Star Wars Online anyone?

  1. Hello everyone!

    First I am 28 years old and freely admit to being a video game addict. I do not spend 12 hours a day playing but I will play for a couple hours whenever I have nothing more urgent to do. I find it is a welcome escape from all the streesful things that are commonly posted here.

    I have also become hooked on some of the online game. I played Ultima Online for a couple years and owned almost everything. I developed a great mage and assassin, lol. Then I entered the world of Everquest and became very hardcore for a summer, .

    Now I have learned that the newest and most ground breaking online game ever (SONY & LUCASFILM- BIG $$$$$) is going to be based on the Star Wars movies. It is due out later this year and I am looking forward to it.

    While I personally would have like a Star Trek one better this sound good.

    Anyone a Star Wars Fan, or plan to give it a try? more info below:

    Star Wars Galaxies Online MMORG
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  3. by   NICU_Nurse
    Oh, dear god, not another one! My husband is also a HUGE online gamer, much to my chagrin. (groaning and rolling eyes dramatically, much like he does if I ask him to do something while he's playing...but I digress.) He's a double check on Ultima and Everquest, and is biding his time until Star Wars comes out. We're talking about a man who wanted to move our wedding up by six months so we could go to Star Wars Weekends at Disney World when Phantom Menace came out (he stood so close to Carrie Fisher he had TEARS in his eyes...but that's okay because she's hot in person! ;>P)!!!!!! He's always looking to meet others- let me know if you'd like someone with. (grinning)
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  4. by   micro

    boy do i have a kicker game for you.....but it is still in development.....I have an inside source.....
  5. by   maire
    I did my time in EQ; was a junkie for 2 and a half years before I hung up my gold efreeti boots and moved on. Ugh, never again will I spend so much time in an online game, although SWG does look promising and I do own an account for Dark Age of Camelot. Like I have time to play anything lately with a new baby and upcoming clinicals!!