1. 4 weeks 18 days to go ... anyone going..or been?
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  3. by   2ndCareerRN
    I did my first Sturgis in 1976, rode into town on a brand new "Snortin' Norton", Norton 850 Commando. Did several more over the next few years. Back then it was the brotherhood of motorcycling, it did not matter what you rode. Now is it so crowded, and so Harley-Davidson, it reeks. I would not get within 500 miles of that place now days. I guess I just want peace and quiet now. It seems that all of the events that promote brotherhood of one sort or another have grown out of proportion, sort of like Burning Man. I sure do miss going there though...maybe next year as medical staff.

    BTW: I still own that Norton, and now it has a Honda Hurricane (CBR 1000F) as its garage mate...looking very seriously at a BMW K1200LT to throw in there with them.

    Are you coming over to go?

  4. by   Dplear
    My Brother is taking my Harley...a 2000 Heritage Springer this year to Sturgis. I am taking my vacation to Michigan for a high school reunion. I plan on going nest year. By then I may also have a 2001 Indian Chief...that is one hell of a bike

  5. by   Jenny P
    I was in the Black Hills last year during the Sturgis Rally with my young adult kids (in a Dodge Caravan-- we were passing through to Montanta) and was so totally bowled over by the whole motorcycle scene that I could not believe half of what I saw! It was something!! I wish my Hubby and I were younger and we could go on a cycle there......
  6. by   NurseAngie
    I WANNA GO!!!!!!! Sorry...but....I really wanna go!

  7. by   jayna
    Now I wanna tag along but pliz pliz What is sturgis. English is not my first language.
  8. by   donmurray
    Try I wish I could be there! I just watched a prog. on the 2000 event, It does seem overly Harley oriented. A few more Indians or the odd Henderson would help. Then there is all that naked flesh.........
  9. by   jayna
    OHHH THAT!!!

  10. by   nurseratchett29
    To quote that car commercial "TAKE ME WITH YOU'" Never been there but Daytona and Laconia, yes. Had my first legal drink in the Boot Hill Saloon in Daytona (I won't tell you what year, it was quite a while ago). There's always next year.
  11. by   nightingale
    The T-Shirts are always so awesome. I live in Cheyenne and we see lots of them around.

    A little aside; I had to drive through Colorado via Steamboat Springs. Now there are some dedicated bikers! Oh my my!

    Have fun y'all!

  12. by   LasVegasRN
    Guess I could drive by and do my sad puppy look at all the riders...