SUNDAY 3rd May, 2009

  1. g'day everyone aaannndddd ...... welcome to sunday! :d:flowersfo

    no good me posting on the saturday thread since it's already late up/over and it's late afternoon sunday here! :spin: if'n this makes any sense to anyone at all!

    we headed for them thar hills again today. in a different direction this time.
    the autumn leaves are just so beautiful. what intrigued me was the amount of leaves lying everywhere on the ground, yet still so many on the trees.
    stopped off for coffee and food in one of the little cafe's, then drove on further to another quaint hills town where we filled our bellies with more food! ah well, you've got to try out the different goodies now don't you?! :d

    wishing everyone a pleasant and happy sunday and i hope the universe is kind to you today! :icon_hug:
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    Morning Grace! Sounds like your Sunday is going very well . . sounds so funny to be speaking of Autumn leaves when were are just now greening up.

    It is pouring rain and 12:55 a.m. - I'm very tired but can't fall asleep so milk and a cookie were in order. Jnette kept all the White Russians and popcorn to herself, greedy girl.

    I love driving around, stopping when the mood strikes, no real plans.

    I'm on call for hospice this weekend - I doubt I'll get any calls as we still only have 2 patients.

    Happy Sunday to you Grace and all who follow too.

  4. by   Grace Oz
    Hi steph, hope you manage to get some sleep soon! Yeah, that greedy Jnette ..... you'd think she could at least send some of those white russians and popcorn via express mail across the sea to lil ol me!!!! Hurrumph!

    I guess it does sound odd to you up/over reading about autumn! lol When y'all were talking about the snow and cold while we were having that dreadful heatwave back in January, that was weird to me! lol I was wishing we could have some of that snow and cold weather here then. If I could, I'd follow the sun! Spend the southern hemisphere summer here, and the northern hamisphere summer up/over! Now, wouldnt that be just wonderful??!!! Then again, it is lovely seeing the autumn colurs etc.

    Enjoy your sunday, hope no call outs!
  5. by   zuzi
    Hey, hey hey good middle of the night. I am not the only insomniac one....I will become a gost soon if I will not work on my schedule, to be able to sleep like a normal one........a song and a coffe addicted gost... loool

    But I need to share with you a woanderfull song just discoverd this night ....someone play it...OMG.... SOB here, Afib, and I nedeed to deep breath many times, loool... WOANDERFULL, for sleepless people...have a good night...cheers Spidey with a glass with milk!
    Is hard to fell your heart, huh???? LOOOL
  6. by   jnette
    Good Morning my Lovelies !

    Hope all who couldn't fall asleep were finally able to do so.

    Grace, when I was growing up, we used to do just as you and dh do.. take drives, and stop off at cafe's and "Gasthouses" to sit outside and have afternoon "tea".. which was afternoon snack. A beer or glass of wine, some good cake or pastry... an afternoon walk exploring. Thanx for the memories!

    Enjoy your autumn leaves. Thanx but no thanx.. I'm more than ready to enjoy spring!

    Well, I'm listening to the birds awakening outside, sipping my first cuppa and will soon get ready to head out to dd to my grandbaby for a couple hours, then back here to set some flowers with dh.. weather permitting. Still quite cloudy out there.. we'll see what it does.

    Hope everyone has a marvelous day !
  7. by   Sabby_NC
    good morning dear ones

    up early here and have been enjoying listening to the birds.
    hubby and i have been sitting outside enjoying our first cuppa of the day, watching the humming birds slurp their syrup.

    mild morning here, yesterday we had showers then sun, repeating cycles which is great for our new trees.

    got my master bathroom painted and it looks gorgeous, i am happy with the progresses i am making in the house. so far kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and ensuite all painted, including the trim phew!!

    heading off early today to get my plants for down the front, pick up some art work/ decoration for ensuite bathroom and then come home to relax.

    having a fair amount of belly pain today so i pray it settles so i can enjoy this glorious day.

    hubby is already at the books studying for his exams this week, just hard to imagine he will be finished after wednesday, thank you jesus for getting him through :heartbeat i am so proud of my man :d

    netters have fun with your dear gs, grace your day sounded so nice and relaxing. gosh maybe hubby and i can do that after wednesday eh?

    steph i hope mr sandman caught up with you and you managed some sleep.

    have a god blessed day one and all.

    sabby over and out
  8. by   Joe NightingMale
    Hope you feel better Sabby.

    Hi Grace steph jnette zuzi!

    Busy yesterday...class ran late, so I had to go straight to work from school. Work was fine, not too busy.

    Today I'm going to head to the gardens after church; for the first time in nearly a week there are no clouds. Probably won't see my dad, he's away at a baseball game today. Might ride my bike too, given that it's so nice.
  9. by   TopazLover
    Good morning all. Up early this am and made muffins. I am being over run with rhubarb and the muffins go quickly so a good use for lots of rhubarb.

    Dug a little in the garden this morning. I need to prep to put carrots in. Since they hate stones I will be picking stones and pebbles later. Where I live the stones multiply if they are left covered for any length of time. Seems like once you get them exposed to the sun they have a more difficult time reproducing. Yesterday got some holes dug for squash but need to compost them before I can think about planting.

    Today is the party for the wee laddie. It is really a good excuse to show off the work done by my nephew and his wife in their home. He has reconstructed much of it and it is incredible. I boiled 50 eggs for deviled eggs. Will fill them at their home so I don't have to transport the finished product. People better eat them as I do not plan on their return to my kitchen.

    Hope all are enjoying a peaceful Sunday. On my way to the shower and get ready to go.
  10. by   herring_RN
    Happy May 3rd!

    It is Pete Seegers 90th birthday!

    I can't make it to the concert but it is being recorded by PBS for one or more "Great Performances" concerts so when it finally airs I'l sing along.
  11. by   dianah
    i just lost a post i was preparing!!
    frustrating, but don't know how to retrievr it, as i'm posting from my phone while we're on the road from was a nice trip yesterday, program went well, had a good jam last nite and we'renow on our way home.
    it's a nice drive, dh loves driving the MINI and we're going thru the tehachapis and the desert rather than thru LA.

    jnette, havew fun w/ gavin today, hope the weather is nice for u!

    sabby, i enjoy hearing about you and your projects.
    congrats to your dh, and i hope your stomach settles down!

    steph, from yesterday: we take 2 cars to church too, i like being on time.
    did the rain stop? it's nice out for our drive: a few fluffy clouds and temps in the 70's.

    once we get home it's hurry to thegrocery store while dh pushes the wash thru.

    joe, hope u can get out and enjoy the sun today.

    aky, enjoy little man's party (50 eggs??? shew, that's a lotta eggs !!! )

    hi grace, it's a good thing i don't live neatr ya, cuz all those cafes sound like they have food that's too yummy to resist!
    at least we'd walk a lot, eh?

    will xheck in later!
  12. by   jnette
    Greetings again !

    Weather jsut not cooperating this weekend. Oh well. Spent a couple hours with the kids, then headed back to get some things done here. We'll all be going out next Sunday for Mother's Day.. dd/sil are cooking out, so we'll pack Mutti in the car and take her along. Should be fun. Just pray the weather is good!

    Sabby.. I do hope your tummy pain eases off.. you are worrying me.
    And tell dh we are sooooooooo proud of him !!! I know you and he both are jsut thrilled to have this behind him now.
    GOOD JOB on the painting !!! You've been hard at it.

    AKA.. so good to see you. Any extra Rhubarb? I'll take all you've got! I do love it! Had some growing out back a few yrs. ago, but it got dug up somehow.. can't find it now. Wah. Enjoy the party !

    Hi there Herring ! Sing to your heart's content, my friend!

    Di.. glad you ahd a good time.. enjoy that drive home!

    Joe.. hope you're having a relaxing day.

    Well, a few quick pics the kids took at the park yesterday, and then I need to get busy here and get the place in order before heading back to work tomorrow...

  13. by   Spidey's mom
    My oldest son Brian is in the ER in So. Cal after getting hit in the face (cheekbone/temple area) with a baseball. Waiting for a CT scan. If you pray - maybe a little prayer?

    Thanks - I'm awaiting another phone call . . the first came at the end of church so we gathered together and prayed.

  14. by   herring_RN
    I'm praying for you and Brian Steph.
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