Spring Is Busting Out All Over!

  1. Well, it's finally here........we've got temps in the upper 60s, the flowers and trees are beginning to bloom, and the sun shines at least half the time.....IT'S SPRING!! :hatparty:

    In fact, yesterday was so nice the kids and I put up the new badminton set I bought last week, and we had so much fun we played for over 2 hours! Imagine me, the former slug-bug, running all over the yard chasing the birdie and trying to hit it back over the net without falling on my face........of course, the weekend-warrior syndrome hit me full force this morning as I dragged my poor aching body out of the bed, but it was such fun I'm thinking about challenging the kids to another game this afternoon.

    It's spring again, it's spring again, time to dance and sing again! YIPPEE!!!
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  3. by   jnette
    Yes it is, yes it IS !!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!

    Don'tcha just LOVE it?

    Beautiful weather here, too.. actually have hung clothes out on the line a few times this past week, ..but that's about as much as I've gotten outdoors to enjoy it. Am up to my ears in painting inside the house, combined with a major spring cleaning.

    With the Wedding coming up in May, and family flying in from Az., you just KNOW I've got to have everything "perfect"...

    So at least it motiviated me to get it done. Almost finished.. just the bathroom left to re-paint and spring clean. Still have winter clothes to put away, and make room in the closets for my guests.

    Then I can help DH with the outside projects... cut down dead trees, pick up brush, clean out the garage and haul off ten truckloads of trash from there...

    then next month start setting out the flowers... and help hubby set up a split rail fence going down the side of our property.

    MAYBE, just MAYBE after the wedding, I'll get to play a little, too. Want to spend some fun times with the kids this spring and summer, before Adam goes off to Navy bootcamp in August.
    Heh.. it's not like he hasn't been gone the past three years or anything... but there's just something about going off in the service that makes it seem so "final"... I'm sure you know what I mean mj... your daughter is going this year, too.

    Well, enjoy your warm weather, sunshine, birds, flowers and outdoor excercise to the MAX ! We've waited for this a looooooooooooong time !
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  5. by   VivaLasViejas
    Yes.........it was almost 80 degrees here in Western Oregon today!! About as close to perfection as it gets! Too bad it isn't supposed to last........the wind's coming up as we speak, which usually means a storm's on the way, and we had to stop our badminton game when a sudden gust carried the birdie up into the big pine trees in the front yard. But this little taste of the brighter days to come does make it easier to get through the next batch of rain....and I think it's going to be a repeat of last year, when we had an early warm spring followed by a month or so of cooler, wetter weather and then a long, hot summer that lasted all the way through September. BRING IT ON!!