Springtime Gardening

  1. Any rose bush experts out there?

    I have a row of shrub roses that I stupidly covered in fall and now I'm unsure when to take off the covers. It's the growing season and they need to be uncovered. And today it's 70 and sunny. But later this week at night the temp drops to below freezing.

    Do any of you cover your perennials? I'm not sure I'm going to cover them again. I've heard it can contribute to mold problems.
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  3. by   NurseShell
    Susy I have 12 rose bushes and they are in FULL bloom! (sorry had to brag a little ) I think the rule of thumb is that you can uncover them when the threat of frost is gone. Being in CA we don't have to cover ours, but I seem to remember my Nana telling me that was what they did in MA.
  4. by   emily_mom
    We cover our with leaves in the fall. Oh wait, that was out of sheer laziness...

    I wouldn't cover them unless they're not close to the house.
    Roses attract bees. :uhoh21:
  6. by   Shamrock
    I know nothing of roses but in my neck of the woods perennials should be uncovered. It drops below freezing occasionaly but not a deep killing freeze. Can't wait to get into the dirt to play!!
  7. by   Q.
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    Roses attract bees. :uhoh21:
    Nooo, not my roses. They attract cute bumble bees. I have a huge perennial garden next to my roses and it's always a-buzz with cute insects.

    Now..on my way to work there is this.....huge....pulsating....hornet's nest....on a tree. Thank god my last day is April 11.
    Originally posted by Susy K
    ...cute bumble bees.
    What an oxymoron.
  9. by   Q.
    How can you not think a cute, fat, fuzzy bumble bee isn't cute? He's so fat and slow, just bobbles along from flower to flower and not interested in you. In fact, he can only sting once because otherwise he'll die.

    Bumble bees are Heather's friends. Say it with me.
  10. by   Q.
    Cute bumblebee...

  11. by   NurseShell
    I took some pics! I LOVE spring time!!
  12. by   Q.
    Wahhh! Shelly I am jealous!

    Do you use pesticides on your roses?
    Last year I had an infestation of aphids on my mini roses and I think this year they'll have to be replaced.
  13. by   NurseShell
    Yes! We use Isotox cuz we get aphids by the bazillions!! AND a couple years back I had a spidermite infestation that just about killed two of my babies!!!! GASP!!

    I also have to use Funginex - we get nasty rust and mildew!!

    I've tried the nonchemical remedies and they don't work nearly as well as the "toxic" ones.
  14. by   Q.
    Okay, since your roses are damned perfect, would you recommend an application of pesticides now during the growing season?