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    I just need to vent a little. My son just graduated from High School, turned 18. He wants to go to school for Graphic Design, we checked out many art schools, the 2 year course is approximately $ 38,000 with credits that are not transferrable to a real college as I call it. Well I make to much money for him to qualify for any grants so it is the old student and parent loan thing I have to do. We found a community college that teaches graphic design near his fathers house in Fl. He will take all his prerequisites before the course and I think that will be a good foundation for him, who knows if he changes his mind or not but prerequisites are essentially the same. My problem is that his father will not pay for anything which I don't care about I am just asking him to let our son stay with him while he goes to school. My son is a great Kid, never gave me any problems, works hard, just a good kid thank God!! It just sickens me that he won't help even a little by letting his own son live there for 2 years. He is remarried, has a 2 bedroom townhouse and a good job. He already refused to help pay and I can accept that but for God's sake can't the kid stay in your spare room!!!!!! Oh well, I will figure something out. By the way he never calls his son or helps in anyway so I guess I shouldn't be suprised it just breaks my heart that he doesn't even know what a great Kid he has.
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  3. by   oramar
    Let me say I am so glad you boy is a good kid, any other problems are minor next to that. Do you really want him to stay with this nasty guy even if it is his father? Is it possible you could get at the guy through a lawyer? It varies from state to state but in some places you can force a parent to pay for college or at least help out. Badbird, wasn't it you that had the cousin that had a health problem?
  4. by   BadBird
    I am not going to waste money on a lawyer,I will figure out a way for him to go to school. My sister in law was the one I mentioned before, she has lost about 40 pounds so far and keeps vomiting, her color looks better and I finally go her to make a doctors appointment, I will keep you posted .