Special Valentine Wish

  1. Special Valentine Wish

    I'd like to hang a valentine
    Upon the world's front door...
    With hearts of love and peace entwined
    To last forevermore.

    With love to guide our daily path,
    There'd be no one in need;
    God's blessings would be shared by all
    Of every race and creed.

    Peace would come to all the world
    As nations great and small,
    Would put aside their selfish aims
    To work for the good of all.

    If I could have my wish today,
    I'd wish for nothing more
    Than to hang a great big valentine
    Upon our world's front door.

    author- William Franklin Jr.
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  3. by   Mkue
    What a Beautiful Poem !

    Thanks for sharing a-rose.

  4. by   a-rose
    Saint Valentine's Day

    May The Lord especially bless you
    When Saint Valentine's Day is here;

    May He keep you in His Loving care
    Each day throughout the year.

    And may He grant you happiness
    In everything you do;

    For in everything you seek and share
    His love is always with you.

    author- Donna L. Myers
  5. by   bagladyrn
    What lovely sentiments! Thanks a-rose.
  6. by   a-rose
    A Valentine's Love

    Valentine's is a day,
    to honor those we love;
    I choose to honor you,
    as well as God above.

    Love is not red roses,
    or a fancy dinner for two;
    Love is meant for all,
    as Christ is meant for you.

    Love is not rich chocolates,
    or a bottle of pink champagne;
    Love is full of kindness,
    through God, you can attain.

    Love is very patient,
    made up of words so kind;
    Forgiveness is of love,
    with a humbleness of mind.

    I send to you my love,
    on this Valentine's Day;
    Filled with joy and peace,
    in God's loving way.
    author~ Brenda Atkinson McMahon
  7. by   passing thru
    How thoughtful of you to send these beautiful poems for us to enjoy today. Thank you a-rose.