Skaing competition is on...

  1. Just turned on the ice skating competition and saw Sasha...How innocent, How beautiful! She's happy

    I wonder what Tonya Harding's doing tonight? Probably getting arrested for something. That a$$!...Here comes Sarah Huges..absolutely breathtaking...She's satisfied..I guess... The judges are too picky!!!...but I guess they have to be.

    I ice skated eversince I was 4 years old on a pond in the park up the street from my house. I always dreamed of skating professionally, not so much in the olympics, I just wanted to be as good as the professionals. Then I broke my leg on the ice when I was six after my mom told me not to go skating alone. You see I got these new skates for Christmas and I just had to try them out no matter what she said...Maybe I should have listened to her. I sustained a spiral fx to my right leg ( tibia & fibula) and was in a cast for four loooong months. Came out of it in April just in time for my first holy communion. I had to learn how to walk and genuflect on that right knee...without falling over in alittle less than two weeks. I did it though. Almost lost it, but made a good recovery. Couldn't wait until next winter so I could ice skate again.
    I finally mastered the art of skating backwards the following winter and I was so proud that I could do something other than skate straight ahead! The sent of wood burning from the bon fires they always had ablaze at night filled the air and the taste of hot chocolate was the best ever! To this day when I smell wood burning from the fireplace or someone elses, it reminds me of those wonderful days of ice skating at Liberty Park in Peapack, NJ... Life was grand... I never became as good as the professionals, but everytime I donned my skates and took to the ice, I always felt like a star especially when the lights were on and no one else was around. I had the pond all to myself and really felt like I put on a show for... myself. If I ever competed, I think my choice of music would be Clair D'Lune by Claude Debussy...Very sensual piece of music...and Oh, I would never hit anyone's knees with a bat.....WHYYYYYYYYYY, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? oh how I loved to skate....

    Here comes Vanessa...she was good, but I wasn't impressed. For a short program, I didn't like her choice of music. Not so sophisticated. I bet she hit the wall many times.

    Here comes Maria fom Russia...Not bad, but not a gold medal winner. She hit the wall at least twice in her career!

    Now for Irina from Russia...Now there's a skater...beautiful job...very elegant, excellent foot work...on one foot! I wonder if she ever hit the wall???
    hmmmm, second place. She should be in first. Those judges don't know what they're doing!!!

    Do you think Kwan will finally get a gold medal this year???
    Let's see...First place of course........Gee, I wonder if she ever rammed the wall? Why do they build her up so much? I mean she's good, don't get me wrong, but I don't think she's the best. I think the best skater ever was that blonde from Russia. The one who was caught driving drunk...What the heck was her name??? She was so good that I don't even remember her darn name...............Oxanna Biyewl or however you spell it.<<sheesh>>
    And what is Lupinski doing now???Where's Nancy Kerrigan? I wonder if she ever sued Tonya? I think Kerrigan got married and had a baby. Never ever hear from these people again...Probably doing Disney on Ice...You work your whole life to do Disney on Ice??...Seems to me there should be more. I saw an Ice Capades one year, had a bunch of the big stars in it. Yamaguchi, Katarina Witt, acouple of those guy skaters...Hamilton, and the other two whatever their names were Eric somebody or other, Victor somebody Pitroika I think, but it was a great show. If you ever get a chance to see the ice capades, go. You'll enjoy it... alot. The audience really gets into it.

    Look at those speed skaters. Don't they look like they're all arms? Kinda like monkeys. They should hook up a 350 cam on their backs then they'd look like real fast monkeys...

    Here comes Jennifer from canada...nice skirt...polka dots...whatever. Don't like her choice of music either...has to be classical to get the full effect of the beauty of skating.

    You know something this skating is beginning to all look the same to me. How do the judges judge stuff that looks the same? The only difference to me is when they fall! ELVIS STOIKO...yeah, that's his name! He's the one I saw at the ice capades! Thanks Mr. Commentator...

    I wish this stuff would move alittle faster...too many commercials! and too much bull in between. Now for the men's aerial twirlling. Eric Berges who cares! He said, "it's not about winning, it's about striving for perfection." Yeah right, It's ALL ABOUT WINNING when you're in the can't fool me! I wonder how many bones these guys broke trying to get here. Now I ask you, WHYYYYYYYYYY?
    "I like jumping." they say. And I say, the people in the ER like seeing you coming in all shattered in a million pieces!!! Please...

    Well, night owl's olympic review must come to a close. Thanks for being here tonight!

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  3. by   Teshiee
    I have to say. I never had the pleasure of ice skating I personally think it is one of the most graceful and beautiful sport. Tonya Harding is a true disgrace to the profession she should never be allowed to compete ever again.
  4. by   hoolahan
    Night owl...I think you should find somewhere and go skating. I think it would be good for your soul! I wish I could skate, but last time I did, I was feeling cool, went to cross the skates when going around the corner, and BOOM, landed on my arse, and had a HUGE black and blue there for 3 weeks!

    I think Irina was just thismuch better than Michelle. Poor Michelle, if she didn't get first last night, would she sink into a deep depression? Seemed so after watching her story. Just to be in the Olympics is an honor!!

    The skater you speak of is Oksana Baiul. To date, I have never yet seen anyone skate with such grace and beauty as her. I also saw her in Champions on Ice, it was after her drunk driving accident, and she skated like she just didn't care, to very depressing music. She skated like she felt very very sad. It was hard to watch. Remember her big night skating to swan lake, she truly was a swan that night, and was skating with that horrible gash in her back from the other girls skate.

    Yes, Tanya was a bad girl, but Nancy was/is so annoying!! If I had to watch that video clip of her after she was hit screamiing Why, Why, I may have hit her myself. She also acted very ungrateful for the opportunites given to her when she was in public. She seemed not to appreciate her gift, even after all she went through. Remember Tanya begging the judges sayiong her skate wasn't tied tight enough? Can't even believe she got a second chance! Yet, here all along, with her sah and troubled life comes the swan, hurt the day or so before, not ime to heal like Nancy, and never a word of complaint, just grace and Beauty.

    How about those USA girls winning the bobsled!! Wooohooo , you GO GIRLS!!!!
  5. by   night owl
    good job to the u s a women's bobsled team! they were something else!!!
    i agree, it is an honor to be in the olympics! some of it looks so easy doesn't it? yet try to do it...ouch. i broke the leg just coming off the ice! too much gravel on the ice from people getting on that i came full force and hit a pebble which sent me down! sounded like a twig snapping!

    i'm glad you know how to spell her name...oksana baiul...yes, she skated to swan lake and looked just like the swans that were on our pond in nj. what a beauty! such grace, such elegance, a gold medalist if i ever saw one. unbelievable performance, even with the gash.

    irina is better than kwan. it'll be an intense skate-off to see who gets the gold even though kwan will probably clench it.

    where's dorathy hamill these days?? i liked her haircut. had it for the longest time...i'd love to get it simple to take care of.

    there's a big lake by me to skate on, but it's never frozen enough for skating...the weather just seems to never cooperate. there's a place not too far from me, one of those pocono inns that has
    an indoor skating rink, but it's been so long since i've skated that i'd be too embarrassed to even try it. they'd call it, "whale on ice!" lol :chuckle
  6. by   rachet65
    Michelle Kwan has a joy in her skating that no one else can match.
    Sasha scares me a little- she is a beautiful skater, but looks like a little brat to me. Irena from Russia is one of my favorites-her jumps are unbelievable.

    Night Owl- do you remember Midori Ito from Japan? !st lady to do a quad jump in competition. I saw her a few years ago in some competition on tv, and she not only hit the boards, but went through them into the stands! OUCH!!

    Never cared for Ocsana B. A little melodramatic for me.

    Can't wait for the show tonight. Of course, I would love to see the USA team win all 3 medals, but what I really want to see is FAIR JUDGING- no matter who is on the ice. I want to see the gold medal on the woman who skated the best, no matter where she is from.
  7. by   hoolahan
    I just watched the results and I think it was 100% fair and square.

    I feel sorry for Michelle Kwan, she has put so much pressure on herself and from the press, she has not stopped to think about this, she medaled!! Her family doesn't help, they showed them all forlorn, come on, celebrate her success and don't concentrate on the failure. I hope she can move forward. This is not the worst think that could happen. Everyone knows she is a wonderful skater, she just seems to choke under the enormous pressure. JUst b/c she doesn't have gold, it does not diminish her accomplishments. I hope she will come to realize that soon.

    Ditto for Irina. It was sad to watch Irina and Michelle smile and be b rave with tears in their eyes as they stood on the podium. I truly wish them peace.

    That said, that Sara Hughes....WOW!! She absolutely deserved it!! I loved watching her and her coaches response to the results. She is so fresh. Did you see the vidoe clip of her as a little girl saying she wants to win a gold medal in the Olympics some day? So Cute, she reminds me of a cross between Reba McEntyre and Dorothy Hamill.

    Great ice show tonight!
  8. by   kaycee
    Sara Hughes was awesome and deserved the gold medal. I did feel sorry for Michelle, but the skater with the best preformance won as it should be.
    I really felt sorry for the USA womens hockey team. That was their first loss, how disappointing. Congratulations to Canada. Hopefully the mens USA hockey team will shine with the gold.
  9. by   Stargazer
    Agree with kaycee and hoolahan. I am very disappointed for Michelle, and usually I find Sarah's skating to be a little slow and slightly awkward (as Michelle was when she was younger), but I can't deny Sarah had a brilliant skate last night. I am really aggravated with the Russians protesting and being such poor losers.

    And may I just go on record and say I could die a happy girl if I NEVER saw a figure skater interpret Carmen ever, ever again? C'mon, kids--there's a whole world of music and opera, theater and literature, movies and dance to draw upon for inspiration and unforgettable characters. Let's give poor old Carmen a rest for a decade or two, mmmkay?
  10. by   night owl
    mmmkay! Have to agree with you, I'm getting alittle tired of Carmen myself!

    That video was soooooo priceless of Sarah as a child! She was dreaming then, but I bet she never thought it would be shown at the Olympics after she won the gold! God Bless her for such a magnificant performance which she soley deserved.
    As for Michelle, I truely think she was over confident and too pressured to win. The media built her up too much and practically had the gold nailed to her AND there was even a chevy commercial with her in it...Too much before the winning gold. With all that pressure on, you're bound to flub it up. No doubt though she will be a legend to the ice skating world. Bet she goes on to perform in the "Champions on Ice!" What do you do after skating?
    Irina did a superb job also, but she got what she deserved, the silver medal. I look at it this way, once you hit the top, there's no where else to go...I hope she returns in 2006 where she'll probably win the gold. Oooooh those high jumps!
    As for Russia itself, "Stop the whinin! You just aren't the best this time around...get over it!"
  11. by   zumalong
    Have to agree.
    Sarah was definately the best. It is such a shame that it will be tarnished by Russian official (or whoever) calling the marks unfair. Sarah skated like she wasn't going to win, just do the best she could do.

    I loved the part when sarah and her coach found out she won the gold:roll It brings back the reason for the olympics. Michelle will be remembered whether she had won gold or not. Actually she will be remembered more now--cuz she tried twice and medaled twice.

    I love ice skating. I suck at it--but I love it. (hard on these old ankles now tho) The first thing you learn is to fall with grace. I have that part down real good. We have not had enough cold weather to freeze our little lake so no skating this year.

    Word to wise--don't stick your tongue out when you are skating---it may freeze to the ice when you fall.
  12. by   RNforLongTime
    I was a little disappointed that Michelle didn't win but I am so happy for Sarah as she so totally deserved the gold medal! The Russians are being cry babies. Irina didn't skate well enough to deserve being awarded a Gold. I hope that the higher ups do not bow to pressure and give Irina a 'sympathy medal'.
  13. by   leesonlpn
    Ladies and gentlemen, here comes Leesonlpn!!...look she's really gaining momentum. This is going to be great. look out ...oh my god, there she goes over the judges table, what a mess, what a catastrophe,...but wait, she is rising out of the rubble!!!what is that she is holding up??It's escargot!!!She's eating the escargot!!!Hurray for the canadian skater!!!!