Stressed!Too many summer classes?

  1. Please help me decide if i've bit off too much. Six wks. before spring semester ended I had to leave class to care for my g-daughter( in another state). I took an Incomplete,while I was gone I was accepted to the RN program starting in August. I have to finish A&P II, Intermediate alg. then do my CNA College alg. and English II and Medical Term. all by August. I am so overwhelmed I am about to throw up. I have completed almost all of A&P II except a lab practical and will finish Inter. alg. 6/7/04 at the same time I like 3 wks. to finish my CNA. I have done all this in 2 wks.. My summer classes start 6/7/04. Am I nuts???? would I be better off to wait another year and hope I get accepted again?? I need some clear thoughts please because my mind is pretty jumbled right now. Thanks to all CRB613 :imbar
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    You are the only one who can decide if this is too much. First - can you get things compartmentalized enough to do one thing at a time? Second - can you devote yourself to your studies 110% at this time. I did a summer similar to this and only managed becaused hubby was (and still is for that matter) an absolute doll! I only had to worry about my studies - he did the housework, child care, worked, went grocery shopping and totally left me alone to study. We knew it was temp and that is how we got through it. Would something like that scenario work for you?
  4. by   crb613
    Thanks for your input. I am very organized and my hubby is great he keeps saying you can do it! My big worry is college alg. because I am sooooo bad at it, scared to be exact. I know I will have to devote a lot of time to it alone. I also don't know how bad Medical term. will be. The head of the nursing program is teaching it. I feel a little better knowing some one else has done this type of schedule. Thank you so much and good luck to you. CRB613
  5. by   debblynn13
    My biggest concern for you is that you will be burnt out before you even start the stress of nursing classes. But only you can decide what you can handle.

    Good luck