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  1. looking for opinions. i got home from work today and my hubby was looking at the mail. he handed me a newspaper that had been folded and said"i didn't get this." i looked at the paper which was like only three pages out of a section. there was a yellow sticky note stuck to the front that read"janet,you have to see this, j." i didn't recognize the handwriting on the note or see anything in the paper that stood out to me and decided to look at the envelope for return address. there was none. also my name and address had been typed in. the letter was post marked in california. the more i thought about it made it seem just too strange. i tied it up in a plastic bag and washed my hands. i think i want to ask the postman or someone about it. am i just being paranoid?!! my hubby thinks so even though he admits that it is strange. i want to look closer at the paper(i didn't even notice where it was from and didn't look at every article, just glanced for the something i should see)but don't want to touch it again. my hubby says he looked and could not tell where the paper came from. what do ya'll think??
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  3. by   jennyej
    I got something like that once but it turned out to be some get rich quick scheme. But if you looked at it enough to know that its not that, then I would be scared and I see nothing wrong with asking a few questions about it.
  4. by   boggle
    I've received several of these types of letters- with the "personal" post-it notes. They are definitely advertisments. Look closely and you see the post-its are printed, not hand written. Don't let them worry you.

    An absurdly misspelled version of my name is circulating on junk mail lists. It's surprising how many "personal notes" arrive addressed to this name.

    I'm tempted to get my pet's name circulating on these lists just to see if he gets some post-it notes too!!:chuckle

    Consumer Reports even showed one of those types of come-on letters in their "back page-really stupid ads" section a while back!
  5. by   patsue53
    I got one of those once too. It was an advertisement for a weight loss gimick. I had friends that also received the same thing. Don't sweat it. I hate those deceptive things you get in the mail.
  6. by   CountrifiedRN
    I got one years ago, also some type of weight loss gimmick. It was the same type of thing, except that the handwritten note was at the top of the news article instead of a post-it. It had my name, and said something like "I thought you would be interested in this". I was highly insulted at the time, LOL, thinking someone thought I needed to lose a few pounds and sent it to me. But then a few months later my friend got one also, and we realized it was an advertisement. My friend had also been insulted, thinking someone sent it to her as a hint to lose weight, until I told her about mine. We had a good laugh about that, but of course, that was waaaay before the anthrax scare. Advertisers should be more sensitive to that type of thing now.
  7. by   tiger
    thanks for the words of wisdom. guess i'll pull it from the plastic bag and look closer,lol.
  8. by   sunnygirl272
    yeah, they usualy are ads...trying for that personal touch...we even got a fax like that at work....
  9. by   2MagnoliaTrees
    I got the same kind of thing with my name on it and I knew it was just a bunch of "Hooey" so I chucked it out. People try to get you to buy something and make it look like a friend is recommending it to you. Just leave it in the trash. It's not worth a second look.
    Originally posted by patsue53
    I got one of those once too. It was an advertisement for a weight loss gimick.
    Ditto. P*ssed me off. I thought, who is this "j" person, and why won't they tell me that they think I'm fat to my face?

    :chuckle Heather
  11. by   NurseDennie
    Ha ha - Tricks to get your attention.

    I like the way they put some of their advertisements in envelopes that try to look like they came from the government. Happens a LOT about the time tax rebates are coming out. Also stamp "official" and "time dated" and stuff like that all over it.

    It's just trying to get you to pay attention to THIS piece of crapola instead of THAT piece.



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