So I had a visit to the ER...via ambulance! from school!!!

  1. Yep! That was an adventure. I must have had some kind of allergic reaction but my eyes swelled up while I was in my A&P class. I still don't know exactly what the cause was, though I think it might have been the Excedrin I took earlier. All of a sudden, I could feel my pressure on my eye and when I went to the bathroom to check, ugh!!! I couldn't believe it...I went back in to my class (with my hands over my eyes, and my prof took me into another room and they arranged for security and an ambulance as they were (and me too!) that I may have came in contact with a chemical in lab and rubbed my eye (bad habit I have).

    At first I was scared, but then I found myself kind of intrigued with the paramedics (who gave me my first IV- I can't remember having an IV before) and the ER. The doctor spent maybe 2 minutes with me and gave me a prescription for prednisone...but I was really impressed with the nurse, and made me more motivated because I could see the differences in care of the two.

    I just had to share.

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  3. by   tattooednursie
    Oh my gosh! Are you feeling better now?

    I have never been on an ambulance before, but MANY times I have came close.
  4. by   kids
    Glad you feel better.

    Did they turn on the lights and siren? You haven't had a *real* ambulance ride until they use the lights and siren
  5. by   ShandyLynnRN
    lol, what an adventure!!! I hope I never get to experience that kind of one!

    Dang girl, stop rubbing your eyes!!!
  6. by   NursieRN
    Hope you are ok now, Kris!
  7. by   l.rae
    hope you are better...riding backwards makes me puke...LOL...l occaisionally have to ride along with pt's from our ER when we transfere them...and the red lights and sirens give me a headache....waaah!
  8. by   Tweety
    Glad you're o.k.

    (Nurses and nursing students make horrible patients. No nurse is ever good enough.)
  9. by   VivaLasViejas
    I've had only one ambulance ride,and as exciting as it was, I really wouldn't want to do it again. I was feeling nauseous one morning a couple of summers ago, and got progressively worse over the next few hours along with cold sweats, a burning sensation in my throat and chest, and this feeling of somehow being outside my body. Then, when I went into the bathroom to try to get rid of it, I almost passed out. Since I had a silent MI some years ago, and I was feeling about the same as I did when that event occurred, I knew I'd better get checked.

    Trouble was, my family is no good at emergency situations, and I knew they'd freak so I had to stay calm when I went into the living room to tell my husband, "I need to call 911 now". So here came the ambulance, and all the neighbors were standing around outside while the paramedics were running in and out and my family was going around in circles. Even the cats were confused. But by the time my IV was started and the heart monitor was hooked up, I was feeling better, and naturally as a nurse I was directing everybody ("I've got a good vein in the right AC, now don't forget the lidocaine" etc.)

    The ride itself was a little disconcerting---you really get shaken around in the back of that rig!---but everything turned out to be OK; apparently I'd had a vasovagal response to straining on the toilet, and was just a bit dehydrated from vomiting. They gave me some Reglan in the ambulance, and that helped; in fact, a few hours after being checked out thoroughly in the ED I was home with some antiemetics and a good story to tell my grandkids someday. Not to mention a bill that came to about $1500 for the whole mission.....but that's a story for another day.
  10. by   emily_mom
    Glad to hear you're OK! What an exciting day! No one will forget who you are now...
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    HUGS and best wishes you recover completely.
  12. by   BadBird
    Wow, and you could not even tell in the medics were cute with swollen eyes, awwwww. Hope you mend quickly and stop rubbing your eyes you bad girl!
  13. by   2banurse
    Thank you very much for your kind replies. I am doing much better now, but since it happened once with the swelling, I found myself a little anxious it might happen again, especially the next time I went to class.

    No sirens or lights...which I think might have made me feel more anxious, but luckily I didn't have that feeling of nausea going backwards as some of you mentioned. I guess the biggest thing I missed when I got to the ER was when they removed the nasal cannala with the pure air...weird huh!

    Yes, I am trying to keep my hands away from my eyes now, and I also carry some of that waterless antibacterial soap.

    Again, thank you!

  14. by   GraceyB
    Had an ambulance ride once. Fainted on the subway platform on my way to work. The medics were cute but ride was nuts. I had my seatbelt on but still flew off the seat! At the time I worked for a place that sent out chaplains to hospitals and there were two chaplains with me while I was in the ER. Everyone was looking to see who I was and why was I getting all this attention from the chaplains. The nurse was also male and he was cute but short.