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  1. So, I have this job interview tomorrow and I've had this weird feeling all day today that (after ruling out low blood sugar and intestinal flu) could only be nervousness.

    Now, this will be my third job interview (my first REAL one, HS jobs I don't really count, or ones that involved dancing nekkid). And if all goes well, this will be my third nursing job.

    So, I've been touching up my resume and personal references a bit today.

    For my first 2 jobs, I mailed cover letters, resume, and references, and then got called for an interview. I set this one all up by phone, so I'm assuming I'll only need the resume and references, not the cover letter (those are so cheesy anyways).

    And for your references, (I can't even find the list of people I used previously), do you use people you know from work, or friends, or an even mix? I'm assuming the mix is best, but always think it would be weird if someone asked me for a reference and asked me how I know them and all I can say is "Um, we shop together!"

    LMAO! I AM rambling!

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  3. by   eltrip
    Good luck on the interview, Heather! Only the best for you!

    As to references. If it's a professional reference, then use the names of those familiar with your work. For personal or character references, well, if they've known you for a while & have a good opinion of you, then list them. This is how I arrange it, at least.
  4. by   Beach_RN
    Heather.. first! Good Luck on Your Interview! I hope you get the job!

    I agree with everything eltrip said!

    I would list 2 -3 Professional and 1 Personal! I'm a previous H.R. person... and that's what we looked for!


  5. by   Heather333
    OMG!!!!!!!!!Heather is nervous?????? Seriously, good luck. I would like Brenda said, a couple professional and a personal would be sufficient. When I had my last interview, I also had 2 letters of reference, one from my immediate charge nurse, and one from the nursing supervisor.

    Hope all goes well.


    PS--what kind of job is this?
  6. by   debyan
    Just want to wish you luck, as if you will need it.With your skill and personality no one else will have a chance. On the resume question, I agree with the other eltrip and B_Matt sounds like good advice. deb
  7. by   kaycee
    Knock em dead !
    Originally posted by Heather333
    PS--what kind of job is this?
    It's at an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment facility for men and women.

    Thanks everyone for all the kind words!

  9. by   J-RN student
    No advice - Good Luck!
  10. by   Heather333
    So, you'll be DETOXNURSEHEATHER now?????????

    Maybe? I don't plan on leaving OB all together. Just need to spice things up a little.
  12. by   Stargazer
    Heather, good luck on the interview; I know you'll impress the hell out of 'em. Agree that 3 professional references and 1 personal one should be sufficient.

    I can't remember--you've worked in D & A treatment before, haven't you?
  13. by   ayemmeff
    Don't know if this is appropriate,never heard of it myself,but you're from the Buckeye state,right?And I want to wish you luck so......

    Oh hang on,darn picture won't come up!!! Just a minute!
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  14. by   Sleepyeyes
    Good luck, Heather. I'm sure you'll wow 'em.