sleep and menopause, as if I didn't know

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  3. by   oramar
    Oh dear, somesort of sorry is temporarily unavaliable message. Well anyway, it says menopause is directly responsible for sleep disorders in older women. It also says HRT is a cure especially in the 50 to 59 age group. As I said, I know this from personal experience. If you want to type in "menopause and sleep disorders" in WEBMD search engine it will take you there.
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  4. by   debyan
    How can you sleep witrh all those darn hot flashes?
  5. by   jnette
    Originally posted by Debyanelsworth
    How can you sleep witrh all those darn hot flashes?
    The first several months it really took some getting used to, because it was such a foreign feeling ! But after I recognized what it was and accepted that this was the way it was just going to be for awhile, I'd just sleep right through them. Kick off the blanket, sheets, and spread-eagle 'til it was over ..all in my sleep.
    We don't have a king-size, so needless to say, DH and I sleep in separate rooms.. he was getting kicked out of bed once too often ! Now we really enjoy our own space ! We even get along better...

    Anymore, it's not actual hotFLASHES, but more of nightsweats.. wake up soaked. Even that is not as often now, but still happens from time to time. At least it's not the overwhelming HOTNESS, so the sweats don't even wake me up.

    It was the daytime flashes that bothered me more than the night ones. Like at work... "uh-oh, I feel one coming on!!!" ..then I'd run out the backdoor (in winter) and let that cold air hit me! "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh" ! That doesn't happen anymore, either.
    Never did go on HRT. Just dealt with it.