Stupid decisions made by supervisors

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    We could have some fun with this one, how about sharing the most ridiclious decisions supervisors make. Here is mine, I was working in CCU, we just received a transfer from MICU a vented patient, just got him settled into his room when a code was called somewhere. Now the MICU bed was cleaned and ready with no plan for admission. The supervisor calls and tells us to transfer the patient back to the MICU to take the code, WTF, why, both patients were intubated and on drips, does that make any sense???? By the way the CCU and MICU are 1/4 mile away from each other and you have to push the patient and all the equipment over a large ramp, WTF. Ended up the code went to MICU. geeze what the heck was the supervisor thinking??? Some supervisors just need to retire.
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  3. by   MollyMo
    I had to take a surgical patient who had a necrotic gall bladder removed because she was too heavy for the surgical unit to take. Mind you, I'm working open heart stepdown, and this person never should have left the unit when she did. She had an NG and 2 drains and a chest tube to suction;she had a foley; a central line with TPN,lipids and every IV antibiotic and antifungal known to man. She had a PCA pump and I can't think what all else. She also had a white count of >20,000. But it was OK for me to put her with open hearts instead of a general surgical unit.