Sunday 27/01/13

  1. Now, I wonder who else is typing a GM thread for today right now?

    Thought I'd start it off, although I only have time for a quick hello. I'm headed out as soon as the washing's done to get the week's necessaries and price microwaves. Mine gave up the ghost the other day, and although it's repairable, I'm not in the mood for waiting X number of months for it to be fixed. I need a new kettle too, but that's the subject of a whole debate in our house on Our Disposable Society.....

    Here's some kitty pics I uploaded from my phone.

    one-end-to-Indie, my DD's Maine Coon. Here she's occupied the six-seater diningroom table.

    new-mom-4-Madam Momcat just after giving birth. Still looking for homes for at least one of the little white ones, but it'll be a wrench parting with either of them. One seems to have a problem with her right eye, it hasn't developed properly and has remained blue while the other one is green. A real Witch's Familiar!

    I'm being nagged to get ready. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!
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  3. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from GHGoonette
    Now, I wonder who else is typing a GM thread for today right now?

    not I dolling!

    never did get around to writing yesterday but oh well. church today and a nap it appears (did not sleep enough)

    hope everyone has a great day!


  4. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning GH and Liddle

    Decent day yesterday, got outside, did some shopping, did some cooking as well. Weather wasn't too bad for this time of year. Talked with my sister last night, due to the bad weather today the party is likely going to be rescheduled to next weekend.

    Today it's off to church, then indoors as snow, sleet, and freezing rain are expected by this afternoon. Might see my dad today, depending upon the weather.
  5. by   jnette
    Love the Kitties, Goonette !!! I, too, have a Maine Coon, and he is gorgeous. Love those gentle giants. I know you hate to part with the wee ones.

    Morning Liddle ! Wakey Wakey !

    Joe.. hope the weather there isn't too nasty. Be safe if out and about.

    Enjoying my second cuppa here. Lots of birdies out at the feeders. Such a delightful thing to watch. Lovely sunshine so far. Warming up the next few days into the fifties, but frigid again by the weekend.

    Watched Gandhi last night at home. Had never seen it but always wanted to. Amazing. Learned a lot. Loved it. Nothing planned for today... might rummage through some more drawers and clean/organize them. I need to buy a steam cleaner this year for our carpets... they're getting pretty bad. Need some serious cleaning. I can buy one for what I'd pay to rent one for two times, so might as well go ahead and purchase.

    Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!
  6. by   TopazLover
    Good day all.
    I want a kitten. Well, actually I would be thrown to the wolves if I got one. SO hates cats and I am allergic. But I still like cats. The two different colored eyes would get me in a heartbeat.

    I did a lot of work around the house yesterday and plan to finish a couple of little projects today. I am about to pull the sheets off the bed and get them washed. My desk is a disaster and I need to spend a few minutes tossing things like 20% off coupons that are outdated.

    I suspect we will watch the Pro Bowl "just because" this evening. I think I will start some chicken for tomorrow's dinner and figure out if I want to do anyting else.

    Really lazy Sunday for me.
    We are still cold. It is up to 25 right now. I suspect we were at about 18 overnight. I think it might warm up and we might get Joe's storm soon.

    Have a great day.
  7. by   netglow
    Hey all.

    Goonie I had a coon years ago, Don't they just love to join the conversation when you are sitting with someone at the table talking! Mine would hop up and lay down and just seem to enjoy it. I used to take him with me to visit my mother and he would play (more like boy fight) with my mom's cat for a while and then hop on her kitchen table and lay down right in the center too while we talked. If there was a shopping bag - well that was what he nested on. Your DD's looks just like the one I had. Big feet there!
  8. by   Sabby_NC

    Gooooooooooooooood Morning from a lazy Sabby,

    We must have animals on our minds Goonie as this is the photo I had already chosen for today. I have been missing home a little and was looking through my photos. This photo was taken on the beach I walked every day with my two precious huskies. Misty and Suntar were the light of my life. I lived just 5 mins from the beach and my view was over the water. Oh how I miss that.

    Love the Maine Coon kitty they sure are a very interactive kitty.

    I did not open my eyes until 8:30AM which was heavenly. Planning on showering soon then getting the ironing done while I watch my church show on TV. I do not want to leave the house and just relax for my Sunday at home with my hubby and boys.

    Have already frozen meals with the pot roast I cooked hubby yesterday, man that smells so good and hubby said it did have a very nice flavor. He will munch on that for his supper while I have some veggie soup.

    Had a episode of vomiting yesterday which was weird as I did not feel sick before or after the event. Very stwwwange but heck I FEEL good so no worries there.

    Sipping on my cup of tea while typing and then will get off the computer. I may watch some HGtv later on as I so enjoy that show.

    Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing day.

    Much love and warmth I send to you all.