Strange Letter Received in Mail

  1. Today, my sister & bro-in-law received a strange letter via the snail mail. It was addressed to my brother-in-law, from someone in NY. Handprinted from someone saying they collect autographs from Giants players. Had a self-addressed stamped envelope included, asked him to sign and return. Written down inside the envelope was "Hosey '92" (Hosey is their last name), the first name in the letter WAS the same as bro-in-laws, but spelled differently. NO white powder. Sister called the FBI, who said if no white powder, no worry. They advised her to call the postmaster. Postmaster said probably someone running a signature scam. I did a search on the Giant's website, no record of a 'Hosey' EVER playing for them.

    Why was the postmaster or FBI not interested in getting the address and having this investigated???
    Shouldn't someone be responsible for protecting us from this type thing? I could see someone thinking it was a kid trying to get autographs and signing it and returning it just to pacify him.

    strange, eh?
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  3. by   hoolahan
    Sorry Nurs4, I hate football (only cause I don't get the rules at all), so I am missing something here. Was your B-I-L a player for the giants?

    Or, you think it was someone trying to get this player and found him in the yellow pages instead?

    Was he suspicious of it when he opened it? Does it have a return address?? Why did he open it if it was so strange?

    Also, what is a signature scam? That's a new one on me. Is that for celbrities or something?

    I don't blame you one bit for worrying. They did say on the news that they suspected, or found, more letters were going to sports figures, etc...

    Weird, that's for sure! Hope everything is OK!

    I'm making my hubby open all the mail, he's on cipro for prostatitis!

    I just found out in the paper today, there are still over 500,000 peices of mail at our central post-office being decontam'd. No wonder my credit card dudes were schitzing. I mailed all my bills on the same day, one credit card co got the payment, the other one must be stuck there. I am cutting out the article and copying it to send with my next payment! I just know a letter form Ed Mc Mann must be in there telling me I won a mil or something!! Hey, I can dream, right?
  4. by   nurs4kids
    oops..Nah, he never played pro ball or college for that matter. I dunno why on earth he opened it. I think, sometimes, down here in the woods people feel immune to the "big city crimes". Signature scam = someone trying to get his signature to obtain credit in his name (I guess??)..that's what the postmaster said <shrug>. It does have a return address AND an envelope inside, stamped with the address. I'm not real worried..just think it very strange.
  5. by   nurs4kids
    ahhhhhh, my sister finally had a

    It wasn't the NY Giants, it was the San Franscisco Giants. This person he's looking for DID play baseball for them back in '92. We assumed he meant NY Giants when he said "Giant players", because he's from NY.

    As you can see hool, we're not pro ball fans but we do love our college football!

    oh well, now I feel better. Probably was a legitimate request..just a bad shot in the dark.