Staff Reduction???

  1. Need to vent and complain!!!
    Do any of you work at a facility that participates in staff reductions? At my facility a staff reduction is when they call you and TELL you that you have to stay home for 1/2 or all of your shift depending on patient census and/or overstaffing.

    Today, the nursing office called me and asked if I wanted to stay home until 1900(was orginally scheduled for 1500-2300 shift). I said no, can't afford it, called off last night due to son's illness. So, I get in the car and get about 5 miles up the road (45 min drive to work) and the nursing office calls me back and tells me that I HAVE to stay home due to mandatory staff reduction.

    So, now I have lost 16 hrs of pay. I just keep thinking that a few more weeks I will graduate and not have to work at this hospital ever again! The only reason I stay is because it is one of the only hospitals around that pay LPN's a decent wage.

    Thanks for listening to me rant and rave :kiss
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  3. by   Zee_RN
    Yeah, our facility does that. But in nearly 7 years at this hospital, I've never been TOLD I *have* to stay home due to low census. The first thing they do is call everyone who is scheduled to come in to ask them if they WANT to stay home. If no one says YES, then they check the list to see who's turn it is to be cancelled. I've never had it happen. Of course, I also always say YES when they ASK me if I want to stay home (it comes out of your vacation pay). LOL.
  4. by   MelRN13
    I used all of my vacation pay on staff reductions last weeK(whine)
  5. by   plumrn
    Ohhhh, that's awful using all your vacation pay for an unplanned, indiscriminate day off here and there! They should call around; there is probably someone willing to take an unexpected day off.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Yes where I work it happens many times. Very common in OB. Glad I am perdiem and can afford it. Many can't and it KILLS them.
  7. by   CANRN
    Yep, happens at my facility also. Mandatories don't happen often, there are many girls who sign up for low census days, I do in the summer, but not in the winter. Last summer I averaged one a pay period.

  8. by   MelRN13
    Well I worked a whole whopping 4hrs last night......tried to pick up extra hours but they were sending people home left and right last night. Hopefully I can make up some hours this week. My last weekend clinical is tomorrow, and I'll be back on a "normal" schedule. Thanks for all of the input.
  9. by   emily_mom
    We have that too, but no one ever gets called off. We were WAY overstaffed (d/t tons of orientees) last night and had more than enough staff to handle a full floor (90 patients). Yet, they censussed (sp?) at 24!!! WTF...we sat around all night. Had one death early in the shift and then one admit (who WAS a alot of work, but still...). We had two nurses and two Student Nurse Interns for 5 patients on our side....6 from 8-11. I got a whole patient...woohoo.....

    But, I shouldn't complain because it's never been like that before! I actually got my lunch and a 15 minute!!! WOOT!!!

    Happens on my unit, but it's rare. We call them HCD's (hospital convenience days). You can sign up for one on a day you work. Usually there are enough voluntary ones that mandatory's aren't necessary.

  11. by   baseline
    Only during the summer here. When all the snow birds leave. But trust can work all the OT you want rite now!!!! Bank it and keep it for those slow months. 28 patients holding in ED yesterday. can work now!
  12. by   Ortho_RN
    Our hospital also does it.... There is a list that you can actually call and place yourself on.... If they do not have enough people volunteering to go, then they will call and "suggest" that someone leave.. I actually took it last night