1. talk about dumb....

    two arrested in theft of ambulance
    by joe atkinson courier & press staff writer 464-7450 or
    december 3, 2002

    a man and a teen-age girl were arrested monday for allegedly stealing an ambulance parked outside the warrick county ems station in boonville.

    the 22-year-old arrested in the case told a television station monday that the ambulance was idling outside the station and he decided on impulse to jump in with the girl and drive off.

    jordan eric tremper, of 22 e. tennyson road in boonville, did the jailhouse interview with weht-abc25's sharon tazewell.

    "it was stupid, pretty much," he told the reporter. "i said: 'i bet that thing's unlocked,' and it was, and i just drove."

    sheriff's investigators said a tip from an informant led them to an apartment at 111 s. second st. in boonville, where a 17-year-old female was arrested for her alleged involvement. they then went to a second location, where tremper was arrested.

    "we didn't have nothing planned or any type of tearing anything up or thieving," tremper told the tv station. "it was running, and i was drunk, and i figured we'll take the ambulance."

    he said he was joyriding and was "just impulsive. i'm paying for impulses."

    warrick chief deputy kerry chapman said the two were cooperative and gave confessions.

    "he was 100 percent cooperative, and i think he indicated that, as soon as he got behind the wheel of the ambulance, he knew he was making a mistake."

    the pair are accused of stealing the ambulance around 2 a.m. sunday, then abandoning it less than five hours later in a cemetery north of chandler. before leaving it, though, they are alleged to have taken several drugs -mostly bendaryl and other harmless substances - from the vehicle, chapman said.

    "(they stole) several injectable-type drugs, but they were stuff you wouldn't use for abuse," chapman said.

    tremper told weht-abc25 that he wasn't interested in any drugs. "there was not motive involved with the drugs or anything," he said. "i mean it was just, i just screwed up pretty much."

    no damage was done to the ambulance, and it has been returned to the ems station. only one drug taken could be classified as a controlled substance, chapman said.

    tremper faces preliminary charges of motor vehicle theft and possession of stolen property. the teen is being detained on a petition of delinquency at the southwest indiana youth village.

    tremper is at the warrick county jail in lieu of a $4,000 bond.

    talk about being totally stupid. like my mom says, it takes all kinds to make the world go around....:spin: :spin:
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