Stewpid Man Tricks

  1. You'lll all get a kick out of this on. I want to go blonde (don't ask why, I'm just weird) so i figured i'd do it slowly and start while on va ca and say the sun did it. Went to the store and bought a light shade of brown, didn't touch my almost black hair, next was a dark blonde, lightened it some and gave it a slight auburn hue, still want to lighter so i bought the totally lighest shade of blonde i could find. My hair is orange.
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  3. by   Mary Dover
    OK punkin head. You seem like a fairly self assured kind of guy, one that won't mind what others think. Go with the orange for a while, before you inflict more damage.
    I demand photographic proof :chuckle

  5. by   Q.
    I'm with Heather.
  6. by   RNforLongTime
    Kewl, let me ask my hairdresser mom what you should do. She has had this happen with clients who want to go blonde and end up with Orange hair. I think that she dyes thier hair back to their original brown color
  7. by   kids
    I vote for a BUZZZZZ cut and a hat...after we get to see the pictures!

    We have had every possible non normal hair color around our house (including mine) but NEVER orange...

    Another stewpid man 18 yo singed the hair on the side of one leg camping last summer (OK, so the whole family is prone to playing in the fire and he had help)...anyway...he SHAVED his legs so it would all grow back even.
  8. by   Jenny P
    Hey Kewl, the one and only time I purposely dyed my hair it turned bright orange also; but I was told it was because of the chlorine in the pool from swimming too soon both before and after I dyed my hair. Since you were on vacation, could this have also been part of your problem?
    BTW, I'd like to SEE it also! And, at least a GUY can do a buzz to solve the problem-- I had to wait a LONG time before my hair looked normal, since it doesn't grow very fast!
  9. by   delirium
    I have actually had bright orange hair before... it wasn't bad except everyone started thinking they were unimaginably clever and called me 'coppertop'.
    There is a product you can buy at dept store/grocery/wherever, if you want the color out, that can remove artificial color. It will not return it to your original color, though, so you would need to apply more hair dye afterwards.
    Or, you can go to a salon and have your hair stripped and redyed. Same concept, but at a salon you have a little more control about the color you ultimately end up with and have someone to blame if it doesn't turn out great.
    I didn't mind the orange hair, though. I also had hair that was 'apple green' and 'moonlight blue'. Back when I was young and wild.
    I also have dark brown almost black hair, and I try not to dye it because whenever I try to lighten it it ends up burgundy. Really natural looking.... lol
  10. by   kewlnurse
    I'm gonna leave it, a buzz would be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse

    Well image didn't work, try this link
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  11. by   Zee_RN
    Drat! I still couldn't see the picture! Repost! Repost!
  12. by   NurseDennie
    I LOVE it!! It's a beautiful color and it really suits you!! I vote a big KEEP it!!


  13. by   Cubby
    I Love it. Anything to stay out-of-the-norm!!!!!
  14. by   prmenrs
    Be careful you don't scare the baby! :roll: