Sum of All Fears

  1. Have y'all seen this yet? Saw it last night, and had a major h/a after. Just lost it during the whole bomb/aftermath sequence. 9/11 flashbacks, ya know. I was telling my husband that 10 months ago, that whole sequence probably wouldn't have gotten to me so bad since it would have seemed like such a far fetch from reality. However, after 9/11, I just feel Like the big bad wolf is just lurking around the corner waiting to drop another bomb (figuratively and literally).

    Good movie, other than the mild case of PTSD it!!
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    I'd wondered how people would react to this movie. I think it looks awesome and I thought I would like it. Ya know, in the same way I loved "Deep Impact." That "what if" mentality.

    The problem is, it's not "what if" anymore, and I think that will keep this movie down. Not a case of wrong movie, just the wrong time.

    I still would like to see it though.

  4. by   live4today
    My husband wants to see this movie, so I agreed to go see it with him next weekend. When we were at the movies yesterday to see Jennifer Lopez's movie "Enough", we saw the lines and lines of people waiting to get in to see "Sum of All Fears". I hear the first weekend the movie brought in over 31 million dollars! My husband also told me that the movie was made PRIOR to the actual real event happening on Sept. 11. I told him that I hope the FBI is investigating the people behind the making of the movie then because from what I heard about the movie, it was way to surreal for it to 'just be a fiction of someone's imagination'. That was no Steven King event, ya know!
  5. by   pkmom
    I loved the movie, the terrorist stuff didn't really bother me, I just considered it to be fiction and actually less of a possibiltiy now because the book/movie raised some awareness.
  6. by   night owl
    I can't wait to see it!
  7. by   live4today
    Okay...hubby and I saw this movie, and both liked it. I found myself not getting out of my seat at the end of the movie just thinking about all that had taken place. It's worth the time to go see. Makes one think for sure about how brief life truly is.
  8. by   mario_ragucci
    I didn't understand at the end when they said stolen plutonium came from some reactor in Georgia, the USA. Remember, there was some analysis of the nuclear material after it went off, and they could tell where the plutonium originated. I thought the bomb was Hebrew.

    After researching atomic weapons and how they work out of curiousity, and physics, the movie showed no actual events from a actual detonation. After these weapons were used against people, the horrific nature is forbidden to be depicted. Most people just think it's a huge explosion. It's not.

    The Day After - was realistic for a scenario of all out nuclear war. There were several scenes where it depicted mammals being vaporized, but did not try to attempt to try to depict the blast.

    Terminator II - did an acurate depiction of the decinergration, but the blast wave would have been worse. They did a descent job of showing a blast wave from afar.

    Out of fear, no one would ever dare to acurately show what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, when those cities had a 20 kiloton device detonated 500 M above them. Sum of all Fears was a ground burst, so few would have suffered from thermal radiation burns.

    If a terrorist group launched air burst atomic detonations in AMerica, we would never be the same. In Sum of all Fear it was a Nazi terrorist. The terrorists wanted the US and Russia to fight. But if Al-Quida or whoever launched missiles against American cities, we would have to listen and things would change.

    Here is what the 4th nuclear detonation looked like. The first was a test in NewMexico, then Hioshima, then Nagasaki, then this detonation in the south Pacific of another Nagasaki-type bomb. This bomb was made in 1945