Six Feet Under

  1. Anyone watch this HBO show? I love it, it's extremely quirky, I stumbled upon it one Sunday night and now am hooked.
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  3. by   hoolahan
    YES! I am hooked! So few good TV shows anymore. I mostly watch re-runs of SNL on the comedy channel!

    All my fav shows are on HBO. Sopranos, Sex in the City, and now this one. I also like CSI on one of the networks.

    I think that mother on Six Feet under is a trip!! How about when she accidently took David's drugs and had that wacky dream? Too funny! I really like all the characters, esp David. I wish he and that gorgeous cop would get back together, but it doesn't look good. Now what about the other brother? I forget his name, has the aneurysm, was told no strenuous exercise and what does he do, go jogging like a mad man! Gosh, I hope they don't kill him off. I am so bummed we have to wait until January now for new shows. The good news is, starting this Sunday, they re-run Sopranos from the start to the end.
  4. by   CEN35
    never seen or heard of it??????
  5. by   lgowan
    Great show! I watched by accident after Sex in the City. The mom is really out there. The wierd dream was neat. Sex in a herse, who'd a' thunk it?

    rebel RN
  6. by   bhart
    Mom is crazy, but Brenda's brother is a major trip! JANUARY???? I didn't know that, bummer. I guess I have to get hooked on something else. Never watched Sopranos, maybe I try that.

  7. by   JennieBSN
    I too stumbled upon it by accident...GREAT SHOW!! The drug dream was totally whack.
  8. by   Pam RN
    I love that show!! I watch the HBO show too, Sex and the City, Sopranos. I think the characters on that show-Six Feet Under are so well developed. I love all the characters. I thing the mom has matured so much during the shows short run, but then again so has David. As health care workers don't you feel like giving them ideas about how someone should die at the beginning of the show? Waiting until January is not so bad because we wait for--it seems like a year-- for a new season of The Sopranos. Sex and the City has six new episode coming in January as well. That's OK, we have the holidays to get us through.