stop loss action

  1. Talking to my BIN the other day. He said it was highly unlikely my nephew would be getting out of airforce in June like he was supposed to do. Not like that hasn't happened in war time before, not like my nephew wasn't expecting it. His enlisted at age 19, he is now 39. He was getting out cause he has 3 little children who were being hard hit by the frequent deployments. Not to mention his poor wife who had to give up her small business because of his frequent absentism. I have wondered how he would ever make the kind of money in the outside world that he makes in the airforce. But that is none of my business and it is a moot question now. I bring this up because I just read article over on AOL that said all military retirements are frozen. The article called this sort of thing a "stop loss action".
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  3. by   emily_mom
    This happens often.

    I would say now that it's probably due to the war and those that don't want to go try to bail. They need as much backup forces as possible...not only to fight the war, but keep the bases filled here.

    My brother was stopped 3 times when he tried to get out. Nothing was happening either.

    BTW, my brother did a lot of technical computer stuff and now works for the state and makes 3x what he did in the service (with no degree).
  4. by   cindyln
    currently anybody in a shortage MOS is unable to retire or get out of the service because of the war.