So... what'd ya get for Christmas?

  1. We bought an area rug for the living room a couple weeks ago, and that was our big present to one another. Today, I opened a web cam and some cooking accessories.
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    I already answered the "what did your hubby get you" thread so my kids got me as follows:

    #1 son - those sugar buffing crystals and lotion. (his real present for me was left behind in So. Cal accidently).

    #2 son - the new book by Doris Kearns Goodwin "Team of Rivals" about Abraham Lincoln

    Only daughter - a nice pajama set.

    #3 son - he wrapped up some of his old toys and gave them away (Salvation Army), including to his Dad and his Mom. What a sweety.

    Haven't headed out to my in-law's ranch yet . . .so we shall see what further presents are out there.

    They are receiving a new TV and a subscription to DirecTv from the whole extended family - they have no tv - I am sure my mil will be secretly worried about the cost. But she will be gracious. Last year we all chipped in on a cell phone and plan - we take turns paying the monthly cost.

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  4. by   DutchgirlRN
    My best Christmas gift ever my new Grandson Wyatt !!!
  5. by   mercyteapot
    Quote from DutchgirlRN
    My best Christmas gift ever my new Grandson Wyatt !!!
    Well, you know you just trumped just about everyone else at allnurses (except for the others who've welcomed new ones into their hearts this year!)
  6. by   psychonurse
    Well my amazing, wonderful, smart, beautiful 6 month old grandniece gave me a folding up book like thing with pictures of her and her mom and dad in one of I could take the pics to work and brag about my beautiful niece....she also gave me a new card to do from my stampimg store that I go to.

    My niece and her husband gave me an indoor bbq so that i dont have to stand outside in the cold to bbq my steaks this winter...they also gave me some new hot mitts, towels and dish clothes for my house.

    My brother and sister in law gave me a gift set of good smelling perfume and creams and a beautiful crystal that has butterflies and flowers etched inside with a light at the bottom and it is soooo beautiful...

    And my puppy gave me a day with no messes to clean up!!!!!!!
  7. by   Fonenurse
    I was very fortunate to get lots of pressies - but the best has to be a microwaveable wheat bag for applying to painful areas - it works a treat and I have used it all day - no pain at all! Wonderful!!
  8. by   VivaLasViejas
    I must've been a VERY good girl this year, because I got almost everything I wanted and a couple of things I didn't know I wanted, but am tickled pink that I got!

    From dh: an antique rocker that he completely restored and renovated so I can rock my grandson to sleep properly (BTW, Eli loves it---we've already fallen asleep together in it twice today ). Also, the newest Patricia Cornwell novel and a flip cell phone that I've wanted desperately for a couple of years.

    From Micah and Amanda: a small refrigerator/freezer for our bedroom, which is PERFECT.......we like to 'stash' our snacks so the boys won't eat everything we buy before we get a chance to Also, some fabulous shearling indoor/outdoor slippers, a DVD, and some soft cuddly socks.

    From Melanie: another book, a DVD, and a $50 gift card for Barnes & Noble (that kid always DID know what I love the most ). And of course, the best gift of all, her presence.........she goes back early Tuesday morning, but as much as I'll miss her, I'm grateful for the time she was able to spend with us. Oh, and she IS officially engaged---wedding date and details to follow at some point in the next 2 years :Melody:

    From my sons: A CD/radio for my bathroom (there's nothing like having your 'tunes' when you're relaxing in the tub), a DVD, and a minimum of smart-alecky remarks.

    And from my grandson: His sweet little baby's body snuggled up next to mine, his affectionate smiles and laughter, and his chubby arms flung around my neck as if to say "I love you, Grandma!" :kiss

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night..........I'm plumb tuckered out!
  9. by   live4today
    well...i've shared my gifts already on the "good morning" thread, but here goes again: :d

    youngest dd gave me a nice comfy winter coat with matching gloves and scarf. i needed it in illy, but haven't needed it at all here in tx. :d

    middle dd gave me a bubbleplus foot massage bath, two gift certificates to chick-fa-lay (sp?), a nice pink/cream ankle length robe, and a set of cd's (three total) that are rest & relaxation cds. :d

    oldest dd hasn't given me anything.......'cept seven precious grandchildren (five of which she gave birth to...two she inherited by marriage). :d her dh is not working right now, and she only makes about ten bucks per no need to explain lack of gifts from her to me. it's rough for them right now, so it's all good. :wink2:

    today, i took myself to christmas service, to see a movie, and to dinner at a nice mediterranean buffet-style restaurant.

    the best christmas gift of all is jesus the christ, my lord and savior!:hatparty: happy birthday jesus!!! i was finally set free from the pain of "marriage number one" ----------- divorce number one took place march 1987. for years i had harbored "ill will" for what that man did to me and our three children. the holy spirit nudged me enroute to church this morning to call the father of my three adult kids, and the first love of my life that i was married to for a little over eighteen years. the holy spirit even had my first husband answer the telephone. he didn't even recognize my voice, but once he did i could hear his voice "break". i wished him and his family a very merry christmas from the bottom of my heart and spirit, and told him i truly meant it. i also told him that i hope one day our two families can merge for a holiday for the sake of our children and twelve grandchildren. i do believe the man was stunned. but above all else.......i am free from that painful part of my life! i feel as though i've lost a thousand pounds off baggage, too! i called fran enroute to church to share it with her i was so elated about it all! i didn't do it for "the first husband"...i did it for my own healing; so my peace would come, and if he heals in the's all good! :d

    i am now ready to move on in my life without baggage to develop another healthy relationship that only god will put together! yippeeeeeeee!!!!! :hatparty:
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  10. by   LoriAlabamaRN
    I had a wonderful Christmas... my first ever with my husband and two beautiful stepchildren (6yo boy and 8yo girl)...

    My husband (who I LOVE with my whole heart!!!) has been buying jewelry apparently since October and stashing it... I got a GORGEOUS jeweled flower bracelet with alternating flowers made of peridot, amethyst, garnet, and blue topaz all set in gold, a stunning ruby cross necklace, a ruby ring, and an emerald ring. He really took it to heart when I told him that my engagement ring was my only "real" piece of jewelry!

    My mom got me a great robe and slippers, my grandma gave me some clothes and a necklace, my stepchildren gave me homemade candy, a pinky ring and some earrings.

    All in all, I guess I made out like a bandit!

    I hope everyone else had an amazing Christmas!!!
  11. by   nursemary9

    I had a Wonderful Christmas with just DH.
    #1. He prepared the whole dinner--a beautiful small leg of lamb with oven browned potatos, peas, cranberries, rolls & a beautiful salad;

    #2. a strand of black pearls & matching earrings;

    #3. a sapphire & diamond bracelet;


    #4. perfume & bath gel--Jessica McClintok

    We had a lovely day & then I had to go sleep b/c I'm at work now.

    Another nice little gift from the hospital--they called me off for low-census on Christmas eve!!

    Mary Ann
  12. by   weetziebat
    The best gift of all was just spending today with my dh, daughter and her bf. Had a fantastic Christmas! And ate so much am ready to explode.

    Giftwise, my daughter brought home wonderful souvenirs for me from Australia - lots of different food she knew I'd love to try.

    Dh bought me clothes. Three blouses that he and I went to Macy's for - so I could pick them out. Appreciate being able to do that!

    But the gift that was totally unexpected and I absolutely love came from dd's bf. I am pretty dang picky and like to pick out my own things. Consequently I usually know what my gifts will be, or they are gift cards.

    But he saw this at a gallery here in town and just knew it was 'me'. It is an original watercolor painting, in jewel tone colors, of four Turkish women sitting together talking. They are sitting close together, and you can't make out details in their faces etc. but I can just picture myself there with them, drinking apple tea and chatting. It is 10x13 inches but with matting and gorgeous frame it is 22x26". The colors go perfectly with my home and it is now hanging in my living room. Gee, can y'all tell how much I love it?!
  13. by   nursemary9
    Oh Weetzie, That sounds like such a lovely gift!!
    Yes, from what I have learned about you in the last couple of years here & in letters, I can picture you!!
    I'll bet it brought back fond memories of your travels.

    Mary Ann
  14. by   SouthernLPN2RN
    I got my PDA, a nurses calendar (btw, I was amazed at the number of quotes from allnurses in it!), some scrapbooking stuff, a fleece blanket from Old Navy (love it!) and a little bit of money, which is always a good thing.