when or IF his kids get to visit him as he is dying.

    Ok - gotta get ready for church!
  10. by   Davey Do
    Thank you all for giving me Several Chuckles today! From Sabby's comment on Amy choosing Five Guys "whoever they are" (It'd take Five Good Guys to make ONE of Ted!) , to Michael's Snoring Ignorance, Joe's Litter Box Maintenance, AKY's "speaking of sap", BC's Boring Food Magazine, to steph's Only Child who has two Brothers and a Sister!

    I didn't get a Chance to visit with Sister Cat his morning due to the Weather. Cat wanted some Shells from Florida, so Belinda and I picked up a Bunch for her on Virginia Key and Key Biscayne Beaches. Belinda put together a Real Nice Artsy-Fartsy Glass Candle Display with the Shells inside for Cat. I'll drop the Shell Display off to Cat next Week.

    The Census continues to be Really Low at Work, and all of the Patients are Self-Care, so Nothin's Shakin'- not even the Leaves on the Tree.

    With the Bad Weather and Low Census, I have a lot of Time on my Hands. I used the Paint Program at Work, along with the Mouse, and did another Cartoon. Since this Cartoon was Nursing Related, I started a New Thread over on the Yellow Pages.

    Check it out, if you like:

    Thanks for the Laughs, and, as always, Have A Good Day!
  11. by   Joe NightingMale
    BC I can now add milk, whole grains, and most fruit. Which helps a lot. I still have to stay away from my favorite snacks and sweets, which is good as I have a hard time controlling my intake of those.
  12. by   herring_RN
    God day this Sunday!
    Hello Sabby, Joe, Steph, Davey, BC, and Michael!

    Ted: My sister recenly was offered choir director ather church. She has helped stop the petty bickering between the English choir, Spanish choir, and children's choir which sings in both languages. She has them combined now for Lent and is planning for Easter too.
    It is really lovely.

    I love peanut sauce!

    We had a lot of rain, but our electricity stayed on. I went to high school near the mountains. Some people had several feet of mud in their homes. They live below where the fires burned last month. There wasn't ime to regrow roots to hold the soil in place.

    I heard on the radio that a homeless man was sleeping on a board near the LA river. He woke up 4 miles away and was found in a fast food men's room warming and drying himself with the hand blow dryer. Water rescue people who were looking for him gave him dry clothes.

    This is for AKY:
  13. by   Ted
    Herring_RN - It seems that your sister has her work cut out for her! I'm responsible for one (and only) "adult" choir, which includes people from high school and up. Regarding choirs that sing different language, our choir has a tough time singing English, much less learning another language! LOL! I'm very impressed to the interesting challenges your sister faces as she head choirs singing different languages. Very cool!

    Joe - I'm the keyboardist. The keyboard set-up has an organ sound. There's no actual organ in our church. If there was, I couldn't play it! LOL!
  14. by   dianah
    Herring, I saw a news clip of the crew checking out the homeless man's area, not finding him, and wondering where he was.
    Thanks for the update, glad he is safe.

    Good morning to everyone!

    Was a quiet day yesterday, needed it, for the week was VERY draining.
    Hope this week isn't as trying.
    Helped my son with his FAFSA application last nite (it's due today).

    Today's plan is to do errands.
    Just paid bills.

    Michael, so sorry your ribs are crook, mate.
    Hope the meds helped.
    Your future trip(s) sound good, hope you are well healed by then, to endure travel.
    Hope you have suitcases with WHEELS!!

    Sabby, hope your hike is a good one today!

    Joe, good to hear things are coming along with your switch to working from home.
    Will probably make a big difference for you re: job satisfaction.

    Ted, good luck making the decision whether or not to retire from choir director.
    That would be a tough decision!!
    Did you see the youtube of the little girl conducting the choir? Too cute!! She was behind the singers and someone's video picked her up, facial expressions and gesturing, etc. It is wonderful!
    ”ево‡ка €ƒководи‚ …о€ом: mini maestro - church choir conductor, Kyrgyzstan - YouTube

    aky, I will be there 12-ish for lunch, set me a place please???
    (wish I could, we would have fun!)

    BC, hope next week isn't as busy for you!

    Y'all have a good one!
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