Stem Cells May Stop Type 1 Diabetes

  1. blood stem cell transplant leaves diabetes patients insulin free -- so far
    by [color=#006699]daniel j. denoon
    webmd medical news
    reviewed by [color=#006699]louise chang, md

    april 10, 2007 -- after transplants of their own blood stem cells, 14 of 15 type 1 diabetes patients are insulin free for one to 36 months -- and counting.
    in type 1 diabetes, the body can't make the insulin it needs, and so insulin injections are necessary for treatment. after their transplants, most of the patients in the study became free from insulin injections.
    it's the first time the treatment has been used in type 1 diabetes, although it's helped patients with other autoimmune diseases. the early success is encouraging -- but nobody is using the word "cure."
    it's not yet clear exactly how the stem cell treatment works, or even whether it truly works at all. and it's far from clear how long treated patients will remain insulin free.
    "very encouraging results were obtained in a small number of patients with early onset disease," conclude researchers jlio c. voltarelli, md, phd, of the university of so paulo, brazil, and colleagues.
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  3. by   DarrenWright

    Even though it wasn't mentioned, it's good to know that no fetus's were harmed in the process, and that this type of SCR cannot claim victimization by way of restricted federal funding, and that just like any other kind of SCR, there is no legislative restriction on this kind of research.