Spent hours in the ER with my Daughter today....guess why?

  1. She stuck a rock in her ear at daycare today! She then went to her teacher and told her, " I stuck a rock in my ear and I can't get it out." When asked why she out it there she just sais she wanted to see if it would fit. They called me(I was in class and didn't get the message for an hour so I freaked and felt like an awful mother) and I went and got her. No pain or anything...happy as a clam....ran up...hey mom I put a rock in my ear! Duh! Took her to the ER and the Doctor tried to use an ear curette(sp?)(plastic piece with a hook that is used to clean was out of a childs ear) and "hook it" so he could get it out and succeeded in pushing it farther down in. He then told the nurses to use warm water and irrigate to try and force it out.....they used a large syringe with a very small hose and pushed it behind the rock and shot the water in as hard as they could to try and force it out....all they did was make my baby girl scream in pain. It hurt her very badly and the nurse(sorry nurses I was mad at this point) was telling her you have to sit still so I can do this and get the rock out.....then made a comment that she wouldn't have to do it if she hadn't put it there.....I lost it. I stated in a very calm, but hostile voice, "You wouldn't have to do this if the doctor hadn't pushed the rock farther down in there now would you?" She left immediately and here I was with a sobbing child....not 1 minute later the head of the "customer service department" comes in and starts talking to my daughter.....all the oh what a pretty girl...would you like a sticker....HOW DID YOU GET A ROCK IN YOUR EAR....Where were you when it happened.....these types of questions. I didn't like it at all. I was calm. She asked if I was upset and I told her I was because the doctor pushed the rock farther and then they hurt my daughter. I felt I had a right to be. She stayed with me til my husband got there so I don't know if they will try to call DHS or something like that. I warned my daycare about it since it did happen there....of course they couldn't get hold of me for over an hour....maybe I am worried for nothing.....BUT it gets better.
    They never got the rock out....have to call in the AM for appt with an ENT...daughter is in bed on hydrocodone for tonight.....they want to make sure she doesn't mess with her ear.....I am frustrated as I am sure any mother would be. One good thing....I asked her if she would ever stick anything else in her ear and she said.......NO!!!!!!
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  3. by   Rustyhammer
    I had a neice inhale a quarter and it cost my sister almost $2,000 to have them get it out!
    They made a necklace out of it.
    Maybe you can do something special with that rock when (if?) they get it out.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hope she does ok.
  5. by   chicory
    Oh Robin, I'm so sorry this happened to your child! I hope they can get that rock out soon!
    One of my friends child once put a bean in her mom's ear while she was napping on the couch!
  6. by   adrienurse
    That's it. When I have kids, I'll make them wear corks in all orifaces.
  7. by   sanakruz
    What is the plan for getting it out? Can they somehow dissolve it and then flush it out? Maybe crush it? They will have to sedate her anyway.
    Kids will make you nuts. We were a the portal of Yosemite Nat'l Park this past summer when my 17 y/o daughter had a gran mal seizure. (her lifetime 2nd.. It was >102 that day...) It was an hours ride by ambulance to the nearesthosp. in Sonora. While we were hanging out in the ER a little 2 y/o boy came in with a screw up his nose! He kept saying "owie, owie!" Yeesh! Good luck my dear.
  8. by   Robin61970
    Apparently they have a tool at the ENT's that has a little suction cup on the end so stick it in attach and pull it out......I'm thinking....Hello why didn't you just send me there???
  9. by   hoolahan
    I stuck tissues up my nose when I was a toddler, and my mom didn't even know it, until my grandmother noticed I had a "rotten" smell.

    Poor baby, and why shouldn't she try to put a rock in her ear? maybe it was a nice rock, and she wanted to be sure it wouldn't get lost.

    Kidding aside, darn right you deserve to be pizzed!! Stupid doc should have called an ENT to the ER!! If I were you, once your little angel is OK, write a scathing letter to the hospital. I did that when my son was on peds, not about the nurses, but about the filthy cleaning conditions. I got calls and a letter back. I know it won't change anything, but I felt better, it's cathartic. I did write a nasty letter about my post-partum nurse, who tortured me in my first attempts to breast feed, to the point where I was sobbing. Even my sweet roomate pulled the curtain aside and said, "honey, I can't believe she did that to you!" The other nurses were wonderful, but that one....Grrr. I have also written letters prasing staff when I or my kids or hubby have gotten great care, like after my kidney stone, that particular nurse was FANTASTIC!!!! So was the DOC!!

    Obviously this nincompoop did not understand thing one about the stages of growth and development, and I would be sure you recommend the bytch not be assigned to the peds area of the ER again!! How DARE she imply it is the child's fault, a child doesn't know any better! Besides, it was clearly the Daycare's "fault."

    Once I got a cal my son had burned his hand at school. He was 5. Catholic school. The day before was Parish day, BBQ games, etc. At the corner of the playground, the STUPID azz janitor dumped the ashes from the huge grill. Well, it LOOKED like dry ash on top, but when my curious son tried to pick up a handful, the coals underneath burned his hand. It blistered and was overall, a pretty mild burn luckily. The school nurse had done exactly the right thing, and my son wasn't even crying when I got him. Was I upset? Of course! But, I KNOW it was an accident, what was done was done, there would be no permanent injury, so all I worried about was my son and his reaction. Silvadene and a bandage for about a week and you would never know it happened. The school nurse and principal were worried I would FLIP out when I arrived at school, but I was just so happy he was OK and they did everything they coud right and all I coud say was please be sure you educate the janitors to never do this again so NO other child ever has to be hurt. My friend joked around, Lin, you could've milked it for free tuition! But come on! To play devil's advocate, it rained at the end of the picnic and I am sure he thought the coals would be put out by the rain. He just used extremely poor judgement in dumping it too close to where the children played at recess. I guess my point is, they showed concern and remorse and did all the right things. The way you were treated in that ER was like it was your fault, and clearly it was just no one's fault. Kids will do things like this, deal with it (not you, that bytch who calls herself an ER nurse!)

    It'll be OK Robin. :kiss
  10. by   Robin61970
    As we were leaving that nurse said bye Brittany and she wouldn't talk to her....she said here you can have my sticker too.....she then looked at me and was like I don't think she likes me...I just smiled and said....nope I don't think so either.....LOL
  11. by   RainbowSkye
    Well, gee, I think it would be over-reacting to have an ENT come to the ER to get a rock out of an ear (I've worked in ERs for over 20 years and I've never seen an ENT come in for something like that) before the ER doc tried to get it out. Usually the doc would use something like an alligator focep to remove it, I'm not sure anyone could get it out with an ear curette. I've also seen them use a little foley cath, insert it behind the foreign body then blow up the balloon a tad then gently pull it (and the fb) out.
    That being said, I think you were treated rudely. When the doc couldn't get out the rock he should have contacted the ENT right then and there and set you up with an appointment.
    The ear drops will help keep the swelling down so it will (hopefully) be easier to remove the rock tomorrow. It should also help with any pain your daughter may have. Some ibuprofen might be helpful too if she's uncomfortable tonight (and might help her to not "mess with it").
    Good luck to you and your daughter.
  12. by   Robin61970
    Oh no, dear not ear drops...hydrocodone pain med to make her sleep.....nothing else....
    Originally posted by adrienurse
    That's it. When I have kids, I'll make them wear corks in all orifaces.
    You may be on to something Adrienne! Just think of how many problems that plague parents that could be solved if we simply corked all of our children's orifices!

    Bummer Robin.... hope she's feeling better soon. I'm sure her pride is more hurt than anything. Keep us updated....

  14. by   RainbowSkye
    Oh, sorry, I thought I read cortisone (ear drops). Yup, hydrocodone will certainly help her sleep tonight - and she sure shouldn't need the Motrin . Again, good luck tomorrow.