SNOW...Again........Enough Already

  1. ok, we had our white christmas......then we had ice for the new year......we do not need an additional 14-18" on top of the ice, thank you very much!

    <sigh> ok, got that out of my system.

    why, oh why couldn't my darling husband have taken that job offer in nc this year?????????

    born and raised in ny, but sure understand the mass exodus from this state.....between the taxes and the weather..............

    ok, crawling back in my hibernation hole until this melts
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  3. by   renerian
    I don't blame you on not liking snow. I can't wait to move out of ohio. In Columbus we get more ice than snow.

  4. by   hapeewendy
    I've had enough too!
    I like snow , well to look at it etc, loved playin in it as a kid
    but its getting ridiculous, I had SO Many plans for today , being that its my LAST weekday off before going back to work , I WAS going to head to the mall, send out some mail, and get my hair cut...and now, by the look of it, I wont be moving
    its snowing like crazy here right now...
  5. by   emily_mom
    You must be getting all of our snow...we got 6/10 of an inch last month. Doesn't look like our snowmobiles will come out this year. They sat last year too. Year before weekend here. Had to go to MI to get any good sledding in. WTF is up with that? I remember not too long ago when we'd have 10 snow drifts and such. I hate all this brown crud....please send us some our way!!

  6. by   LaceyA.
    Yuck... I don't like it either! I woke up this morning to another 6 inches. More to shovel!

  7. by   BadBird
    I love to look at the snow as long as the roads are clear. Ok, enough now, I am ready for spring.
  8. by   Mkue
    Me too, ready for spring.

    We have about 3 more inches from last night, on top of the 2-3 that we got yesterday afternoon

    I'm with you Debszoo, enough already with the SNOW

    I have ppl coming tonight to watch the BIG GAME and don't want them stuck in my driveway

  9. by   adrienurse
    Y'all aint getting no sympathy from the Canadian.
    Oh c'mon y'all... it's not so bad! It's pretty, and my little dog looks cute when he runs around in it!

    Besides, hubby says roads are fine for shopping.....

  11. by   Beach_RN
    SORRY.... I want some snow.....we get jipped here on the coast!
    Just like today.... NYC. is under winter storm warning... and they are expecting 3-7 inches snow.... I'm getting rain!!!!!!!!

    and I only 70 miles away! No Snow for us!
  12. by   BluEyz
    Originally posted by LaceyA.
    Yuck... I don't like it either! I woke up this morning to another 6 inches. More to shovel!

    It's funny you say that Lacey. Last year my hubby and I lived North of town in a yuppy neighborhood, and we never shoveled. We have two big 4x4 trucks, so we just drove over it. The neighbors hated us, but the winter was so much more fun!

  13. by   J-RN student
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER

    Besides, hubby says roads are fine for shopping.....

    That's all that counts...:chuckle
  14. by   Mkue
    ok, thanks Heather
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