So I'm watching "Panic Room"...

  1. which BTW I think should have been called "Stupid Room", and the daughters BS was too low and she needed a shot of what I thought was D10. But they pull out this teeny tiny vial and give her a shot in the abd with a TB syringe! What they hell were they giving her???? Heparin??? Is it something I don't know about or am I giving Hollywood too much credit, especially with this movie?
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    LMAO! I've rented that movie 3 times, and each time it gets returned a day late, unwatched!

    Don't think it was ment to be for me.

  4. by   kristi915
    Yea, that movie sucked pretty bad! We lost that movie in our house somewhere..........came up 5 days to pay a late fee for a half watched movie.....
  5. by   kids
    *cringe* Panic Room & Scorpion King are my youngests 2 favorite movies...I have never seen either & have no desire to...but I bought him both for Christmas because I was tired of paying late fees for them.
  6. by   ShandyLynnRN
    I really liked panic room! So suspenseful. And I really like Jodie Foster as well. I didn't even notice about the tb syringe thing. I just assumed that d10 was what she was getting.
  7. by   hapeewendy
    I can admit to liking the CONCEPT of the movie panic room ,the reality of the movie panic room was something else, it was a big WTF movie
    I also wondered about the syringe issue....
    why didnt anyone use the syringe to gauge that one guys eyes out anyway?
    and a panic room with no food, well thats just FREAKIN BRILLIANT!
    if I had a panic room it would have food galore, if I'm gonna die in a panic room, I'm gonna die happy, and fed!
  8. by   ShandyLynnRN
    Good point Wendy!!!
  9. by   Mama Val
    Notice when she puts her daughter to bed early in the movie the daughter has a mini-frige by her bed thats is stocked with all these drinks. Later Jodi Foster gets outta the room and runs to her daughters room and all the drinks are gone...guess the bad guys got thirsty when they were thrashin the house and needed to get a drink...the one think all those cameras couldn't see, 3 bad guys taking a drink break in your teen daughters bedroom.
    Food in a PANIC simplistic, I would have chocolate, peanutbutter, chocolate, water, coffee, chocolate, bread...did I mention chocolate.....
    and install a toilet, if ya gotta a phone and a tv monitor spend an extra buck for a toilet...please...after all the guy who owned the house was an old man..what else is he gonna do all day.
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  10. by   nursegoodguy
    I sort of liked the movie... Okay I liked the house more than the movie!
  11. by   Mama Val
    Yessss, the house was to die for.
    I loved the kitchen...only in a movie though
  12. by   JonRN
    I think the syringe was supposed to be insulin, she had her little diabetic kit and all. I know, makes no sense, but this is Hollyweird. I thought the daughter was a little boy until my wife said "she" something or other. The panic room should have been stocked like a survivalist's underground shelter, with some kind of a camper's potty or something to go in. I guess celebrities don't go like the rest of us, too vulgar, and it might even stink.
  13. by   dawngloves
    There was a toilet! It was a silver job in the corner! Kinda like a toilet on an Amtrak train. And that's what get's me! You have a toilet, but no MREs??? One of many problems I had with the film! Grrr.
    And I was yelling at the TV, "What are they giving her??" and my husband looks at me like I'm stupid and says"She's diabetic honey. It's her insulin." "For her low sugar?? Grrrrraaaaaa!!!!!"
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  14. by   hapeewendy

    "She's diabetic honey, its her insulin"

    damn near fell off the floor with that one...

    as I said ,the concept of the movie was a cool one, but they kinda f'd it up in a few ways

    the no food in the panic room annoyed me to no end...