Sometimes you do get a great group of patients...

  1. Ever once in awhile the unbelievable happens. You get an assignment of patients who are actually pleasant with families that are easy going and don't make unreasonable demands. I finally had an assignment like that. Days like today I don't mind being a nurse and actually enjoy my job.

    Had one patient who was an exceptional bright spot in my day. 98 year old with pneumonia. Alert and oriented most of the time, has occasional short term memory loss, otherwise pretty decent. His sister called this morning to check on him. After I talked with the sister, I went and asked "John" how old his sister was. He said 99!! I checked with the patient's son, and he confirmed the fact that his aunt was 99!! Amazing!! Must have been a good gene pool in that family!!! This elderly gentleman was a hoot. Always smiling, joking with us. Very great also. Sometimes when I get days like this I actually consider staying at the bedside....(but then cold hard reality hits and I snap out of it real quick)....
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  3. by   hapeewendy
    write this down and remember it so when ur having one of the not so good days you can reflect back and realize that at least at some point you loved what you were doing...

    I have many shifts like the one you mentioned above.. its why we keep on doing what we do .. fighthing the good fight etc...

    as per the beauty of human nature its usually the most miserable people who are the most vocal or obvious in a situation, doesnt mean that the good ones dont exist, it just means that so many times
    we get bogged down by negativity...

    I bet you made your patients day's quite a bit brighter, happiness works that way, misery can also work that way , but dont let it !

    good goin!
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  4. by   deespoohbear
    Thanks Wendy for your kind words. Maybe when I am having a rotten day at work, I will just think of this day...Probably wouldn't hurt to try it at least.....
    They are few and far between, but they do happen! They are the greatest little surprise when you're in the middle of some stint of patients and families from h*ll!

    Those are they days you leave smiling!