Steve Irwin has died.

  1. Australia's famous crocodile man, Steve Irwin, was killed as the result of being stung by a stingray in the waters off Cairns, North Queensland.

    A sad day for Steve, the Irwin family and Australia.

    RIP Steve.
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  3. by   mercyteapot
    Wow... that's a shame!
  4. by   Grace Oz
    Love him or not..... Steve was one of a kind and will be sorely missed.
    He was a real dynamo.
    We saw his Australia Zoo while in Queensland last week. Time didn't permit us to visit though.
    Just goes to show, you really must live each and every day as if it could be your last.
    A real tragedy, he was still a young man with a young family.
  5. by   prmenrs
  6. by   Gompers
    I just saw that on when I woke up.

    He left behind a 3 and 8 year old. I know he died doing something he loved, but it's still so sad that such a young, healthy man has died. I always liked him.
  7. by   LoriAlabamaRN
    They say a stingray barb went through his heart... unbelievable. So very sad.
  8. by   RGN1
    I just heard it on the news too. I'm so sad we all loved to watch his program, he was soooooooo passionate about what he did. It's awful news
  9. by   Grace Oz
    It seems that Steve was filming a documentary when he encountered the stingray. Apparently these animals are normally placid, but if threatened, will fiercely defend themselves.

    A sad sad day for All Australians who admired him and his work.
  10. by   Grace Oz
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  11. by   weetziebat
    Sounds like one of those freakish accidents. Very unusual to be killed by a stingray barb, but if it hit his heart he didn't stand a chance.

    I guess the only consolation his family has is that they know he died doing what he loved, and he was fully aware of the dangers. Feel sorry for his children - they're so young.

    I always enjoyed his programs. Will miss him.
  12. by   sanctuary
    His enthusiam for the animals was amazing. He even kissed a snake once! He did a lot for the idea of environmental awareness, and I'm sure, a great deal for the Land of Oz. He will be missed. Are Aussie stingrays more venomous than others? I saw a guy who hot nailed in the leg, and he did not die. Was it the placement of the stinger? Could it have actually gone into the heart? That takes an awfully long stinger, no? Ah, it is so sad. His poor family and co-workers.
  13. by   gwenith
    Very very sad news. The environment has lost a fierce champion and advocate.
  14. by   rninme
    Woke up to this awful news. Love him or not....he was definately passionate about wildlife and the environment. Larger than life is how I think of him. He will be greatly missed by many people from all over the world. My heartfelt thoughts are with his family and friends this morning.