spouse of a student nurse help!!

  1. My husband just started school this spring...and it sure is taking it's toll on me...I understand that the sacrifices will pay off...But I am not sure if my husband understand those sacrifices...First of all he can not get financial aid because he is on probation from previous aid that he received but he did not pass his classes...Now that we have paid a large sum of money in cash to pay for this semester...(mind you we have not saved anything for summer)...he is goofing off...He is not using study time wisely...which in turn is not getting him good grades...He has been advised that if he doesn't shape up he will be shipped out...But that doesn't worry him...But it is taking it's toll on me...Any Advise? Can he get other types of financial aid? Can he work at a hospital and still go to school?...Please advise?
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  3. by   neonnurse
    Dear Spouse,
    I think your husband needs to seriously reconsider his career options. Nursing isn't for everyone, alot of us figure this out after we graduate...thats another story though. You absolutely CANNOT goof off in nursing school whatsoever, unless of course you want to flunk out. Nursing school is highly stressful and consumes your every waking moment until graduation. I'm not exagerating. It just doesn't sound like your husband really interested and considering all the money your putting into this, my suggestion would be to see a career conselor. Thats my opinion. Please let us know what happens and good luck.