Stay agency or go full time?

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    My dilema is this: My husband may lose his job in November , if that happens I will need to pick up medical benefits. I have taken off this summer due to 2 surgeries and am considering returning full time with benefits just in case this happens. I was working full time agency until my surgery and I love agency work.I am torn now as to which road to take, also the VA has a ad in the paper and I know they have good benefits but I don't know what the pay is like. Has anyone worked for the VA? Oh, what to do,
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  3. by   jemb
    Depending on your age and any medical problems in your family's past, it may be worthwhile for you to stay with your current employment situation. Before you decide to lock yourself in to a full time position, do the actual math to see how much paying for the benefits you want would cost you out of pocket. For years (like almost 30), I worked without benefits. With nursing, the per diem pay difference more than made up for the costs of paying for my own health insurance, retirement accounts, etc. I've never understood why more people don't take that route.
  4. by   Friesw/that

    VA has wonderful benefits, and comparable pay to other facilites---they do pay more for your BSN/MSN
    Takes a while to get through the red tape--after all it is a federal facility...
    Be prepared for extensive background checks, and you will be fingerprinted
    A lot of the units hace 8 hrs shifts