1. Ok Friends..... Who Watches the Sopranos?

    .... I have to stop what ever I am doing Sunday nights and take an hour break to watch it!

    I love that show! I thought last nights was one of the best so far!

    I loved it when Adrienna just hurled all over the FBI Agents... what do u think is going to happen to her?

    And Meadow..Whew... she's a tough nut to crack!

    and last.... did u see Linda Lavin... I couldn't believe that was her... didn't even recognize her until I saw her name in the closing credits!

    so Fugget about it! Whatcha think about the season so far! What are your predictions and theories?
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  3. by   Lausana
    I luuuuv The Sopranos

    Last nights was good--the barf scene was hilarious...I'm thinking she's not going to talk, Tony & Carmella usually like her more than Christopher so I think Tony will help her!

    Good grief, Meadow needs a swift kick in the rear! I wish she'd go to Europe but they'd take away her platinum card beforehand so she'd stop being a spoiled brat :chuckle Or maybe Tony should take her for "Take your daughter to work day" so she could finally know what he does

    Anyone else think "Ralph" is Ritchie reincarnated? :roll
  4. by   BadBird
    OMG, it is the best show on tv. I too loved when Adrianna puked all over the feds (LOL). I like the story line of Janice and Ralphie (he is so awful). It looks like another great season.
  5. by   Beach_RN
    Yes I must agree...Meadow.... needs to get over it! she is suuuuuuuuuuch a BRAT! anyhow.... I hope Adrianna doesn't talk! and YEs I do see a Repeat of Richie all over again with Janice.....she is such a freak... can't believe she is Tony's sister!

    IT has been a great 2 episodes so far!

    Ok Back to studying for my psyche test! LOL
  6. by   hoolahan
    You know how I realized it was Linda Lavin? By her voice! Then I looked closely and thought OMG, it is her, she looked fanstastic!!!

    I love what they are doing w adriana! Loved that puke thing, except I was eating at the time, so kinda turned me off, then I thought, fuggetaboudit! I'm a nurse! I can watch people hurl and eat at the same time!!!

    I HATE Janice and Ralphie. I just hate ralphie, how he could kill that dancer in cold blood, then order his own stepson murdered...he's is the lowest kind of turd on the ocean floor!!!

    I am really afraid for that FBI agent. I am pretty sure Adriana will crack. I think it was when they asked "What would Tony Soprano say knowing you brought an FBI agenct into their home?" That and the threat of going to prison, shoooot, prison would be cake compared to Tony finding out about this FBI chick! She is obviously scared to death, so I think she'll cooperate.

    Never really liked either of those spoiled brat kids. They know now what is going on, but they don't mind spending that blood money, do they?

    Carmella keeps talking about the future, "Nothing lasts forever Tony!" Is this some foreshadowing? If this is the last season, maybe it will come to an end now, and Tony gets busted??!!

    Waaaaaah! I don;t want it to end.

    Only thing I don't like is the violence in this show. That is the only reason my new fav show is Six Feet Under. I am so totally hooked on that show!!!
  7. by   Beach_RN
    hoolahan! I love 6 feet under too! and I must confess I'm also a Sex in the City Fan!

    and no this isn't that last season.... we have one more!

    and YES Ralphie is a pig! Can't stand him.... can't stand Janice either!

    I hope Adrianna holds it together and that FBI Agent is in Deep Sh*t! I think Tony will go after her..... especially b/c they showed her husband and the baby! Yet again... I could be reading more than there is to that!

    I think they have toned down the show a little this year... seriously.. we haven't see any of the blood and gore shots like in the past!
  8. by   hoolahan
    OK you guys been watchin? ***** LOL!!! I love the way they say it, what da fock??

    Anyway, I am dying to see it next week. Nothing has happened since Adrianna got busted, she obviously isn't in jail, so she must've cut a deal.

    Darn Ralphie almost got it this week!! But, is John still gonna get whacked? I didn't see Tony call that off.

    What about Carmella and Fiorio? I think they are attracted to each other big time, but then that great love scene with Tony and Carmella, Hhhhmmmmm....

    When is Paulie gonna get out?
  9. by   Lausana
    I'm so glad they finally mentioned the Adriana situation for next week-I thought I'd missed something! It's about time!!

    I miss Paulie too, what's he in for anyway? I'm a little Silvio-ed out, we need to see more of Christopher & Paulie...and Furio of course too There is some serious flirting going on between him & Carmella...she can't seem to wipe that grin off her face :chuckle
    And the last scene with Tony & Carmella was wee-ird! Maybe he's finally catching on she's unhappy

    Next weeks looks good!
  10. by   eldernurse
    Adrianna will find out she is pregnant and then get wacked. AJ will commit suicide after he finds out his mother slept with Furio who turns out the be an FBI agent. Tony's daughter will end up being the District Attorney who gets Tony or his cronies. Janice will marry the guy who just lost his wife and he will live miserably ever after. Paulie will start working for the guy with the chubby wife and they will both get wacked. Adrianna's husband will go criminally insane after he finds out about his wife (and all the drugs that he has taken).
    Sorry I spoiled it for you! :chuckle
  11. by   hoolahan
    Yeah, they have a habit of doing that, starting a story line, then dropping it. Remember when the doc got raped? They didn't mention it for awhile afterwards. I'm kinda dissappointed that there hasn't been much of her in it so far this season.

    Have they ever whacked a woman? Besides Ralphie beating the dancer to death? That wasn't a planned hit. I think Christopher will find out Adrianna is an informant, and he will OD on heroin, rather than get whacked. He would know he's dead meat, and take the easy way out. I think he will try to get rid of the female FBI agent. There has to be a reason they showed her family life and baby, I think so we'll feel horrible when she gets whacked.

    Oh this show!
    I cannot WAIT until six feet under resumes, to see how Nate made it through the surgery, OK or a gomer.
  12. by   hoolahan
    OMG, did anyone watch it tonight??? It was so violent, I really felt nauseous at this one!!!

    Check in, I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but in the previews, Carmella is definitely hot for Furio. I would love to see her have a moent of happiness and escape after all the screwing around Tony does on her!
  13. by   Beach_RN
    Yes I did see it.. I took a break from studying to watch...... oooooooh very violent! OMG.... I bet you it wasn't Ralphie... I bet you it was Paulie.. and all that for nothing!

    Who Knows''' but Tony definetely has some trouble on his hands next week with his guys....

    And the Carmella thing... she should full around with Furio.... but OMG if Tony were to find out...

    and how about the whole uncle thing acting like Vctor The Chin Gigante.. soooo funny!
    Very sad. I have never watched it, but hear that it's great!

    I have a feeling I'd love any show where they say "what the f*ck" as freely as I do!