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  1. Someone posted a topic about nurses wanting to marry docs. Needless to say she got "slammed" by most for the stereotyping, and many people who responding told what their spouses do for a living.
    .........Anyway that's what this thread is about. What does your husband/wife do for a living.
    My husband is a restaurant manager. We meet when I was in nursing school... I worked for him! I now work 7p-7a weekends only. He works second shift (usually 2p-1a) and his off days are only during the week, so it works out pretty good.
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  3. by   moni rn
    my husband is a chemical engineer. yes, he is a nerd!, but a d*mn goodlooking one!
  4. by   Ted
    My wife is a medical transcriptionist and medical billing person for a gastroenterologist. . . does most of the work from her home computer. In addition, she's a talented singer/performer . . . who's done a lot of community and stock theater, and a couple of theater tours to boot. She also has produced/directed shows for our church (Godspell), a local middle and high school and our own entertainment business.

    Ted Fiebke
  5. by   RNforLongTime
    I met my husband at a bar! Go figure. Anyhow, he has 3 weeks left in his Pharmacy tech class, then he wants to work at the same hospital that I work at. We met on June 5, 1998, got engaged July 21, 1998 and got married May 15, 1999. It's been over 2 years but somedays it feels like it's been 20. He asked me to marry him in my parents pool--he was swimming, I was sitting on the edge of the pool dangling my feet in the water. He had the ring in his pocket of his swim trunks!! He said he had to have a beer before he came over that night as he was soooo nervous. He just turned 38 last month and I will be 29 in 15 days. He was married once before and got divorced after 3 months cause his ex was screwing around on him-literally! We don't have any children yet but are planning on at least one!