Sunday February 9, 2014

  1. Good Morning Dear Friends,

    Just finished reading through yesterday's GM thread and had myself a bit of a giggle.

    Stephanie I read the post about stripping as well while my chin was sitting on the ground saying 'you have got to be joking' AND her hubby is totally fine with this. Hmmmm this has to be some one finding a thread just to get things going surely? LOL

    I was taken to a Chippingdale (sp) as a surprise for my Birthday many years ago, I spent a good deal of time under the table for fear of some one seeing me that I knew. I was very uncomfortable and wondered where my friends were getting off taking me to something that I really did not enjoy!

    Wonderful hike yesterday we slogged up and down a mountain, jumped rocks and logs, crossed a river and now my butt is complaining. LOL We plan to repeat the same today although the dogs were very reluctant to get up or go outside today.

    Banjo finally went out to tinkle but Newly remains comatose and comfy thank you very much.

    Have some letters and cards to write today and some more R&R.

    Ted I put a photo up on FB re the cross stitch. I will see if I can put a pic in here but the last time I tried it was unsuccessful.

    May you all have a most excellent and relaxing day.

    Much love to you all.
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  3. by   Sabby_NC
    Here ya go Ted I think I got it mastered now.

    It is hard to get a photo of her and it really does not show the exquisite work that my BFF did. She included beads and sequins in this cross stitch, took her 8 months to make for me. She did this while I was going through that health scare last year and I just love it. We will be hanging 'her' on the wall in our living room so everyone can enjoy this glorious piece of art. When I went to pick this up I cried when I saw the wonderful job the framer had done for me.

    Yesterday we were messed up while waiting for the truck to be delivered. Never say you are going to be some where and not turn up- Just sayin' LOL While hubby sat and fumed I ran out to get the groceries and picked up Sabrina- That is the name of the cross stitch and is why my girlfriend wanted to do this particular one.

    Anyway we took the dogs out in Hubby's car and the truck finally arrived and some ridiculous time last evening. All working well and the dogs were just so excited to see it arrive and I am sure they will be happy getting back into that to go for their hikes.

  4. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Sabby. While I can't see all the features is does look very detailed, she clearly put a lot of work into it.

    Fairly quiet day for me yesterday, got up late and saw dad and ran a few errands and that was about it. Svengoolie had "Godzilla vs. King Kong", which was kind of funny so I watched most of it. Was meaning to get outside but it didn't stop snowing until fairly late.

    Will get outside for a bit today. Will also drive around a bit and scout out some churches that have caught my interest. Always like to have a look at them, and see where the parking is before visiting. And I'm going to do some cooking for the week.

    Had an interesting find at the local used bookstore, an 1930 edition of the first Nancy Drew story The Secret of the Old Clock. When I was younger I read a lot of Hardy Boys and since then I've read about the history of both series. They were originally written in the late 20s/early 30s, but in the 50's they started editing the original titles in order to remove outdated technology and stereotypes. But apparently they also shortened the books and removed dialogue, making the stories faster and more spartan. Pretty much all the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys you see today are these edited versions. It should be interesting to see what this original version is like.
  5. by   BCgradnurse
    Good morning!

    It hasn't snowed yet this weekend and my fingers are crossed that there will be no more today. DD is off snowboarding and I have the house to myself for the day. There is much cleaning to be done, and I need to go out and buy some rubber snakes. The big macho PA I work with let it slip last week that he is afraid of snakes. That was the wrong thing to say...LOL. He'll be finding some in his desk on Wednesday. I went out for dinner with some former co-workers. We had such a good time. I had a beer with my meal, that I ordered purely cause I liked the name. Here is a pic of the can. photo-1-jpgHow can you not love a beer called "Porkslap"? Sabby-the cross-stitch is truly a work of art. What a beautiful gift. Joe-I loved the Nancy Drew books as a kid. I had the ones form the 50s-60s. It will be interesting to see how much they've changed from the originals.
    Time for me to get my toosh in gear. Hope everyone has a great day.

    Sorry about the HUGE picture. I couldn't figure out how to resize it.
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    Ha ha BC! One of the clerks in our hospital admitting office freaked out when I told her I gave away one of my daughter's large cages to a Kindergarten student who was getting a chameleon . . . . "you let your daughter have lizards?". Yeah, she had more than one kind of lizard too. I told her I was going to put up a poster behind her desk of a chameleon and she freaked out again. I can understand not liking them yourself . . .but not letting kids have them? It's part of childhood!! Trying to catch those little lizards that run on hot rocks in the summertime is so fun!

    Morning all! I see sun peeking out from clouds . . . might be clearing up.

    Rex just pushed open the side door and walked into the kitchen, making muddy footprints all over my clean floor. Out ya go!

    Sabby - I think the only reason we can't see detail is the photo is blurry. But we can make out how lovely it is. What a sweet present.

    Did I mention dh and I saw Monuments Men on Friday night? It was good but some folks who saw it are complaining it was too slow. I think it is worth a shot - it sure made me curious about the real story and we went to B&N afterwards looking for the books it was based on. Funny thing - they were all sold out! So some folks must have liked it.

    Hope your Sunday is good!
  7. by   dianah
    Good morning to all.
    I hope health issues fade away today.

    Sabby, that cross-stitch is just GORGEOUS!
    It looks fabulous framed, too.
    What a perfect gift for you.

    Steph, hope you are getting some rain ("muddy footprints" makes me think, YES you are!).
    We have had a few drizzles but that's it.

    Helped with music at a friend's Sabbath School yesterday, and in the afternoon visited long-time friends (friends from BK = Before Kids).

    Watched the Olympics last nite.
    I will watch every possible broadcast, if I can.

    Not much else planned for today besides grocery shopping and laundry.

    Y'all have a good one.
  8. by   Ted
    Good Afternoon -

    Just returned for church and choir rehearsal(s). The anthem sounded lovely. Not much planned for today except work on the video of the "Healthy Heart Night" that I was video-taped the other night.

    Sabby_NC - It sure is no fun doing something that you do NOT enjoy doing. Without a doubt, seeing something like the Chippendales is a personal choice thing. When Amy and I "warmed up" the Chippendales during the cruise-ship thing, we could not wait to get off the stage during those Friday nights. After the "pre-Chippendale" set, we would literally run like crazy to get off the ship for the night, before the ship left port. (We worked on a a day cruise-ship that would leave Fort Lauderdale once or twice a day.) It was our only 1/2 day off during the week. By the way, the cross stitch artwork by your BFF looks lovely. I so appreciate the craftsmanship found in such artistry.

    Hi Joe - I used to read lots and lots of science-fiction short stories and novels. I haven't read a book (other than a nursing text book), cover to cover, in decades. I just can't get into reading a whole book. My eye sight for reading is getting worse. As it gets worse, I find reading to be less and less enjoyable. I read the comics. i also read music. But books? There's just no interest at this point in my life. Amy reads lots of books. Recently, she started getting books for her iPad. I might try that, especially if it makes reading easier on the eyes.

    BCgradnurse - Interesting name for a beer! LOL! I generally don't drink at all. About twice a year I'll have a nice, cold dark beer. I just like the flavor of a cold, dark beer. The stouter the better! LOL! Otherwise, I drink lots and lots and lots of diet Pepsi. LOL!

    Well. . . gotta run. . . It's sunny outside. Amy just asked if I would be interested in doing some snow-shoeing. I forgot that we even had snow shoes! LOL! Haven't done that in a couple of years. This frumpy body needs the exercise. So. . . snow-shoeing, here we go! LOL!

    Peace. . .

  9. by   herring_RN
    I've only been awake about an hour. Sang four hours straight at the Hoot and then talked with my daughter into the early morning. Her boyfriend and his friends are watching hockey and she is not a fan.

    As I expexted the hoot was crowded due the it being the first one since Pete Seeger's death. A couple drove hundreds of miles after not attending for five years. He is a fine musician. His wife is a beautiful woman with a lovely voice.
    A young man brought his wife and young daughter, who fell asleep. We sat on the floor because the host didn't have enough chairs.

    We started with "If I Had a Hammer" and sang songs Pete wrote and that he sang. (He put the "Shall" in "We Shall Overcome")

    The newest we sang Pete and Lorre Wyatt wrote in 2012. It was just perfect. Many of these people have been friends for 50 and 60 years. They have welcomed me to their Hoots. They know how appreciative i am.
  10. by   Spidey's mom
    It is pouring rain now. Rex is on the front porch chewing on the welcome mat . . .the back is rubber and he loves it. Guess I'll just have to get a new one as this one is too far gone to save.

    Home from a baby shower I didn't know about - planned by our church ladies. The baby was fussy and screaming so I took her back to the nursery and the old rocking chair and got her calmed down and to sleep. Much more fun than baby shower games - I'm too old or jaded or something but I hate that game where paper towels or napkins are folded into the shape of a diaper and a candy bar is melted into each one and the game is guessing which candy bar. So, I was a happy camper! I think I was born to care for babies.

    I started two new books so I think I make a cup of tea and go sit for awhile and read. Dh and Spidey are out visiting a friend who will have to start dialysis soon.

  11. by   dianah
    herring, wish I'd been there to experience that hoot. Sounds like a special one!

    Overcast and cool-ish (in the 60's) today, which is nice.
    Grocery shopping done, laundry almost done.
    Need to change sheets/towels in house, then will settle in to watch Olympics.

    Kale chips in oven (tossed in olive oil, seasoned with garlic salt and crushed red peppers -- the hot ones).

    Yup, I'm hungry.