Summer in the City!

  1. hiyas all... I'm in a great mood.... its warm out....well,actually its hot as anything....but, its all lovely!

    This morning I took the Staten Island Ferry over to Manhattan, and saw the sun rise beet red over the Brooklyn skyline.... so beautiful... it was nice and cool... and I sat and relaxed, and put up my feet.... lovely...

    then I went to the train, which is a block walk from the ferry and saw all the stands.... (figure, you have to walk from battery park to bowling green... its literally less than a block...) The dude with the fruit stand was sellling GRAPES... I love green grapes for breakfast...

    Then I was able to hop onto the train, it was actually there when
    I got to it...yay... and it wasnt too crowded, didnt smell too bad.... it was great!! At fulton street, I switched to the A, and down in the tunnel, the express train was there... it was lovely, nice, modern, and empty.... sometimes its nice to run about 3 minutes late!~

    then, the walk to school, right around the corner was nice b/c it wasnt too warm and wasnt too cold....
    Up into the building, I got my coffee.... (coffee is free up at school, and its really good too.... well, I'd expect that, considering its a culinary school) and went to the classroom, about 10 minutes early
    4 hours later, freedom!!!
    I met my friend for lunch, and we headed to the Square Diner on west b-way... then we went into an islamic bookstore, hiked down to the crater.... its amazingly empty... still, the shrowded buildings are something that is too solemn to be a tourist attraction(oh well... cant love everything)... then we paruzed chinatown with her cousin from london... turns out that theres a tattoo parlor/bookstore there.... truely nice...(considering that we're tattoo/piercing freaks....)

    Then, I hopped back on the train, back to the ferry... called my boyfriend who happens to be in jersey.... then, I got on the boat, and stood up at the front outside, and felt the cool wind, and saw the cool waters flowing around... I thanked the god and the goddess, and it was nice...
    then, I went home...
    made hot dogs,
    bought some shoes...
    and now I'm going to sleep!

    Enjoying life!
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  3. by   live4today
    Sounds like you had yourself a very nice day today, Barbara!
    We just finished being under a Severe Tornado Warning here in Southern Texas! Now, we are under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning. When the night grows dark, I'll go hide under the covers until the crack of dawn. Night! Renee
  4. by   Stormy
    I stayed home with a bad cold today. We still have 3 feet of snow on the front lawn. Temperature barely above freezing. Don't think we will see flowers for some time.
  5. by   st4304
    My daughter and I found the perfect prom dress over the weekend and tonight my youngest's basketball team won the championship.

    Sometimes it's just the simple things in life . . . you know?

    There are even beautiful things in tornado/thunderstorm warnings and late spring snows. Although, I can't for the life of me think of anything great about a bad cold. . .hope you get to feeling better very soon, stormy!

    Enjoying life, too!!
  6. by   Sisu

    We just had an incredible day in the Northeast...after days of rain which we need due to drought conditions...we had a nice 80+ degree day! yahoo...nice to let the sun shine down on my face and temporarily disguise some of those 'wrinkles'...


  7. by   kaycee
    Wow, it was 86 here in Pittsburgh yesterday and going to be 87 today. Breakin a few records highs.
    By the weekend though back to 50's and 60's.
    Enjoyin it while it lasts.
  8. by   Ted
    I just installed our air conditioner in our little studio!!! They expect the temp to top 90 degree here in Hudson, New York!

    I love spring time with the flowers and budding leaves and birds chirping and walking my dog in the field. I also love the temperature to be around 60 degrees. Where's the spring temperature???

    Oh well. Happy Spring! Keep cool!

  9. by   mario_ragucci
    I'm there Barabara.....I'm there!
  10. by   hoolahan
    Whew, it is lovely, but I was dripping it was so hot in the senior buildings in the city. I have a nice family I have been working with, lady is on tube feeds, dtr has learned how to use pump, give meds, insulin prep and inject, and changing duoderms all in one week. I spent 3 hours there the first visit, went back for an hour the same eve, and we put the air mattress on the bed, next day, more teaching.

    Anyway, I arranged my day to be there after the dtr got home from work tuesday, my last visit, I was so tired and soooo hot. We changede mom's diaper and I watched her do the dressing this time. Just as I was leaving, the dtr said, wait, I got you something....she went to the freezer and took out a lemonade that had turned to half slush....Ohh I never even accept so much as a drink of water usually, but I simply couldn't resist!! It was soooo cool and refreshing! I said, you are soooo nice, she said no you were so nice. I'm telling you, sometimes it's the little things! I am jealous right about now of the snow, want to trade??? LOL!!
  11. by   Lausana
    Barbara you're making me jealous!! I loved NYC, was last there in May, I loved being able to stroll around and find so much to do!

    It's about the same temp here, in the 80's and beautiful, but some "summer" thunderstorms are coming later...but I love listening to those I love that first fresh cut grass smell of the season & the neighbors cooking on their grills...