Sniper in Sallisaw Oklahoma kills two and injures 8....

  1. Here is a link to the local paper on this one.......

    Teen To Face Murder Charges
    By John Lyon
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    A Sallisaw teenager is expected to face two charges of first-degree murder in connection with a shooting spree that left two people dead and eight people wounded Saturday.
    Daniel Fears, 18, was arrested after a 20-minute rampage that started in Sallisaw about 5 p.m. Saturday and ended with Fears' arrest at a police roadblock in the Roland area, said Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Kym Koch. The motive for the shootings is unclear, Koch said, but investigators believe the incident began when a neighbor, 29-year-old Greg Caughman, criticized Fears for driving recklessly in the area of Hazel Street and North Davis Drive.
    "It wasn't a fight, it wasn't even really a discussion," Koch said. "It was just a few words exchanged about the way he was driving through the neighborhood."
    Fears then allegedly broke into his father's house in the 700 block of North Davis Drive, stole a 20-gauge shotgun loaded with birdshot, went back outside the residence and shot Caughman, who was standing in a nearby yard. Caughman was shot in the back and neck.
    Caughman's 2-year-old daughter, Bethany, was sitting in a truck nearby and was hit by a pellet in the neck, Koch said. Greg Caughman and his daughter were taken to Sequoyah Memorial Hospital in Sallisaw, where both were treated and later released.
    Koch said Fears then shot two other neighbors, Patsy Sue Wells, 61, and her husband, Elvie Wells, 64. Patsy Wells was shot in the face and leg and later died at the Sallisaw hospital. Elvie Wells was shot in the chest and was in fair condition Sunday at St. Edward Mercy Medical Center in Fort Smith.
    Koch said Fears then got into his Dodge truck and drove east on Oklahoma 64 to a Pontiac dealership, where he pulled into a parking lot, got out of his vehicle and shot Reba Spangler, 68, of Fort Smith. Spangler died at the scene.
    Spangler was talking to a salesman about a car for her son, Koch said. The salesman, Jimmy Nunn, 58, of Muskogee, ran from Fears and was shot in the back, then again in the chest as he turned around.
    Nunn was in good condition Sunday at Muskogee Regional Medical Center.
    "Then the suspect gets back in his vehicle, continues on (Oklahoma) 64, and he shot at three people who were shopping at a statuary store on the north side of the highway, which is about three miles east of Sallisaw," Koch said. "The store was closed, and they were outside of the fence, just kind of window-shopping, if you will, through the fence."
    Sharon McMahon, 45, of Muskogee received wounds all along her left side. Her husband, Ernest, 44, received minor injuries from the same blast, Koch said.
    Officials at the Sallisaw hospital said Sunday that one of the McMahons was released and the other was in good condition, but would not say which person was released and which was still in the hospital.
    The third person at the store was not injured.
    "Then he was driving down the highway shooting randomly at cars," Koch said. At the intersection of Oklahoma 64 and Oklahoma 141, Fears allegedly fired into the pickup of Matthew Christopher Tabor, 27, of Gans, hitting Tabor in the arm and chest.
    Tabor was treated at Sparks Regional Medical Center in Fort Smith and released, Koch said.
    Koch said Fears next shot Linda Dutton, 26, of Muldrow, who was walking along Oklahoma 64 with her children, ages 5 and 9 months. The younger child was in a stroller. Dutton was hit but her children were not, Koch said.
    Dutton was listed in good condition Sunday at Sparks.
    Fears also fired at a Muldrow police officer but did not hit him, Koch said.
    Fears ran a roadblock at Old Rural Water Road, Koch said. Officers fired shots at Fears' vehicle but did not hit him.
    Just west of Roland, at the point where the four-lane highway divides, Fears crossed into the westbound lanes and continued heading east, Koch said. Shortly afterward, he lost control, went through the median and came to rest in a ditch on the eastbound side.
    Fears threw the shotgun out of the truck, then got out, lay on the ground and was taken into custody.
    Investigators do not know of any connection between Fears and the people who were shot, other than the fact that some were his neighbors. Koch said she does not know of any previous crimes on Fears' record or any disputes he was involved in.
    A sample of Fears' blood was collected to be analyzed for drug or alcohol content, Koch said. Results were not available Sunday.
    Fears is a senior at Sallisaw High School and had worked part-time at a Wal-Mart store since June. He lived with his mother, a computer technician for Sallisaw schools, and is the son of O.T. Fears, a professional sport fisherman.
    Some people know Daniel Fears as "O.T.," Sallisaw residents said.
    Fears is expected to appear before a judge today. Sequoyah County District Attorney Diane Barker-Harrold said prosecutors have not yet decided whether to seek the death penalty.

    I have a niece and her mom who live in Sallisaw....luckily they are fine. My mom moved from Muldrow last year thank goodness, but they caught this guy 15-20 minutes from where I live......scary....never expected anything of the like around here.
    Just wanted to share with you guys.......

    Also want to send thoughts and prayers to the AZ professors familes, as well as the families affected by this tragedy.....
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    The unbelievable people are just turns my stomach sometimes. I do not in anyway condone what this young person did, but people were calling in to a local radio staion yesterday commenting on his mugshot that was on TV about how he "looked" like he was the type to do this and he "looked" like this and that......don't these people realize it can be anyone around us to do things such as this??
    There have been conflicting stories about the young man......all say he was very smart, but some say he was a loner and hung out with no one....while others say he had alot of friends and was very outgoing. It sounds as if they are describing two seperate people entirely.......very odd........
  4. by   Robin61970
    And I disagree with the title of the article Teen faces murder charge....he is adult........