Sometimes you have to regroup

  1. I have received several private messages in the past couple of months, asking if I was okay because I haven't been posting lately. Your concern touched me greatly, that you would care about a stranger you have never met and notice that they were missing among so many people. I am okay but my family has been dealing with a very serious illness and many personal problems. My brother in law, nearly died and spent an extensive period of time in the ICU due to his problems. He was suffering from his own hands, a long time alcoholic, it finally caught up with him. I am thankful that God has given him a second chance and he did not die as we were told he probably would. He has vowed never to drink again and I actually do believe him. Although I do not drink personally, I do not judge those who do, but anything to excess is not good and his path of choice nearly cost him his life. Along with many personal problems, combined with his illness and the uncertainty if he would survive or not, my stress level reached nearly breaking proportions. I finally sought medical assistance to help me cope and am finding each day is getting easier to deal with. There have been times that I have felt so overwhelmed I just found myself retreating into a shell and all that has existed for me was work, being with my brother in law and sleeping when I could. Didn't mean to burden any of you with my tales of woe, but for those who asked I wanted to explain why I haven't been posting. My Mom always told me if I couldn't say something positive, not to say anything at all and lately I haven't felt very positive so I just sat back and regrouped to get myself pulled together. Thanks for your concern and God bless you all.
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  3. by   CEN35
    we are all glad you are ok. guess many people show up........and then fade out........i'm sure most didnt expect you to fade! hope everything works out for you and your family!!!!


    p.s. - i had to come back and re-edit this after i saw the name of the post again. duckie........we all have to re-group at times.......some of us more often than others!!!
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