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  1. Anyone on this board know anything at all about Spokane? Weather, attitude, nursing.......ANYTHING would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  3. by   2ndCareerRN
    Why don't you PM me. I just happen to be living in Spokane. If you have any specific questions you want answered..include them. I have been here for just over a year now.

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    Actually, tell us here. I'm seriously considering leaving Houston after graduation and Spokane is one of the dozen or so cities on my current list. Basically, I want a smaller city, a view of something other than refineries, and to experience 4 different seasons... not the 2 we get here (summer and rainy season). The trick is that I'm not real fond of snow (did a year in Denver once) so, that's a tough combo to find.

    I hear Spokane is kinda down in a valley so the majority of the snow skips by, true?
  5. by   2ndCareerRN
    Here is the PM I sent Indeed...

    It is not really a small town, nor large metropolis either. The city has a population of appx. 200K, while the entire metro area has a population of close to 500K. The area is very outdoor oriented. Many lakes in the area, lots of camping, fishing, and skiing in the winter. Last winter we got several snows, I think the longest the snow stayed on the ground was a couple of weeks. The weather today is perfect, about 80 degress, a slight breeze and partly cloudy. The low will be around 48 tonight. This is a little cooler than average for this time of year. It is usually in the low to mid 80's.
    I have worked at two different hospitals in the area. We have 4 local hospitals. Two large ones that share the Level 2 trauma duties, will be on trauma a week and then off a week. The other two are smaller and away from the center of the city. I work in the smallest one. I like where I am at, although the other wasn't that bad. 2 of the hospitals are union, 2 are not..but I think will be soon. One very prominant thing I have noticed is the lack of minorities, I have never seen a place that is so "white". Just a little ways west of here, in the farming country, that all changes. There are several Indian tribes in the area, which have casinos, and their own health care facilities. So far, I have really liked it. We are only 20 miles or so from Idaho, 4-5 hours from Seattle, and not that far from Montana.
    After living in San Diego, Las Vegas and the San Francisco area, I like it here very much. I think this is where I will settle down. You can be out of the city and into the woods in no time at all. There are rivers, large and small close by. The Columbia and the Snake Rivers offer some great rafting. The Spokane river runs right through downtown, ans a smaller one runs west of town.
    There are no state taxes, plates for your car cost 35 dollars, and the local sales tax is around 8%. As far as the real estate, it is very affordable, I have been looking at a place that has (2) 3bd 2ba homes and 20 wooded acres for 149K, it is out of town about 40 minutes. You can live in the city, or have acreage within 20 minutes of town.

    Here are a few sites you can look over;






    To elaborate a little, the 4 hospitals are all joined by computer, along with one in Idaho and several Urgent Cares...kinda screws up the drug seekers..yep it does .
    The hospitals are owned by two different larger groups (2x2). Two are catholic owned, two are not.




    There is also a VA hospital, and a good size rehab facility

    and several groups that run urgent cares, and full service clinics.

    As far as snow, yes we get it, usually above 1700-2000 feet. So some of the city gets it, and some doesn't. Or we all get it, just not as much in the valley. We just had an election where the part of spokane that lies to the east has incorporated into its own city, Spokane Valley. There is a very nice ski resort about 30-45 min away from the city, with several more in the states and some in Idaho. You do get 4 seasons here. Summer usually shows up around the beginning of August, which will give up 6-8 weeks of warmer weather, highs can go to the high 90's or low 100's, but does not stay there. We recently had 3 days in a row of temps over 100, the first time since the mid 70's.

    I hope this answers most questions.....if not feel free to post more or email me.

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