Spray Tan questions and experiences

  1. I saw the thread about self tanning products and wanted more info. from you guys about the "spray tanning" that you can have done at salons.

    I don't know much about them. What's it like and how much does it cost where you live?

    Is it like the Friends episode where you stand in a stall and you get sprayed?

    Did you like the results? How long did it last and have you ever heard of anyone having a bad experience with it, ie. turned orange or had streaks?

    I am very pale and can't tan because I just turn red, never get any color.

    I was thinking about having this done before I go on vacation so I can at least look like I belong in a bikini.

    Let me know your experiences with this product.
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  3. by   nurseygrrl
    I haven't had any experience with this type of tan, but from someone who has very fair skin and has used many self tanners, they are all different and produce different results on different people.

    My advice to you would be to do your research and then get it done once before doing a 'pre-vacation' tan just in case it comes out bad. You wouldn't want to spend your vacation feeling uncomfortable.
  4. by   kastas
    Completely agree with the above post. Everyone is different. I had very good luck, but it took several tries. The 1st time I was very streaky. I talked to some friends and you have to wipe off really well afterwards. Start at your feet and work up rubbing in circular motions, covering ALL of your skin. My 2nd try was better, but I didn't put enough lotion on my hands and feet. I was VERY orange in the creases of my fingers and toes. The 3rd was a success. Lots of lotion on my hands and feet and wipe them really well afterwards.

    Now, I do have 2 friends who turned a funny shade of orange. I don't know if different places use different types of spray or if each person just varies that much.

    It only lasts a couple of weeks for me. You seem to start fading quickly. I say go for it. Do the lowest level to start with. It fades fast enough if you hate it. You just may not want to get in a swimming suit for a while