slimfast anyone??

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    I have recently found out that my brother and his fiance' are planning their wedding for June 2004. My future sister-in-law asked me to be her Matron of Honor for this special event. I thought that was really sweet of her and... rather surprising. She is having 5 other skinny ones (110 to 130 Ibs.) in the wedding also. I weigh about 195 Ibs. at the moment. To keep from looking really out of place, I have just got to lose these pounds before next year. I mean I really don't want to look like the GoodYear blimp in all those wedding pictures. Now, I know this may sound a bit desperate but I am really considering slimfast and exercise as my short-term solution. :imbar You know, two shakes a day and one balanced meal. I have always been somewhat leary of diet shakes and pills, but I am just to busy to count calories while trying to work and go to school. I was wondering if any you guys have tried the slimfast plan and if so, what is your personal opinion of it ?
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  3. by   P_RN
    I lost about 15 lbs on Slimfast (it made me VERY gassy)....after about 3 months it all came back.

    My BIL and his wife did the Atkins-like no carb diet, and he lost 31 lbs and she lost 25. They've kept it off almost a year now. He said once you get out of a sugar habit it's easy to maintain.

    But no matter what, you will be beautiful regardless of your weight. They want YOU to be there for them.
  4. by   kimmicoobug
    I have done Slimfast, as well. I tried to do the two meals a day, but I got fed up because I was always hungry and only lost 4 pounds in 2 months. I kind of do a modified version now. I drink it in the morning on my way to school (for the glucose) and then have a small lunch or snack and then do a normal dinner. I don't feel deprived this way. But, mind you, I haven't really lost a whole lot this way--only 7 lbs and I think THAT has more to do with me rarely eating out...and never fast food, for the past 3 months now.

    Well, good luck to you with your weight loss. I hope that you can find a plan that will work for you (and then when you do, let me know...OK )
  5. by   RNforLongTime
    The banana Cream flavor is really good! I also like the Strawberry and Vanilla flavors. I think the chocolate is a LITTLE too chocolatey for me.
  6. by   moonshadeau
    I did Slim-fast and Xenadrine (bad, bad I know). But I did lose about 12 pounds in 2 months. I liked the Slim-fast at work, because it really was a meal on the go. About the only thing I could guarantee that I would get to eat when I worked. I liked putting the chocolate in the freezer until it gut slushy. So much better that way, less chalky tasting in my opinion.

    And I have to say that for the Xenadrine, it is a great mood stabilizing agent when taken in low doses, IMHO.
  7. by   rachel h
    I work with a nurse who has been doing slimfast since last fall... he has lost a ton of weight and looks great! I know it's not a permanent solution, but I think it can help you take the weight off fast. I also have heard a lot of great things about weight watchers though, too. You can buy the weight watchers books on e-bay for a decent price. I think weight watchers is easier to maintain than slim fast, but that's just me.
  8. by   Mattigan
    I like the shake mix Advocare has but I've never tasted Slimfast.
  9. by   mattsmom81
    I have used the Chocolate Malt Slimfast...delicious and it really helps my cravings. It also helped with my weight when I was younger..but my metabolism has changed so much recently I have to go to stronger methods these days...

    If one doesn't change eating habits permanently the weight seems to come right back.
  10. by   Nikki L.P.N.
    Thanks so much guys. I went today and purchased about 4 cans to get me started. Didn't want to buy it in a bulk pack just yet. Being that I am a major chocolate lover, I got the milk chocolate flavor. I hope it doesn't have to bad of an after taste to it. I may have to try your freezer idea Moonshadeau. So far today I have been pushing my water and eating a lot of fruits and veggies. I hate drinking the water but it curbs my appetite big time. Thanx again for your input. I will keep you guys posted on how everything is going...
  11. by   FutureNurse2005
    Forget about slimfast and any of those other "short term" diets. yes, you get results, but it does not last! Besides, you gain it all back and then some!!! Not to mention that you are hardly satisfied on slimfast!

    Why not try a permanent lifestyle change? Like Weight Watchers? Why waste your efforts losing the weight when you will just gain it back? Why not lose it and keep it off? If you are so unhappy about how you will look in photos, dont you think you are worth it to make the lifestyle change? Just something to think about!

    I've been on WW for about 2 months now and have lost 17 pounds! I feel great!

    Feel free to pm me for more info.
    Wishing you all the very best with whatever you decide