Soldier survives knife attack


    Soldier on duty in Iraq and didn't know initially he was stabbed by a knife.

    All I can say is wow and how lucky he was
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  3. by   leslymill
    4 inches and didn't even know it? :stone

    It looks like a screwdriver on X-ray and it makes my eye hurt.
    Musta been an angel around woe.
  4. by   Proudly Filipina
    Thank God for he survived that devil attack!thanks also for his rescuers who did a great job for not pulling the knife out of his skull!thanks also for a great surgeon who arrived with a right was a wonderful feeling when a great team was there at the right time.congratulations for a job well done!we should always bring back all the glory to OUR MAKER for making it all happen!:spin:
  5. by   CHATSDALE
    sometimes all things comes together for the best outcome