1. OK---I can tell summer is here!!!! My kids have been out of school less than 24 hours and they are already trying to kill each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any one else in the same boat?
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    Wow, we have 10 more days until school is out! I can't wait! I have an only child, so there is no one for him to fight with. It's more like finally getting my summer buddy back!

  4. by   petiteflower
    I have 4 ranging from 15 to 5. 2 girls and 2 boys. Lovely little monsters, and I love them dearly---but it is just to early in the summer to be fighting. We live way out in the country, so I can't just send them over to a friend's house to play when things get tense---hope you have a good summer!!!
  5. by   joyflnoyz
    Nope, I'm a homeschooler and my kids try to kill each other year 'round. We live way out in the country too, the nearest town is 13 miles away..
  6. by   live4today
    Oh don't I remember the days! Let me count the ways.... My three girls are mothers of their own today, and complaining about their little ones being home for the summer - or part of the summer since some of them attend a year round school that's on tracks. They go for a few weeks, then get out for a few weeks. I tell them to plan activities for the kids from sunup to sundown, otherwise they will go stark crazy along with their mothers. Get them involved in something constructive, useful, helpful to the community, have a neighborhood cleanup day with your kids, spray each other with the hose, plan games, library trips, have each child write their own 50 page book over the summer that's all about them, their friends, their family, what they want to aspire to be when they reach college age, etc. The 15 year old is old enough to be a hospital candy striper. Plan campouts with them around bonfires for those of you who live in the country. Take them horseback riding. Play ball with them out in the yard. Is summer camp possible with the older kids? Many churches will be having Vacation Bible School from June to August. Take them to everyone you can sign them up for. When they finish one, sign them up at another church for another one. Vacation Bible School often goes from preschool through junior high age, and your older teens can sign up to volunteer at these VBS events. The key to having schoolage children home from school for a period of time is to keep them on a schedule of events that are creative, active, responsible, accountable, teachable, and educational to them. Good luck - from one mom and gramma to another!