1. How many others out there are stranded or have family members stranded by the airports being closed? Mind you, this is not a complaint--it NEEDS to be done and we totally support this action. But I miss my husband. He is 2500 miles away in Seattle, WA. He was supposed to fly home tomorrow night after being away for 12 days...he has been informed that tomorrow and Friday's flights have been cancelled. Amtrak is booked through the 18th, at least...we quit searching after that.

    We're now thinking he should just drive his rental car home. It's a five-day drive. (That would also be five days with no income, I might add.) This is such a horrific time for the whole country. I just want my whole family to be together. My kids are really missing Daddy too. How many others are in the same situation?
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  3. by   Andy S.
    Did you try looking at finding a bus ticket? I don't know if they are in the same situation as AmTrak or not. But it is worth a try.
  4. by   tobias fonge
    Be patient, I think the airports will open tomorrow. You are right, this is the time for families to be together.
  5. by   cargal
    Let us know when you husband gets home. I've been thinking of you and your daughters and send my love. This is so sad.
  6. by   prmenrs
    I have heard that Hertz has a policy re:stranded passengers--if they decide to drive home, there is just the regular charges, no drop off fee, one-way fee, or whatever. If he were closer, it might be an option.

    I hope he gets home soon--I saw on TV that they were moving planes around, and a couple of planes had taken off with passengers!
  7. by   oramar
    What has your husband decided to do now that more terrorist have been arrested at airports? My sister and her husband rented a car and left this morning for Florida. They have completed given up on being able to travel by air anytime in the near future.
  8. by   Zee_RN
    He's still planning on flying ASAP. Right now, he's booked on a flight that should arrive Sunday morning. Things being what they are, we won't believe it until he actually walks through the door...

    God Bless the USA. (Does anyone know if it's possible to download Lee Greenwood's song?)
  9. by   nrsbaby2be
    Well, my stepsister is stuck in Reno. She was due to return home to Germany.

    And my Anatomy and Physiology instructor is in California...I wonder if he will make it back for Monday's class (and quiz)? I'm not sure how I feel about that
  10. by   tonchitoRN
    I have a friend who has family needing to get back to Venezuela. They are planning to take a ferry from Puerto Rico to Santo Domingo then flying from there. For the person needing to go back to Germany. Check your options of going to Canada first then flying out. For anyone in the US. Just drive or take a bus. Forget the airlines for now. You are on your own.
  11. by   Zee_RN
    He's home! Had to pass through three airports but he got home at 10:30 a.m. EST! Whew! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!

    Safe journeys to all...
  12. by   realnursealso/LPN
    Hi Zee, Glad your hubby made it home safe. I use a program called imesh, go to got that song from there. Also everyone go to it's a NYC radio station that has a live webcam of WTC ...also if you look can find some songs..Angel and America, with voice overs on them. Yeti told me about the radio station website. GOD BLESS ALL. Colleen
  13. by   canoehead
    In the Atlantic provinces people were calling in to offer their homes to stranded passengers. My family couldn't get through, the line was so busy. In Gander, NFLD the number of stranded passengers outnumbered the population 2:1, and local businesses donated food and toiletries, anything they could think of.

    But in Toronto the passengers slept at the airport, without the locals pitching in. Guess the rumor that Toronto is the butthole of Canada has some truth to it.

    Disgraceful. I am glad I am from Nova Scotia.
  14. by   PammieRN
    People were offering their homes here in the Portland Oregon area also...